The 4 Best Types of Mattresses on the Bedding Market


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In the United States, the mattress industry exceeds $7 billion. Learn about what types of mattresses are available to consumers.

The mattress industry ships over 35.9 million mattresses per year. Your mattress affects your sleep quality. A mattress can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on what your preferences are.

You deserve a mattress that makes you feel like royalty. The right mattress will make you sleep like a baby.

Here are 4 different types of mattresses you should consider:

1. Innerspring Mattress

Remember jumping on the bed as a kid? If you heard the mattress squeak, it was probably an innerspring mattress.

Innerspring mattresses have a steel coil support system. The more steel coil units the mattress has, the more it supports your joints and back.

This is one of the best types of mattresses because it comes in every level of firmness. However, after extended use, the springs might rip through the top and poke you. Ouch!

2. Memory Foam Mattress

If you want a mattress you can really sink into, consider getting a memory foam mattress. Memory foam conforms to your shape.

Memory foam is made of viscoelastic. During the 1970s, NASA was studying viscoelastic and quickly noted how comfortable it was.

Memory foam mattresses respond to pressure. Once you place your body on this kind of mattress, it will contour your body. This helps support your joints and back.

Once you get up, the foam will rise back to its original state after a few seconds.

Warning: Memory foam mattresses retain heat. It’s the best type of mattress for anyone who wants to stay warm.

3. Gel Mattress

Think of the gel mattress as the memory foam mattress’s cooler cousin. Instead of using heat-retaining foam, there’s gel inside the support system and/or upholstery layers of the mattress.

Gel mattresses didn’t become popular until around 2011. It’s a great pick for anyone moving into a new house.

Gel mattresses also conform to your body shape. They return to their original state once you release pressure. In fact, gel mattresses tend to “spring back” faster than memory foam mattresses do.

This is one of the best mattress options for people who naturally heat up when they sleep. Gel is more breathable than memory foam.

4. Waterbed

Waterbeds make you feel like you’re floating. They have a water chamber as a support system.

There are 2 kinds of waterbeds: soft-sided and hard-sided beds. A soft-sided water bed contains a water chamber covered by upholstery materials or fabric padding. A hard-sided water bed has its water chamber inside of a wooden frame.

There are “waveless” waterbed mattress types available. However, leaking is possible. Still, a waterbed is a major upgrade from your old mattress.

Explore The Types of Mattresses You Want

On a global level, the mattress industry is worth $27 billion. There are types of mattresses available for each person’s preferences.

In this past decade, mattress sales have increased by 4%. A good mattress is the best investment you’ll ever make.

Improve your sleep quality and buy better bedding. Good bedding increases your comfort during sleep.