What is a Wearable Air Purifier, and Does it Really Work?

Wearable Air Purifier

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Air pollution contributes significantly to the severe health conditions we develop out here. Fortunately, with the technological advancements in the 21st century, we have several means to curb such environmental issues.

Wearable air purifiers emerge as the modern and easy way of enabling us to inhale only the freshest air. They are convenient enough, and they offer instant results to the users. Let’s get deep to understand more about these modern air purifiers.

What is a Wearable Air Purifier, and Does it Really Work?

Walking in the city or street has turned much overwhelming in the recent past. All types of trash contribute to air pollution every corner we walk. Most of us call such situations something of nature, but they lead us to several health risks in reality.

Wearable air purifiers have shown a capability to help in curbing problems that arise due to air pollution. But what are these devices? Do they really help us to purify the air we breathe?

Wearable/personal air purifiers are a type of air purifier worn around the neck to enable us to breathe the freshest air. Wherever you walk, you have the lowest or nil chances of inhaling any form of harmful particles from the surrounding. You wear this air purifier around neck and leave it cleanse all the immediate air before inhaling.

Do these personal/wearable air purifiers really work? Right, these are legit air purifiers we need to invest in to breathe the freshest air at all times. However, we cannot compare their efficiency with the air purifiers we set in our homes. Wearable options don’t provide complete protection against harmful agents in the air. They only help in reducing the amount of agents we breathe in.

Their construction technology tells a lot about their efficiency in general. Manufacturers design wearable air purifiers with inferior technology. They employ the negative ion technology to perform their cleaning duty. However, their inferiority doesn’t enable them to produce sufficient ions for efficient air purification results.

What a pretty form of purifier we have around! Just wear around the neck, and they clean immediate air before inhaling. We can as well refer to them as portable air purifiers since you can move with them anywhere and anytime.

Most air purifiers we install in our homes to clean our air employ air filters to clean air in the spaces we live. However, the wearable options are a bit different from these mechanical models. As said, wearable/personal air purifiers use negative ions to clean and freshen the air. But few advanced options use filters as well to perform their cleaning function.

Wearable wins a huge following due to their ability to clean the immediate air effectively without producing any noise. The negative ions can effectively remove dust, bacteria, and other allergens in the surrounding air. In the market, these models form the smallest air purifiers you can employ to remain the safest.

Remember, we referred to wearable purifiers as personal options. Personal air purifiers are portable air-cleaning devices you can move with to help you breathe the freshest air. You can have them in offices, at school or anywhere even whenever you go for a picnic. However, not all personal air purifiers are wearable.

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Disadvantages of Employing Wearable Air Purifiers

Anything that seems great has its downsides as well. Wearable air purifiers are convenient air cleaners we have around. But do they form safe devices to use around?

Now, wearable/personal air purifiers are ion generators. Just like the mechanical models, these air purifiers produce ozone. Ozone produced is a byproduct in the formation of negative ions employed to clean air. Ozone has both advantages and disadvantages to humans. First, they protect us from the direct UV rays that can affect our skin. The downside of ozone is its irritation effect on the lungs. Consequently, this gas is generally harmful to human health.

The effect of ozone effects isn’t significant as such since the production is of small quantity. However, this small ozone quantity can turn hazardous, especially to people living with asthma. In addition, the low quantities can be a danger posing to the elderly, kids, and those with various allergies.

However, not all wearable air purifiers produce ozone air. Few advanced exceptions form the better part of non-ozone producers. The majority of these models produce ozone that poses users health risks. However, the few non-ozone producers make the safest options worth investing in.

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Wearable Purifier Types

Readers have comprehended about wearable purifiers and whether these devices work. Now, we have different types of these air cleaners in stores. Let’s enlighten readers deeper on these types to enable them to decide wisely when purchasing them.

Cherry Ion Purifiers

These emerge as the commonest and most popular wearable purifiers around. They stand out due to their advanced functionalities as well as superior modern design. With a two to three hours charge, you will get service for up to 12 hours from them.

Maple Fresh Purifiers

These are also other excellent wearable purifiers designed with a lot of advantages. The air cleaner manages to create five million ions they employ to carry out the cleaning function.

They stand out due to their capability to resist the effects posed by viruses and bacteria. Apart from cleaning immediate air, you can employ the maple air purifier to increase blood circulation. Moreover, they help in regulating sleep patterns as well as reduce stress levels.

Aviche Seashell Purifier

Lastly, we also have the Aviche seashell purifier as the greatest competitors around. These air cleaners generate a significant amount of negative ions to remove pollutants from the immediate air.

Like the maple fresh purifiers above, Aviche air purifiers have additional functions. They remove free radicals as well as boosts circulation in the body. In addition, they help users improve their sleep quality.

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Wearable air purifiers are safe devices people worth investing in for people who need to breathe in only the freshest air. They remove all air pollutants to make the immediate air we breathe safe. Stay healthy by employing wearable air purifiers to clean the surrounding air before inhaling.