5 Benefits of Installing Corner Guards Around Your Home

Corner Guards Around Your Home

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Corner guards are commonly found in homes for the purpose of preventing injury. They are most commonly made from strong, durable materials to both protect the building itself while resisting adverse weather conditions.

Installing corner guards around your home has a huge number of benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why corner guards can prove to be an excellent investment.

Prevents Serious Injury from Falls

Did you know that three million fall injuries result in a visit to the emergency room every year? Most serious injuries sustained through falls are caused by other objects.

For example, the corner of a home can easily cause severe lacerations or to the head when someone falls against it.

Corner guards lessen the impact because they are often made from rubber or high-impact plastics. This is why they are especially popular among families with young children.

Protects Your Real Estate Investment

In most homes, wall corners can be damaged by pets or children’s toys. This type of damage can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Regular repairs can quickly become a burden on anyone’s finances.

Strong corner guards will protect your real estate investment by preventing any scratches and dents in the walls. Even if a major incident occurs, it is much more affordable to replace the corner guard than the wall.

On a side note, corner guards come in a variety of colors, so they are not going to ruin the aesthetic of your home.

Prevents Wallpaper Peeling

When wallpaper peels, it tends to peel up from the corners. This can completely ruin the aesthetic of any home. Moisture is the culprit as it eats away the wallpaper’s adhesive from the corners and sides of each strip of paper.

Corner guards can stop the moisture from destroying the adhesive, which will prolong the lifespan of your wallpaper.

Improves Disabled Access

Approximately one in five Americans suffer from a disability of some kind. Anyone with mobility issues knows that wall corners do not mix. They can prove to be obstacles, which could lead to serious injury.

Corner guards improve disabled access by reducing the chances of injury and protect your walls from walkers and wheelchairs.

Whether you suffer from a disability or you expect to have guests who do, wall corners can be a blessing.

Easy to Clean

Corner guards require almost no maintenance. In fact, they can be cleaned with a simple swipe of a damp cloth. It is one of the few investments you can make that requires next to no maintenance.

Most corner guards are made from stainless steel, rubber, and other hard plastics. They’re designed to last and require no effort to care for on your part.


The often-overlooked corner guard emerges as one of the most prudent safety investments for any home. Affordable, aesthetically versatile, and designed for longevity, these guardians stand ready to protect your haven. Have you contemplated the installation of corner guards in your home? Now is the time to elevate safety and aesthetics simultaneously.

Have you considered installing corner guards in your home?