6 Tips to Prevent and Control Bed Bug Infestation

how do you get rid of bed bugs

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A bed bug infestation is one horrifying nightmare to live through. Bed bugs can spread throughout the household and once they become out of control, it becomes really difficult to get rid of them. It is quite hard but not impossible to kill them.

The best methods of prevention have been listed here so as to make sure that one can protect their house and not have to throw away their belongings or shift apartments due to this infestation.

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1. Cover up Crevices

The major way through which bugs can infest a house would be the many crevices within the location. It is important to cover up all those electrical outlets and mend the torn screens as well as broken windows. Any hole in the wall or cozy space within the rooms can serve as a comfortable breeding place for these bugs. Applying silicone caulk is another way to cover up those breeding grounds for good. It is quite cheap and can be applied easily in any corner.

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2. Inspect Items Coming From Outside

Things which come into the house are to be inspected carefully as items like clothing, luggage, pets and bags are one of the prime methods for bugs to enter a household. This is another reason that second hand items are to be looked into carefully before getting them into the house.

The vents in dolls, furniture as well as electronic items like stereos, gaming systems and receivers should be checked before being bought, to make sure that they do not serve as the source of infestation in the house.

3. Bringing Bugs as Souvenirs

Travelling is one activity that can open our belongings to a lot of infestations. From the public places that tons of tourists frequent, to the hotel rooms which we stay in, are major locations from where such bugs can be picked up by our clothing as well as belongings.

This is why we need to make sure that once we reach home, the luggage is to be kept as far as possible from the bedroom. Then it should be subjected to at least half an hour of drying by the dryer to make sure that they do not get a chance to spread within our rooms.

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4. Bring in Professional Help

Do not hesitate to ask for professional help at the earliest. Even though spraying chemicals, or subjecting the environment to heat or cold by yourself can seem to be a tempting option, it is better contact a professional. Try Waynes Pest Control in Auburn, AL.

Bed bug exterminators would know the exact steps to take without causing more loss or damage to your belongings. It is also a much safer method as it is not advisable to take such risk when we are dealing with chemicals.

5. Reduce Clutter Within the Household

The huge number of items within a house provide the perfect lodging for bug infestation to take place. De-clutter the house and reduce the chances of such an infestation. Dispose or donate items which are not being used any more.

The lesser your belongings, the lesser you will have to worry about cleaning out an infestation. Also cover up mattresses and organize other clothing to reduce their exposure to such bed bugs.

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6. Regular Washing

Clothing, bedspreads and blankets are to be regularly washed to make sure that bugs as well as their eggs are removed if present. This also ensures that if such items have touched the floor, they do not cause the bugs to spread onto your bedding and not let you sleep. Heating and then drying them after washing increases the chances of reducing their infestation from outside sources.

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The methods which have been mentioned are some of the most successful ways of ensuring that bed bugs do not become an unending menace. Try your best to follow them to keep yourself safe from such trouble.

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