What Are Bookshelf Speakers: What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Bookshelf Speakers

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Are you considering buying new speakers for your home?

Trying to understand the ins and outs of bookshelf speakers?

If you’re thinking about buying speakers for your home, you may have come across a certain type of speaker known as a bookshelf speaker. If you’re looking for a convenient type of speaker that can be placed in a variety of places in your home, these speakers can be a great option.

But what are bookshelf speakers exactly? Below we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these speakers and will tell you how to choose the very best ones.

What Are Bookshelf Speakers?

Bookshelf speakers are, much like the name suggests, speakers that are often placed on a bookshelf. However, they can also be placed in many other convenient places such as on a coffee table or on a desk.

A bookshelf speaker is primarily meant to be placed off of the floor in a small elevated spot, providing high-quality sound in small and medium-sized rooms.

Features You Should Look For in Bookshelf Speakers

Not all bookshelf speakers are the same and choosing a set is a bit different than choosing a full stereo system.

Here are a few of the main bookshelf speaker features you should consider carefully:

1. Wired vs. Wireless

One of the top things to consider when buying a bookshelf speaker is whether it will be wired or wireless.

Wired speakers that can be hooked up to a stereo amp will often sound better. On the other hand, wireless speakers can be a lot easier to deal with and won’t add much clutter.

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2. Sound Quality

Sound quality will vary depending on what speakers you buy and what their cost is, so you’ll want to think about this as well.

Particularly if you’re looking for a speaker with great bass, you’ll want to make your choice carefully. You may also want to add a subwoofer to ensure that your speakers will handle the music you listen to.

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3. Size and Volume

Speaker size is also something to keep in mind when looking for a bookshelf speaker. The size you need may vary depending on what your intended usage is and where you plan to place them.

If you need a speaker that can be placed on a bookshelf in a small room of your home, a small speaker may be sufficient. However, if you need more volume a larger speaker with higher decibels (dB) may be necessary.

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4. Extra Capabilities

There are all kinds of extra features that speakers come with that can add functionality and connectivity. Be sure to consider if there is anything special you need.

Speakers such as the Edifier R1280T, for example, have the ability to connect to a mobile phone or computer and can also be controlled with a wireless infrared remote. You may want to read this Edifier speakers review now if you want to learn more about this set of bookshelf speakers.

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Making the Decision to Purchase Bookshelf Speakers

So what are bookshelf speakers? By now you should be able to answer that question and may have an idea of whether they’ll suit your needs or not.

While many of these speakers are simpler than full-fledged home stereo systems, their beauty lies in their flexibility. Be sure you think about the tips above if you’re trying to decide whether you should invest in bookshelf speakers.

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