What’s Hot and What’s Not: 2019 Bathroom Trends


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The average midrange bathroom remodel costs about $19,000! So, if you’re ready to hand over that kind of cash, you’ll want to make sure you get a bathroom you love.

Of course, you’ll want a good layout and convenient appliances. But you’ll also want to make sure you choose styles that are trending for 2019 and avoid things that are going out of style fast.

Luckily, we’ve outlined some of the best 2019 bathroom trends as well a few things you should avoid.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading for our guide to what’s hot and what’s not for bathrooms this year.

What’s Hot

Alright, let’s start on a positive note. If you want a stylish and trendy bathroom that will be the envy of all your neighbors, consider including some of these hot bathroom trends.

Bold Colors

Grey and other neutral colors have been trending for a few years now. While they’ll still be a popular choice in 2019, bold colors are taking over as the hottest trend. There are two colors, in particular, to consider.

The first is black. More and more people are opting for black tile, countertops, and accents to give their bathroom a sleek, sexy, and sophisticated feel. If you’re not sure you can dive right into an all-black bathroom, consider incorporating this trend by using matte black accents like towel racks, fixtures, and cabinet hardware.

The other color to keep an eye out for is coral. Opt to paint your walls coral and add matching accent tiles in your flooring and shower for a fun and flirty bathroom.

Unique Tiles

Tiles have long been used in showers and on bathroom floors. And that style isn’t going anywhere.

What’s different is the type of tile being used. In 2019, you’ll see more people going for unique tile shapes. Hexagons, in particular, add a fun element to any bathroom.

If you don’t want to commit to a bathroom full of fun-shaped tiles, consider using them for an accent. You can create a small design or accent wall in your shower or even fill in your built-in shower shelves with these tiles.

Statement Art

It’s no secret that bathrooms can be hard to decorate. With limited counter space and a moist environment, you’ll need to choose your decorations carefully.

A piece of statement art is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It won’t take up any of your precious counter space, and you can frame it to protect it against steam and water.

While you will want to choose a frame and piece of artwork you like, don’t choose something sentimental or pricey. The water may still damage them over time.

Roomy Showers

Have you ever had to deal with a shower so small you were banging your elbows into the door and walls? It’s certainly not the best way to start your morning.

That’s why roomy showers are going to be trending in 2019. They can help you relax and feel like royalty. This page has some great options for showers and other bathroom necessities.

What’s Not

So now that you know what’s hot in 2019, it’s time to talk about what’s not. Make sure to avoid the following out-of-style designs if you want a modern bathroom.

Large Tubs

Large tubs, including jacuzzi tubs, were popular for quite a while. However, they are quickly being seen as a waste of space and water.

As more people are becoming environmentally conscious, trends will be moving towards eco-friendly options, and large tubs will be out. Since most adults don’t use large tubs every day, many are seeing that it’s better to use that space on a roomy shower instead.


“What could be more pristine and sparkling than an all-white bathroom?” As it turns out, everything.

White on white bathrooms were trending for a bit, but they’ve proven too hard to keep up with. It seemed like you had to clean your bathroom every other day just to keep it from looking dirty. That’s why the trends are shifting to black, coral, and other bold colors.

Subway Tile

Subway tile was a huge part of those all-white bathrooms. Of course, they were also used in plenty of other bathroom designs. That was part of their appeal—they went with everything and added just the right amount of detail.

But since subway tiles were used so heavily for the past few years, they’re officially getting old and boring. Subway tiles are quickly leaving us to make room for those unique tiles that are trending this year.

Floral Print

Incorporating nature has been a huge trend that’s carried over to every room in the home. People have been installing bigger windows, using hardwood flooring, and decorating with house plants.

However, it’s always been hard to use this trend in the bathroom since many bathrooms don’t have windows or extra space for houseplants. That’s why a lot of people used floral print in their bathrooms.

While it was a good attempt, it’s just didn’t cut it. People are ditching the floral print and opting to use natural materials, like wood cabinets and marble countertops, as well as nature-inspired statement art for a classier way to bring natural elements into the bathroom.

The Hottest 2019 Bathroom Trends

Don’t spend the money to renovate your bathroom without taking into account the latest trends. From bold colors to roomy showers, there are plenty of fun 2019 bathroom trends to consider. And don’t forget to avoid those old styles that aren’t coming back anytime soon, like all-white bathrooms and floral print.

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