Thrifty DIYer: 8 Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Under $30 Each

easy bathroom remodel

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Fresh linen. Luxury clean smells.

What is it about a bathroom that attracts you?

You know what a bathroom is like that repels you, but if you think about what makes you feel special and pampered in a bathroom, it takes a little longer.

That feeling isn’t far away. You can achieve these luxurious goals even with small budgets and tiny upgrades. Treat yourself to a fresh bathroom, and impress your guests with these 8 easy bathroom remodel ideas.

1. Paint the Walls

Do it yourself and look like a professional job. Make sure you tape the edges and corners so that you don’t get paint where it doesn’t belong.

A bathroom is a small enough room that you shouldn’t need much paint. It’s a cheap way to make the room look like new. If you can get away with a color that still matches many of your old decor items, you can make it look like a complete renovation without buying everything new.

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2. Tub Touch Up

Repairing your bathtub instead of refinishing or replacing it can return it to its modern and elegant look without spending a fortune.

If you notice nicks or gouges, look for a product to spot fix. The usual look is that of a toothpaste tube and might have a label like “porcelain repair” or something similar.

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3. Change the Hardware

Your old cupboard handles might be working out fine, but if you want to upgrade the bathroom with a quick, inexpensive project, spring for more modern hardware.

This guide to creating the perfect bathroom has more helpful tips. With a small room and fewer cupboards, for under $30 you can even get the more expensive hardware to really make the room shine.

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4. Switch the Toilet Seat

Buying a new toilet may not be in the budget. But you can get rid of a rocky or unstable toilet seat an easier, cheaper way. Replace the toilet seat with a new one.

You’ll have both caps over the bolts again, and your guests will be able to avoid the rickety bathroom experience. Make sure to select a seat that matches the old toilet so that no one will notice that they didn’t come together.

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5. Add Some Luxuries

If you have a small budget, you’re used to buying a brand of soap that costs less. But if you spend your $30 on fancy soap and bath products, you and your guests will feel like you’re in a much nicer bathroom. Using luxurious toiletries pampers you and refreshes the room.

Choose a scented oil or a candle that will help the bathroom smell nicer, too. This may not be part of your normal purchase list, but a fresh smell renews a room better than aesthetics sometimes.

Take care to match scents with the seasons. If you use autumn soap during the spring, it’s not as effective as when you spend time choosing new spring scents to go with the weather.

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6. Banish Grimy Caulk

A couple of tubes of new caulking won’t cost you very much, but they’ll be a huge upgrade in the shower/tub area. Even if you have to get a caulk gun because you don’t already have one (maybe you can borrow one instead), the project should stay under the $30 mark.

Tear out the old caulk, using a utility knife. There are also special tools you can use for this, which run about $10. Depending on whether you need a caulk gun and how big the tub is, you may be able to add the tool to the list without going over budget.

Some of the caulk will come out with ease, but you’ll have to work for the rest. It’s important that you don’t give up in the middle of the project, though. All the caulk must be removed before you can lay a new bead in its place.

With fresh white caulking all around the tub, the space will feel brand new. You’ll love taking baths and relaxing in bubbles, with a feeling of a fresh space.

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7. Replace the Faucet

As with the hardware upgrade on the cupboards, changing out the faucet gives your bathroom a bright facelift without a big expense. The new piping makes the whole vanity look new, without having to buy it all new.

Hang up your carpenter’s apron and replace only a $30 faucet, rather than the whole kit and kaboodle. Changing out a faucet is an easy job you can do at home with the tools you probably already have in your garage. You can even match the finish on the faucet to the hardware you chose for the cupboards, to make it look like you hired a professional.

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8. Thriftiest Easy Bathroom Remodel

Change out your towels. It seems like a no-brainer, but we forget to upgrade our towels as often as we ought to. Buying all new towels can make the old bathroom feel like new.

If you choose something luxurious like all white towels, then you’ll feel like you’re in a hotel and you can wash them with bleach to get them clean again every time. If you use a coupon and find a good sale, you can replace all your towels for $30.

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New Look On A Budget

Even if your budget is small, you can still do some easy bathroom remodel projects to refresh the room. A bathroom is where you and your guests spend more time than you’d like, so having a fresh space makes all the difference.

From painting the walls and changing faucet and hardware to upgrading towels, caulk, and soap, you’ll love the way your bathroom transforms with each small $30 project.

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Cheap Remodel Ideas For Your Bathroom