Yard Grading: A Practical Guide to Leveling Your Lawn

yard grading

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Have you ever driven past a sprawling, flat green lawn and wished your yard looked as inviting? If so, then yard grading is the way to go.

Not only does lawn grading give your lawn that luscious, golf course appearance you’ve been dreaming of, but it makes mowing your lawn infinitely easier. Once your lawn is flat and level you can say goodbye to treacherous weekends of pushing a mower up and down the bumps and lumps in your yard.

If you’re ready to learn all about yard grading and the importance of grading drainage, then you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of Yard Grading

Aside from aesthetics, there are countless benefits to yard leveling. This is especially true if you have problems with drainage on your lawn.

Improved Lawn Quality

If your lawn is in need of yard grading, you may find certain areas over-saturated with water while other parts are dry. Improper grading leaves the roots of your grass and other plants lacking essential nutrients, while other areas may experience flooding.

The good news is excavation contractors have the equipment to professionally grade your lawn. You’ll not only rid your lawn of pooling rainwater and soil erosion, but you’ll finally have the flat, even lawn you’ve always wanted.

In addition to lawn quality, your garden may be affected by the grade of your lawn. During wetter seasons an improper slope can leave your garden susceptible to flooding, destroying your plants and crops.

In drier seasons, inadequate grading can cause your plants to dry out due to a lack of water. Yard grading is a fast, efficient way to correct these issues before they arise.

Increased Outdoor Space

Hilly, sloping yards can be difficult to utilize. More often than not, sloped land often goes unused.

Once your lawn is graded, you can build a deck, patio, or install a playground for your children. Mowing will be easier, and you’ll have an additional outdoor living space for your next BBQ.

Basement Protection

If your lawn is sloping towards your home, you may find that your basement floods. By grading soil away from your house, you will decrease the likelihood that your basement will flood.

In addition to protection from a basement flood, yard grading can help prevent cracks in your home’s foundation that form during snow and heavy rainfall. As cracks form, mold and mildew can grow, leading to even bigger problems for your home and your family.

Level Lawn With Less Maintenance

Once you have yard grading done, you’ll be able to mow your lawn with less effort all while preserving the integrity of your grass. Water will no longer pool in spots on your property, causing drainage issues and unsightly water damage.

In addition, yard grading protects your home from potential flooding, improves the overall appearance of your yard, and offers additional outdoor space as hilly, sloping land becomes flat and usable.

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