Cashmere Sheets

  • cupcakes and cashmere™
    cupcakes and cashmere Sketch Floral Decorative Pillow
    $39.99  from Belk
    Kunin-Eco Fi Plus Premium Felt Pack. Ideal for home, school, camp and everyday craft projects. This felt is easy to sew and cut but slightly stiffer than wool felt. It is also 100% Eco-Fi, meaning it is made of polyester from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. This package contains twelve 18x12 inch felt sheets. Available in a wide variety of colors: each sold separately. Made in USA.
    $21.48  from Joann
    Content: 100% Recycled Polyester, Width: 9, Length: 12, Thickness: 0.0625, Features: Single Side Adhesive, Eco-fi is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, Sold by the sheet, Please Note: This product is not washable.
    $1.30  from Michaels