Never Want To Leave Your House: Create A Welcoming Atmosphere

Create A Welcoming Atmosphere

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You can recognize a welcoming house, from the moment you step inside it. People want their houses to be inviting and comforting, they want to have the feeling that they do not want to leave the house. A welcoming house comes with a bonus benefit, it is inviting for your guests. If you are the type of person who loves spending time surrounded by your friends and family members, then you have to design your house in a way that makes them feel welcomed. If you love spending time in your house, it does not mean that your guests will also do it, you will have to do some efforts, to enhance the atmosphere. You should start from the door; install a welcome sign, made from wood, like the ones from

You should not underestimate the power of the front door and of the entryway. A cute sign on the front door, a funny and welcoming doormat, will do wonders. A leafy plant placed at the entrance will make a difference; will offer your guests a big eyeful of life from the moment they arrive.

Lighting and Windowing

The most important factor in creating a welcoming atmosphere is light. You should let the rays of the sun inside; they will improve the mood of people and will boost their energy levels. In case you have heavy drapes, you should opt for ones made from lace; they will soften the light that enters the room. The fabric of the curtains should be translucent, to allow the light to enter the house. Translucent curtains are perfect, because they maintain your privacy, and create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Declutter Your House

If you want to make your guests feel welcome when arriving at your house, you should make room for them. Check the closet, because you need some free space to stock their coats. In case the weather is rainy, you should have an umbrella stand. Also, during the cold season it is advisable to have an extra doormat, because they need to take off their wet shoes outdoors. As long as you remove the clutter from your house, your guests will love spending time at your house. Clear the doorway from mail, shoes and other things.

Play With the Textures You Use for Decorating

Even if you find it hard to believe, the textures are the ones that influence the way a space feels. If you incorporate items that feature soft textures, you will make the space feel inviting. If you plan to spend time in the living room, you should put a fluffy rug on the floor, and add some faux fur pillows on the couch. Playing with textures is one of the simplest ways to make the space feel more relaxed. You should incorporate textures in the design of the house, especially if you have decorated it according to the modern trend that it is characterized by uncomfortable and rigid features. You can use textures to reduce the formality of a room and make it feel cozier. Use textiles to create layers, and mix the modern furniture items with deep furniture, add benches and soft ottomans to the living room. A great idea to make a space feel welcoming is to frame textiles and hang them on the walls.

Personalize the Space

It is your house, you should use your imagination to personalize the space according to your preferences. Who says that you have to use furniture sets in the living room, to make it feel stylish? You can achieve the same effect if you buy elements that look good together. You do not want to make your house look like a furniture store; you want it to look unique. If you play with different styles, you allow your guests to see your personality through the furniture choices you make.

If you have purchased furniture from a popular retailer, you should personalize some of the items. You can ask the retailer to custom some of the items with fabric in a different color than the one they offer, or you can reupholster them, after you purchase them. Anything you can do to bring more of your personality into the interior of your house will make your guests feel invited, and they will want to spend more time there.

You Can Buy Second Hand Furniture

Sometimes, redesigning your house implies having a large sum of money, but if you do not afford these expenses, you can check the offers second-hand stores have. If you want to design the house in a certain way, and you cannot find the items, you want in your local furniture store, you can check the auctions and the antique stores. The couch, someone no longer needs may be the perfect one for your living. Why spending a fortune to buy a new one, when you can buy it at half of its price from a flea market. Second hand stores are a good option to check, before making the purchase. It does not matter if you prefer a modern or traditional style; you have great chances to find something you like at flea markets.

Warm Colors

The colors used to paint the walls of the house, and the colors of the furniture have a great impact on the mood of the persons, who spend time in the house. You should opt for colors that remind you of the warmth of the fire, sand and sun. They are relaxing elements, and you should try to incorporate them into your design. Use neutrals when you paint the walls of the house, or when you purchase furniture items.

Cooler shades as purple, green and blue are classy, but they do not make the space feel cozy, so you will have to combine them with warmer tones like brown, orange and red. You can repaint the room, or you can repaint one of the walls, in a honey shade, it will add a fresh breeze to the space. Another option is to use removable wallpapers, they are easy to change and they do not affect the walls.