How To Decorate Your Bedroom Eclectic Style

How To Decorate Your Bedroom Eclectic Style

If you have difficulties opting for a single interior style, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s one that will mixed them all – the eclectic style. This style will enable you to combine elements from different periods, or various styles, thus providing you with the opportunity to truly express yourself and your taste. You don’t have to limit your options, but rather find a unique way to design a room that will be a combination of everything you like. However, it’s important to find a balance between the eclectic approach and complete chaos. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of guidelines that will help you decorate your bedroom in the eclectic style.

Establishing Order

Although this approach may seem like a random mixture of different styles, there’s actually order behind it. To avoid having just a messy room, you need to merge different styles to create a smooth transition. You can link rustic items with modern ones by choosing a carpet with an interesting, urban design. You can also establish order through repetition and symmetry. By repeating colours, motifs, shapes and patterns in your bedroom, you will create symmetry, and your “mess” will seem organised.

Including Texture

Another characteristic feature of the eclectic interior style is the use of textures, which contributes to the entire eclectic vibe. This approach gives you freedom to experiment with different fabrics and materials, including denim, velvet, knit fabrics, cosy carpets, and so on. The secret is in creating multiple layers in order to achieve an effect of depth and cosiness. As mentioned, find a way to form a connection between, for example, a carpet and furniture, or curtains, by using at least one same colour, or motif so as to create order.

Choosing Colours

The colour palette of the eclectic style should be consistent, so you should choose three to five main colours in order to create a more structural look. In addition, the consistent use of these colours will make the transition between different styles smooth and natural. You can, for example, opt for bedsheets and pillows in the same colour. When it comes to the colour of your walls, black has gained popularity among those who wish to achieve a bolder look. Since you’ll have a mixture of various details and styles in your eclectic bedroom, it’s better to go with a clean background – a striped wall might be a bit too much.

Combining Patterns

An eclectic room wouldn’t be eclectic if it have patterns in the décor. Once again, patterns in the same colour are your safest bet when it comes to avoiding a chaotic look. It’s important to opt for the patterns that look well together – animal prints, floral or leaf patterns go well with geometric shapes, dots and stripes. You can even combine several patterns into one item, but, in that case, make sure to use the same colour, and not to make patterns too big. If you choose to divide patterns, then you can combine smaller with bigger ones. Finally, if you’re planning to focus on different patterns and colours, you should create a contrast by painting your walls in a more neutral hue.


Since the eclectic approach blends different styles, there are no limits when it comes to picking out furniture. Therefore, you can opt for a rustic bed, vintage wardrobe and a modern armchair if you want to, as long as you’re able to maintain a balance between order and chaos. Make your room complete by furnishing it in a way that reflects your personality and your taste. If you have a beautiful vintage bed, you can use it as the focal point of your room, especially if it brings an element of surprise. The underlying principle is to furnish your room with the items you love, not worrying about whether they belong to a specific style.

By opting for the eclectic approach to interior design, you’re keeping your options open, rather than narrowing them down. If some décor item has a place in your heart, it will also have a place in your room.

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7 Ideas For Your Vintage Bedroom

7 Ideas For Your Vintage Bedroom

There is something inherently appealing in vintage style. Who knows, maybe the appeal lies in the warmth, coziness, or the laid-back attitude this style so strongly radiates. One thing’s for sure, vintage means timeless and investing in this style will save you from the designer perplexities in many years to come. But where to start? Well, bedroom plays rather well with the whole setup, so why not there? Here are some of the ideas that will make the task of bringing the sense of nostalgia and romantic into your bedroom much easier.

Paint the Walls in the Right Colors

There is no more efficient or more affordable way to change the look of some room than by painting its walls, so consider this Vintage 101. This style is deeply rooted in neutral and pastel colors, so start your bedroom makeover by painting the walls in the sky blue, soothing beige, soft green, ethereal white, cool grey or any other soft color that belongs to these pallets.

Have a Large Curtain

Curtains tend to be huge. If used well, they can be one of the major contributors to one room’s look and feel (second only to walls). Fortunately, vintage style makes much use of these beautiful pieces of fabric so don’t miss a chance to score few easy design points. Keep in mind, though – Not every massive curtain is vintage. In this case, you will need a delicate lace that will diffuse light across the entire bedroom.

Make a Headboard

Every vintage bed needs a headboard. If your bed doesn’t have one, you can make your own headboard without too much sweat. You can simply find some vintage wallpapers, make the headboard-shaped cutout, put it on the wall and the effect will be just the same. Or if you want to achieve more Caribbean look you can rob some old closet of its blind doors and remodel them to fit the headboard description.

Make a Wall Panel

Another thing closely associated with vintage bedrooms are wall panels. Once again, these panels can be pulled off in a number of different ways. You can hang a piece of remodeled wood, you can use delicate wall stencils combined with vintage looking hooks for hanging jewelry, or you can go full-on cute and make the wall panel out of old suitcases.

Up the Cozy Factor

We previously mentioned that vintage style radiates coziness. It’s because every vintage room is drowned in all sorts of different cushions, pillows, blankets, terries and rugs. Your bedroom should be no exception. As long as you are following the vintage visual guidelines, you can put there whatever you like and get away with it.

Take Care of The Furniture

Traditionally, vintage furniture is defined by curved edges and worn-out look. If you’re lacking in such furniture, you can either visit a flea market or get your hands dirty. However, you can find a lot of useful workwear at second hand stores or any other nearby place, and “vintaging” is nothing that can’t be accomplished with the good old sandpaper/paint combo, so you can easily resort to the latter option.

Devil in the Details

Details are the thing that helps one style come to life. Fortunately, vintage is a style that heavily resorts to details. So, if you truly want to nail this look, pack your bedroom with the things like tapestry, sewing dolls, hat stands, old photos surrounded by even older frames, old cameras, chandeliers, worn out suitcases or any other nostalgic thing that comes to your mind.

You see, it wasn’t that hard. The best thing about your new vintage bedroom is that you can take the basic ideas and the guidelines you used there, to vintage up the rest of your home too. Your romantic paradise is just a few steps away.

2017 Interior Design Trends For Your Bedroom

2017 Interior Design Trends For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is more than just a place where you take forty winks. It is the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning and the last thing you see when you go to bed at night. Humans are highly susceptible to outside stimuli which means that images you pick up during the day follow you no matter what you do. To give yourself a head start in both your private and professional life, here are few design ideas ideal for your bedroom in the upcoming year.

Start with the Light

The illumination of your bedroom is first and foremost thing you need to worry about when it comes to design. One of the things that deserves your attention is the natural light. If your bedroom is facing east, you might want to consider investing in quality blinds to keep the sunrays from waking you up too early in the morning. These blinds are also a great idea for those who have a strong streetlight close to their window, since this might prevent them from falling asleep at night.

Your best option, would be to use subtle lighting, perhaps even a lighting system that allows you to dim the lights. Needless to say, this will make your room appear infinitely more romantic. Furthermore, you can also try to enhance the impression that your room makes by using fiery elements like lanterns and candles. In fact, a lot of people make candle holders themselves through simple and fun DIY projects.

Black and White

One of the greatest problems people face when designing their bathrooms is the choice of color. On one hand, they need something comfortable enough, something that won’t create too much distraction. However, they still want to create that sense of elegance and luxury in their bedroom. The easiest solution to have both things is to go with a simple black and white design. This still gives you a lot of maneuvering space since black and white is timeless and complements both classic and contemporary style.

Here, you have three elements to look out for. Your walls, your floor and your furniture. You can go with a black furniture on a white background (walls and flooring) or the other way around. On the other hand, mixing these colors in a single element (except in a furniture pattern) is not the best choice.

Expanding Your Bedroom

Finally, the size of the bedroom matters as well. To some, as long as you have the room for the bed the bedroom is big enough. Still, you can always do better. A larger room gives you a sense of open space which helps you relax. After all, this is what a bedroom is supposed to be all about. It also gives you more options when it comes to decoration since it opens space for all the furniture pieces you believe you need. In a recent interview with renowned renovation builders, it came to our attention that bedroom remodeling is one of the most popular choices their clients make.

As you can see, when compared to 2016, much is expected to change in the following year. The most important change will be the shift of focus from objective design to a subjective one. In other words, how you see your bedroom is all that matters. How you do it remains completely up to your own personal preference and decoration budget. Still, money never could replace true creativity and ability to think outside-of-the-box.

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Cutting-Edge Gadgets For A Truly Modern Bedroom

Cutting-Edge Gadgets For A Truly Modern Bedroom

If modern living is your thing, then making a smart-looking home is a piece of cake for you. But, have you actually thought about modernizing your bedroom as well? Every room in your home deserves a modern feel that you love and appreciate. Apart from regular décor guidelines that come with the modern vibe, there are also some very cool gadgets that will make your bedroom truly unique and advanced.

Futuristic lighting

You can have all the newest lamps and chandeliers, but nothing gives a futuristic modern look like plasma lights. You can get these special bulbs pretty easily online, and spice up the look of your bedroom in a truly modern way. On the other hand, you can install some pretty neat mood lighting solutions and turn your room into a modern zen oasis or outer space. Possibilities are endless with this one.

Smart mattress

Unfortunately, there’s still no gadget that can record your dreams, but smart mattresses with special technology that can track your sleep are the next best thing. Not only that, but these mattresses are also very comfy and can be easily adjusted for your optimal sleep position. Still, if you’re quite happy with your regular mattress and don’t want to risk the comfort you already have, track and optimize your sleep easily with smart mattress covers.

View to another world

Don’t like the view from your bedroom window? Not a problem. Install a special projector that will instantly create a passage into a completely new world on your wall. Who needs pictures and windows when this gadget can transport you to the place of your dreams. You can get life-sized projectors or smaller ones, hang them on your wall and get yourself a wonderful panorama, and even a movie theater.

Lazy TV nights

We all love and need to spend some of our evenings tucked in the bed with a good TV show or movie. If you want to add to the experience, curved LCD screens or built-in TVs can make all the difference. The size and layout of your bedroom will greatly determine your perfect TV wall mount solution, but feeling as if you’re right there in the middle of action with your favorite TV characters is no longer just a dream.

Cheeky alarm clock

You might think that no one uses alarm clocks nowadays and that this bad boy doesn’t have the modern vibe you’re looking for. Well, think again. There are specially made sleek and efficient alarm clocks for all the technological junkies out there that have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Say goodbye to snooze button because this alarm clock won’t turn off unless you actually get out of bed.

Save energy with a green thermostat

In this day and age, energy efficiency and green living are extremely necessary, and it’s no wonder that more and more people try to incorporate this trend into their own lifestyle. If you’re one of these people, get your hands on these special thermostats that adjust the bedroom temperature according to your own preferences, turn themselves off when there’s no one home, have an energy saving temperature option and can be easily controlled with your smartphone. These are truly a perfect addition to a modern bedroom of an environmentally aware tech lover.

Technological advances are becoming more incredible every day and they cater to all the practical and emotional needs of a consumer. In that respect, check out some of the most interesting and unique gadgets that can make your rest and relaxation time twice as enjoyable and your need for tech miracles completely fulfilled.

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Proper Ways To Soundproof Your Kid’s Bedroom

Proper Ways To Soundproof Your Kid’s Bedroom

It’s no secret that kids can be very loud. All the loud music, movies and video games might just disrupt the whole family’s everyday life. Also, any noise coming in can prevent them from concentrating while studying. That’s why it’s necessary to come up with the best ways to soundproof your kid’s room and make sure noise doesn’t become an issue in your home. We have come up with a couple of them that might just be what you were looking for.

Look for Any Gaps

Sound can easily leak through the gaps and even the tiniest ones might cause you real headaches. So the first step would be to look for any gaps. It’s always a good idea to lift the floorboards and check if all the joists are supported by the party wall since any gaps will let the sound leak through. If you spot any gaps, make sure you use flexible acoustic sealant to seal it properly. A less efficient way is to use normal fiberglass loft insulation, but it is still better than nothing. Also, if the floorboards in your kid’s bedroom are squeaking, this might be the right time to think about replacing them.

Choose the Type of Underlay Carefully

Choosing the right type of underlay is another important thing you will have to do when soundproofing your kid’s bedroom. This will benefit all the adjoining rooms, as well as those above and below your kid’s bedroom. There are underlays that have been specifically designed to reduce the noise. Make sure to get some of these if the noise is a real problem in your household. Heavier the underlay is, the less noisy the room will be. The panels are quite easy to handle and installing them shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure you adjust them so that all the doors can open and close smoothly.

Soundproof the Walls as Well

Once you’re done dealing with the floor in your kid’s bedroom, it’s time to think about soundproofing the walls as well. Even though flanking noise can flank around the soundproofed walls as well, doing this will still reduce the noise in the adjoining rooms. This is especially the case if any lightweight blocks have been used for the inside skin of the walls. Installing cavity wall insulation is the best ways to soundproof the walls. These can absorb and prevent the noise from travelling through the cavity. Not only this, but wall insulation will make your home warmer during the winter as well.

Choose the Right Windows

Another thing you should think about doing is replacing the windows in your kid’s bedroom. There are windows today that have been designed with a specific goal to create a barrier between the sound and your ear. Such windows usually have thicker glass and have some air space. Most of them use laminated glass which is a glass-plastic-glass sandwich that prevents noise from both coming in or out of the room. It’s always advisable to consult experts in double glazing window installation when choosing the right soundproof option for your kid’s bedroom.

Check the Ceiling Joists

Even though you have already covered the floor joists, checking the ceiling joists might be necessary as well. If there is no or insufficient loft insulation, this might be the right time to add some. The fiberglass that comes in rolls is the best option when it comes to soundproofing the ceiling. Experts also say that a 15mm high density plasterboard can also do wonders for your kid’s bedroom. There are many other things you can add to the ceiling such as acoustic mineral wool and soundproofing mat. Still, adding all of these can take up too much space, especially in the smaller rooms.

Make sure you do all of these things and noise won’t be able to neither go in or out of your kid’s bedroom. That way, everyone can enjoy their peace and concentrate while studying or working.

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