How to Match Couch Colors to Your Interior Décor


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Are you looking around your living room and thinking it needs an uplift? Maybe you recently painted the room and now your couch colors look drab.

It can be challenging to choose new furniture that matches the colors of your walls, draperies, couch and chairs. So, how do you go about picking out couch colors and choosing living room drape ideas?

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1. Begin With the Couch Colors

If you’re renovating a room and already painted the walls, you can start selecting your couch colors. Once you choose them, you can decide on patterns for drapery.

Your couch is the main piece of furniture for your room so you want it to set the tone. Also, when you’re choosing colors, keep in mind how different colors can affect your mood. You want to make sure you choose a color that makes you happy and comfortable.

If you’re going for a vibrant room, choose a colorful print. On the other hand, if you’d rather decorate your walls as the focal point, then you want neutral couch colors. This makes your couch more of an accent piece to your wall décor.

Before deciding on your furniture colors, remove your old couch and other furniture. This takes away distractions while you’re trying to visualize how the redecorated room will look. Read more here about furniture removal.

2. Balance Couch With Drapes

Once you select your couch color, it’s time to match colors and patterns of drapery to balance the room’s décor. First, you want to choose draperies that complement the room’s style. For example, did you choose modern or traditional furniture?

By examining the style, you can look for draperies that work well with the color of your couch and your walls. For example, look at your couch and the items near it. Pick out three or four colors in the couch and wall décor. These colors are all possibilities for your drapery selections.

3. It’s All About Color and Texture

If you’re looking for a clean, calm and soft aura for your living room, consider solid tones for your couch, such as soft yellow, robin’s egg blue or apple green.

Bright, natural colors never go out of style. Also, you can’t go wrong with white on white with various fabric textures for your couch and draperies.

You can also consider color groups to match your interior décor. For instance, color palettes of aubergine, with a royal blue couch and terra-cotta accessories give a fresh and inviting feel to your room.

If you’re feeling bold, consider a color palette of blue plaid on a white background for your couch, bold apple green draperies and white walls. You can place accent pieces in the room using spicy colors like paprika orange and canary yellow.

These are just a few color palettes you could choose for your room’s décor.

4. Get Creative With Your Interior Décor

Now that you know about color palettes, and how you can adapt them to couch colors and draperies, get creative with your choices. Get rid of your old furniture and give your interior décor a refreshing new look.

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