5 Creative Celebrity Homes

Creative Celebrity Homes

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This pandemic has driven us to pay special attention to our homes. We can’t help but covet some of the celebrity homes we’ve seen on social media. They use luxurious patios, premium tiles, decorative interiors, and so on.

With our favorite celebrities live on Instagram from their homes, we can take a look at some of the most luxurious celebrity homes on the planet right now.

1. Tom Joyner’s Elegant Florida Villa

It would not be an overstatement to say that Tom Joyner’s home in Golden Beach, Florida is his masterpiece. The radio host, the owner in Beverly Hills, New York, sold all of his other real estate when he chose Miami as his permanent residence. It is one of the luxurious celebrity homes.

But, with a length of one mile from Golden Beach and a width of just four blocks, real estate is in demand, and turnkey properties for sale are scarce. Joyner decided to buy a  house that needed a facelift but had the advantage of having a magnificent view of the ocean and access to a private beach. The process would take two and a half years and a complete renovation of the bowels of the house. Still, the result is a mansion flooded with light and large ventilated spaces perfect for enjoying the view.

For interior design, Joyner searched for a palette of heavy reds, his favorite color, while Wecselman tried to push it in the most neutral direction. Finally, common ground was found by adding bright red accent pieces, such as a custom piece of furniture designed by Wecselman in the front gallery area and a colorful red, orange, and yellow piece from Allora and Calzadilla. In the living room. Joyner also reached his basement boxing ring area, which has red firefighter epoxy floors.

2. T.J. and Lauren Oshie’s Virginia Manse

The charming house that T.J. Oshie, an attacker of the hockey capitals in Washington, DC, married his wife Lauren Oshie. The home the Oshie’s share with their three children (and two dogs) offers promising fashion options, such as lush plants and bronze fixtures in cream-colored rooms. To do this, the Oshies hired Marie Flanigan Interiors Marie Flanigan. T.J. He says, “Lauren always showed me Instagram of Marie and things she liked. I’m not very interested in designing houses and things like that. But she really did an eccentric job.”

The five-bedroom mansion in McLean, Virginia, is traditional and has a French influence that makes it a creative celebrity home. The gardens contribute to the feeling of romance, with climbing roses and hedges. At the rear, seats with several sections have been created, perfect for entertaining the T.J. and their families, R.H. teak wood chairs.

Inside, the furniture honors the bones of the house but with a careful eye to feel fresh and modern. “The house is provincial, a kind of French countryside,” explains Flanigan. “But inside, we wanted to maintain a modern, almost organic, and modern aesthetic.”

3. James Van Der Beek’s Perfect Family Retreat Compound

In the weeks leading up to the end of the pandemic, designer Tammy Price of Fragments Identity put the finishing touches on his renovation of the Beverly Hills house of actor and writer James Van Der Beek, his wife Kimberly and their offspring of five children. They did not know how priceless a comfortable, hypofunctional, and wonderfully serene home would be in the days and months to come.

“We have never had time to focus on designing a suitable home before. We continue to have children and work, “said the star of the Varsity Blues, The Rules of Attraction and What would Diplo Do?” Our house was a jumble of rooms from different places where we had lived before, all mixed up, but not very happy, I called it the island with inadequate furniture”, he jokes.

Focusing on sober and elegant furniture (many from its own line) and a monochromatic palette of whites and neutrals, Price’s decorative scheme established a new aesthetic lingua franca for the classic Spanish colonial-style residence of the 1930s. ” Fortunately, the house has large bones and generous spaces for outdoor living, a lot of work has been done, “said the designer. “We kept the color minimalistic, but added many different textures (kilim-covered pillows, sheepskin padding, flokati rugs) to make the house a richer experience. We also use many outdoor fabrics to make sure everything is durable. You can clean most of them with soap and water, which is a great advantage for a family with young children.”

4. Tyler’s Dreamy West Village Townhouse

Like Corner Bistro or Bleecker Street, Liv Tyler is synonymous with life in the West Village. Residing in one of Manhattan’s most charming neighborhoods for two decades, the actress has been photographed countless times, with and without her children, in her local streets, walking her dog, pushing a stroller, or running in her store. from the corner of his hometown. Take a staple from the pantry.

After meeting a handful of architects, Tyler decided to work with Ben Petreath. The latter had been with Fairfax and Sammons at the time. “I chose them because they made hand drawings instead of all those generated by the computer,” he recalls. Its excellent interior design made it one of the creative celebrity homes.

Tyler says: “It was strange because, although he was very young, he really wanted the house to regain its original glory. I really wanted to honor the house and put back all the beautiful details. Literally, each window is new, each door is new. We reduce it to an absolute brick. You would be in the basement with a view of the attic. The only thing we kept was the stairs, all the beautiful sculptures, and railings, but each step, each step, and each elevator had to be redone.

5. Jason Statham’s Malibu Beach House

British actor Jason Statham said, “the 2009 decision to buy a beach house in Malibu was not part of the plan. I didn’t even know if it would be a good investment. Any impulse, the idea came up while I was with a friend at home, the Malibu neighborhood.” “It had a huge effect on me,” he recalls. “In the UK, we don’t go to the beach much, and these houses have a great connection to the ocean and nature.” The morning walks along the sand with abundant marine life, and the surfers who surf were irresistible. “I’ve been in Los Angeles for a long time, but I thought to myself: This is the place where I want to live,” said Statham.

In the Statham iteration, the surf shack has become comfortable, stylish, and serene. An exterior of black cedar shingles with green copper channels with salt gives it a certain elegance. As a person who notices the details in his surroundings, Statham has taken clues to the materiality of various buildings and houses, namely those of Richard Neutra.

As for the interiors, Statham resumed the work itself. “A designer will just put what he wants and end up living with it,” he says. Originally from a post and beam house in West Hollywood, he was “obsessed” with the presence of mid-century Danish furniture in his new weekend home. Not wanting to feel compelled to quickly find great artwork for the walls, Statham added floating teak shelving throughout the home.