5 Creative Ways to Have Fun at Home During the Pandemic

Have Fun at Home During the Pandemic

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The advent of Coronavirus held the whole world to a standstill. The pandemic brought about a global lockdown and social distancing was the order of the day. Because of these people remained in their homes. In Canada offices and social places like restaurants, shops, malls, and public parks were closed down. Sporting activities were not left out as they were equally affected and the order was for all to stay indoors at home.

Michelle Thomas, our feature author here is going to tell us creative ways to have fun at home during the pandemic. This means that there are a thousand and one things to do and occupy yourself while you stay at home. It was unfortunate that even most people that were public workers or always left their homes for work were unable to do so. Even travelers couldn’t go anywhere as traveling was banned and all countries’ borders were closed.

Staying at home without doing anything meaningful got some people tired, anxious, and distressed especially people that were not used to such things. But there are ways to make home fun than you could imagine. Get creative, arrange your household, cook amazing cuisines for yourself, play games and talk to your loved ones asking them how they are coping with the pandemic. Here are 5 things to do while you stay safe at home during this period of global lockdown.

1. Take an Online Lesson

Taking an online lesson during this pandemic period is not a bad idea. A lot of colleges and universities in Canada like McGill University and the University of Waterloo continue to offer free online courses during this period. Look for a field you are interested in finance, accounting, computing, coding and programming, web designing, Forex and crypto trading etc, Get involved in an online course, learn, and at the end, you get a certification. You can opt to learn another foreign language and before you know it at the end of the lockdown; you have added more skills and knowledge to yourself.

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2. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

The fender play app makes musical instrument learning easy for all. Have you been wishing you knew how to play a musical instrument like piano, guitar, violin? It might be your work and engagements did not give you an opportunity? Why not use the lockdown period to learn that musical instrument. Learning is easy as the fender play app is on desktop, android and IOS devices. They guide you through simple tutorials, diagrams, videos to help you master your dream musical instrument.

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3. Online Gambling

If you are tired of boredom at home, then why don’t you pick a smartphone or Pc and log into an online casino site to try some favorite games. Most online casinos like 888 casino offer no deposit bonuses which means you don’t need to deposit before you are able to play fun games. Video slots, baccarat, blackjack, online poker are among the top casino games with different variants that you can gamble on and pass time while at home.

4. Start a Garden

If there is space around your home, starting a little garden would be a great idea during this lockdown period. It’s a way of releasing yourself from stress and anxiety. Grow some vegetables, herbs, ornamental flowers. Water them, remove weeds and nurture them properly. It would go a long way in helping, as you would get some edible herbs and vegetables from your garden for consumption other than ordering it from the grocery store.

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5. Exercise and Stay Fit

Regular exercises are good for the body, wake up every morning and engage in some running, stretching to keep your body fit. If you have access to an indoor gym, then you can go there and do some weightlifting to put your body in shape and stay healthy during this pandemic period.

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These are just but a few things to occupy you with during this lockdown period. Don’t let anxiety and stress take over your body this lockdown, keep engaging in creative and good mental related activities including working from home and making some bucks, learning a new skill, etc. Stay safe till the lockdown is over and we overcome COVID-19.