5 Necessities Every Home Needs to Run Smoothly Every Day

Necessities Every Home Needs

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I speak from experience, ladies; running a home is not an easy task at all. I am a feminist stay-at-home mom who abhors people that believe women like us practically do nothing. Raising children is a tricky task on its own, cherry on the top is managing the household as well. Today I have come to you with a bit of advice that can help you manage your household, so that it may function without hiccupping!

1. The Household Journal

Just like your personal life, your household needs organization as well. Keeping a diary that maintains the records of all the groceries, the fixtures that house needs, the bills of electricity, water and telephone line etc. and other miscellaneous expenditures would help you make a clear picture of the budget. The same planner could get hints from your personal planner, like your schedule. It will help you prevent double-booking and maintain the teensy bit of sanity us moms are left with.

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2. A Sneaky Vacuum

Now, if you’re wondering why I used the word sneaky, it’s because you need your vacuum cleaner to get under those “nooks and crannies” of your home to ensure complete cleaning. I have a large family, which means that my house gets dirty fast. I clean my living room every day in the morning after the kids leave for school, and my current vacuum cleaner has lasted me about a couple of years. If you don’t live alone, do splurge on the vacuum because you’ll be using it quite often. This way, you won’t have to buy a new one anytime soon because inexpensive models generally don’t last that long.

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3. Good Quality Cooking Utensils

I have noticed that people often overlook the value of high-quality kitchen utensils. For instance, we become lazy and forget to replace the old non-stick pan which isn’t really non-stick anymore. Researches have proven that food cooked in non-stick pans is healthier than the food cooked in cast iron pots. A silicone spatula is perfect for making curries or frying a patty etc.

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4. Electric Pot Stirrer

Gone are the days when women would stand in front of a stove top, sweating like a pig in the warm kitchens because a particular recipe needed constant stirring. It’s time you hand over this job to electric pot stirrer. All you need to do is, adjust it on top of a cooking pot and switch it on. It will automatically keep stirring the curry or whatever that needs to be stirred while you watch your favorite TV series.

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5. Plan Your Laundry

Doing your laundry can be fun if you plan it the right way. You’re going to need a washing machine, a dryer, a detergent, a fabric conditioner and some washing brushes for the stubborn stains. A laundry basket can hide all the clothing items that need to be laundered until the day you decide to do the washing. If you often wear the kind of clothes that need to be ironed, investing in an iron board can be useful as well.

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Do you like the list? If you think it needs more items, drop your ideas in the comment box. Stay rad!

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