5 Reasons Why A New Bed Will Improve Your Health And Well Being

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Statistics have always shown that most Americans aren’t getting their 7 hours of recommended sleep.

In some parts of the country, nearly half of all residents are sleep deprived. This is due to a variety of factors, like culture and climate, but it mostly has to do with lifestyles.

How we prepare for bed and what we’re sleeping on will impact the quality of sleep. If you’re sleeping on an old box spring mattress with little support, you’re probably losing out on the health benefits of good sleep. A new bed can transform your way of looking at life.

These are five reasons why a new bed improves your health.

1. A Pain Reliever

If you’re already dealing with a mattress that has plenty of lumps and dips in it, you’re probably waking up sore a lot.

Even if you don’t go to sleep feeling pain, a bed with poor support will place uneven pressure on your joints. If the spine isn’t being properly supported, you’ll also begin developing cramps and sharp pains.

A new bed, even one that isn’t made with modern materials, will improve your posture and joint health. Ultimately, you’ll start feeling looser and free of back pain. Finding your preferred firmness will help reach this level of comfort.

2. Reduced Allergies

Another hidden benefit of a new bed set is reduced exposure to allergens.

Over the years, your mattress collects various allergens, a majority being your own dead skin. No matter how good you are about changing sheets and cleaning your bed, you can’t prevent them from accumulating.

Eventually, you will need a new mattress, not just another mattress pad.

3. Better Long-term Memory

Sleep helps solidify the information we have obtained during our day.

Students who cram for exams can attest to the uphill battle of memory. They can study for as much as they want, but without proper rest, it will prove hard to recall.

If you’re tossing and turning at night, you’re interrupting R.E.M. sleep. This is the only time when your brain is actively going over those memories and storing them. If you can get seven straight hours of sleep, you’ll spend at least half that time in R.E.M. sleep.

4. Focus and Alertness

Have you ever noticed when you’re doing long shifts at work that your focus and responsiveness falters?

Without proper sleep, your mind and body become out of sync and you lose focus easier. Reaction times are noticeably slower when operating on a few hours of sleep.

In extreme cases of sleep deprivation, your ability to concentrate and think resembles that of a drunk person.

5. Chronic Illness and Diseases

Less sleep means less time for the body to repair itself.

This is when muscle and skin tissues heal, as well as the replacement of dead cells throughout the body. Your immune system needs time to rebuild its defenses, as does your organ cells to defend against serious diseases.

There’s an increased risk in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke from sleep deprivation.

Time for a New Bed

What are you waiting for? Stop sacrificing your health and comfort by sleeping on an old, inadequate bed. A new bed is a great investment, one that you can’t put a price tag on.

Learn more about the benefits of new bedding, accent pillows, and more on our website. Start investing in your sleep and it will give you years of happiness in return.

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5 Reasons Why A New Bed Will Improve Your Health