Chill Vibes Only: 6 Fresh Summer Decor Ideas for Your Home!

summer home decor

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Summer is just around the corner; it is about time you update your home’s décor. You need to wrap all the plaid and woolen textures and put them in a trunk. Today’s guide features light, airy fabrics. It is all about making your home look like the perfect haven for spending those lazy, summer afternoons. Remodeling can be cumbersome, but it’s fun at the same time.

Lots of pastel palettes are being seen this year in the décor industry. Another thing that’s on the rise is the use of natural fabrics. Minimalism is also a leading trend. We are aiming at featuring a few décor tips that will help you freshen up your existing home décor. Most of these changes are inexpensive, and there are a couple of DIYs to keep you busy through the vacation.

1. Fix the Existing Furniture

More often than not, we don’t have the kind of budget we need to buy the furniture we ogle at; but you can add a refreshing and new look to your household furniture by applying a fresh coat of paint.

Do you feel the need for a new teacart? Head to the flea market and find an old piece that is not infested with bugs. Give it a fresh coat of paint and voila! I prefer white paint on furniture in summers; it gives off a very cool vibe.

Matte is not always the preferred look. Pick a few old pots and vases and give them a coat of glossy, white paint. They are going to brighten up your patio like anything.

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2. Try a DIY

DIYs are fun, you can try to involve your entire family in it, and the process of creating an art piece becomes fun. I have often heard that people say DIYs can be expensive, but I don’t think that’s completely true. If you shop from the right places and do it correctly, your DIY project is likely to turn out amazing at a very cheap cost.

For example, you can try painting a huge canvas that fits an entire wall. Of course, it would be difficult. But once it is hanging up the wall, you wouldn’t need to add a lot of accent to the room.

3. Bring Lots of Planters

Nothing looks as refreshing during the summers as green plants. Have you considered bringing the outdoors, indoors? If you have never really gone plant-shopping, you’ll be surprised to see the variety of plants available at plant nurseries. There are varieties of cacti that look beautiful.

And some of the indoor plants are good for pest control as well! Plants like basil, lavender, lemon-balm etc. Have insecticide properties, so wherever you have a pot of basil, you won’t find any mosquitoes.

4. Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of even the tiniest household. This summer, focus on your kitchen a little bit to make it more appealing. Consider changing the draperies of the kitchen windows. Make it more colorful with the refrigerator magnets; they are often quite cheap. Get blackboard stickers for jars etc., to make them look appealing while you make them identifiable. Oh and, do not forget to buy a new kitchen rug. They are very helpful in keeping the kitchen clean.

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5. Keep Your Snacks Handy

Okay, this tip is for those of you who forget their daily fruit and veggies intake. So, it’s both a diet tip and a décor tip. Pick a nice woven basket and put some fruits in it. You can also opt for plain glass jars and add chopped pieces of veggies like cucumbers and carrots etc. They look beautiful on the living room table, and everyone will get their snacks while watching TV or having a good chat. These also make for an amazing side on summer barbecue parties. So, this décor piece is multipurpose.

6. Use Fresh Flowers

You might have noticed that I am paying specific attention to organic décor items. That is because summer is the perfect time to display the blossoms — they go with the bright, summery look. If you have a well-maintained lawn, you can pick your flowers. If that is not the case, treat yourself on your way back home and buy yourself a bouquet. You can put it in a vase on the center table and trust me; it will instantly enhance the beauty of your room.

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You can even have indoor floral plants in your living room, so you don’t have to replace the flowers regularly. Oh and, do not throw away the dried-up flowers. They help decorate your house, and especially your journal. Well, that was a bonus tip. Happy Decorating!

About the Author: Julie Hilton is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about fashion forward home décor ideas as well as ‘pop of color’ art and visionary designs. You can read her blogs at RugKnots.