Top 10 Tips to Look For in a New Mattress According to Brooklyn Bedding

what to look for in a mattress

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Like any other household item, buying a new mattress can be a bit challenging. Choosing between the many mattress options, navigating physical and online store for the best offers, and establishing how much to spend on a mattress can leave you exhausted. To save you from all the hassles, Brooklyn Bedding suggests a few things that you need to keep in mind to purchase a good mattress.

1. Suitable Size

You don’t have to go for a mattress that’s the same size as the previous one. If you are no longer sleeping with your kids, for instance, you can save a lot of space and more money if you go for a smaller mattress.

2. Understand A Store’s Returns Policy

Even if you are going to test the mattress before purchasing it, you need to understand that you will get to know if you bought a quality mattress after a week or a month—after having slept on it for some time. Accordingly, it is critical to purchase from a dealer who is ready to give a ‘comfort trial period’.

3. No Standardized Measurement for Firmness

What one manufacturer or distributor considers to be “firm” may be another store’s ‘extra firm’. So, always strive to use these descriptions as guidelines and not absolute parameters.

4. Know Mattress Categories

Some of the most common types of the mattress include memory foam, innerspring, and the hybrid (which essentially combine the features of the first two). Note that each type of mattress come with a few pros and cons, so it is always critical to familiarize yourself with their features before you head to a store.

5. Past Customer Reviews Are Important

When buying online, don’t forget to scroll through what past customers are saying about a given type of mattress. Reviews will help you have an idea of the best mattress qualities as well as allow you to narrow down your choices.

6. Softer Is Not Always The Best

A mattress that’s too soft will sag under the middle area of your spin and can lead to back pain and other health conditions.

7. Know Your Budget

Different mattress types come at varying price points. Accordingly, you need to decide on the price that you are willing to pay before you go shopping. You can also save a lot of money if you take advantage of the new coupons for Brooklyn Bedding.

8. Waterbeds Are Not Universally Comfortable

Waterbeds can follow your body’s shape and feel very comfortable, but did you know that some people also feel dizzy and seasick on them? Well, if you are in the second group, don’t go for them. You should also remember that they don’t always provide the best back support.

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9. Consider All Options

Research on all the type of mattresses that you have come across—innersprings, waterbeds, airbed, latex, memory foam and so on—to establish the best option that matches your needs.

10. Be Unique

Don’t go for a mattress that your friends and close associates are currently using. Look for your own mattress—something that best suits you and not what a store owner hails as the best in the market.

Mattress selection is a critical shopping experience. Remember that you will always spend more time on your bed than any other piece of furniture in your home. So, the time you spend doing research can pay huge dividends in the long run.