5 Wonderful Ways To Decorate Your Home With Flowers

flowers in wine bottles

All of us yearn to do something wonderful for our homes! The shuffling of furniture, the change of wall paint and putting up paintings and photo frames, all of it is a part to make our lovely abodes even better! However, this apartment therapy could cost you a fortune and cause a severe dent in your budget. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we tell you that with beautiful flowers you could revamp your home decor without putting in much effort as well as shelling out the money?

Flowers are the universal messenger of love, hope and positivity. While they make for the perfect gift on birthdays and anniversaries, they also add cheerful vibes to the ambience and your living space. Read on to know easy, peasy ways to spruce up your home with fresh blooms!

Bottle them up!

Had a party and too many wine bottles lined up in the kitchen? Here is a wonderful idea that would not only clean up your home but also refresh your living space- all within minutes and in your budget! Choose any long-stemmed flowers and place them in the bottles. Go for top shelf or a secluded corner and brighten them up! Just make sure you wash them properly to get off any hint of the liquor. Add three-part sugar and two-part vinegar to the water to keep the flowers perked up for a longer time.

Let’s brew some flowers!

This is definitely going to be everybody’s cup of tea! Use any old teapot to arrange freshly plucked flowers to make your morning cup of tea truly invigorating!

The Zen of blooms

Two days after you received a mixed flower bouquet as a gift? Don’t know what to do with it? Here’s a multi-million-dollar home decor idea that doesn’t cost you a penny! Cut these flowers right from the stem and let the blooms float on a wide-faced brass bowl or a stoneware with water. If you have floating candles to go with the arrangement, much better indeed! However, make sure that you don’t just apply force to separate the flowers and stem. Use a sharp knife to cut the stem to avoid crushing the floral vessels. This floral arrangement for the home can go for at least two to four more days!

Unbox the flower magic!

How many times do you just throw away the tin cans you get food or groceries in? They aren’t reusable as storage of course, but they can definitely be used as a planter to keep the freshly plucked flowers. Reduce your carbon footprints, recycle some tin boxes and reuse them as beautiful holders. You can also hand paint the jars to give them a personal touch or add jute rope for a rustic touch.

Dress up your table!

Now is the time to learn that small efforts can go a long way. Tiny ceramic ware bowls and small saucers can be used to place flowers to bring some colour on the table!

So, don’t wait and get flowers for your home or use the fresh flower bouquet lying in the corner to pep up the surroundings a bit!