8 Handy-Dandy Tips to Make Moving a Memory Foam Mattress Easy-Peasy

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Memory foam mattresses are quickly becoming some of the most popular for people who have trouble sleeping. Why? Memory foam offers a ton of advantages, according to sleep experts, and are considered great for people who have back pain or wake up every time their partner tosses and turns.

The only time you might not love your memory foam mattress is when it comes time to move it. Moving a memory foam mattress, like moving any mattress, isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

However, as long as you follow the proper tips, you’ll find that it may not be as daunting as it seems!

Read on for 8 tips that will make moving your memory foam mattress easy-peasy.

1. Decide if Moving a Memory Foam Mattress Is Worth It

First thing’s first: is this the mattress of your dreams? Is it still holding up? Have you already gotten your money’s worth?

The last thing you want to do is move a mattress that you don’t intend to use. Why take it to a dumpster in your new neighborhood when you could get rid of it–and free up space–now?

If your mattress is in good shape and you know you want to take it with you, then keep reading!

2. Remove and Pack the Bedding

Don’t move a mattress in bedding you intend to keep using. Bedding is a lot less durable than the outer layer of your mattress, which means that it could easily tear in the moving process.

Instead, remove all sheets and blankets and pack them up. They make great fillers in boxes that are filled with fragile or heavy objects!

3. Inspect the Mattress for Stains or Tears

Before you get moving, take a good look at your mattress. Does it have any noticeable stains? Are there tears in the upholstery?

If so, now is a good time to treat those areas. Use a stain remover or slap on a patch if the problem is small enough to fix yourself.

Even if your mattress is spotless, it’s good to give it a once-over. That way, you know if it was damaged in transit.

4. Buy a Plastic Mattress Cover for Moving

Off with the bedding and on with the plastic! While the upholstery of your mattress is durable, you should still take precautions to protect it from tearing or getting soiled with grime.

Plastic mattress protectors are inexpensive and can be purchased online or in big-box stores. Make sure that you buy the right size!

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5. Assess the Size

Now that your mattress is prepped, it’s time to think about the size. Even if you know that it’s a queen, a twin, or a king, you may want to measure it. That way, you can make sure that whatever vehicle you choose to transport it is adequate.

Remember that smaller doesn’t always mean easier to move. For example, a king-size mattress is obviously larger than a queen but it does offer one advantage. The box spring for a king-size mattress is actually two pieces, which means that it’s more manageable than your queen box spring.

6. Break Down and Wrap the Frame

It may seem tempting to throw the frame in your moving truck as it is, but think again. Bed frames are designed to hold the weight of your box spring, mattress, and you. While that requires some heavy-duty metal, bear in mind that your bedroom offers a sturdy surface, which is a big part of why your bedframe doesn’t bend under the pressure.

Metal bedframes tend to be easy to break down. Make sure that you save all of the hardware and wrap the large metal pieces with moving blankets or foam so that they don’t damage the rest of your stuff.

7. Slide It Vertically and Pack It Horizontally

You’re probably going to have to turn your mattress every which way to get it through your bedroom door, down the hall, down the stairs, and so forth. It’s okay to move it on its side during this process. Memory foam is malleable and fairly resilient.

That being said, don’t pack it on its side unless you’re moving around the corner. If a memory foam mattress is left on its side for too long, the filling will start to shift and you probably won’t be able to get it back into the proper position.

8. Use a Moving Company

Very few people have a personal vehicle that can comfortably house a mattress. Plus, you may not want to throw your favorite memory foam mattress in the open bed of a truck.

Instead, make life easier on yourself. Do some research to find the best moving company in your area and give them a call. Make sure to let them know the dimensions of your bed as well as an estimate of the rest of your belongings that need to go in the moving van.

When you work with a moving company, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about the logistics of moving a memory foam mattress. The pros have seen and done it all! They can handle your bed, no matter how big or small it is.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Safe and Sound

Are you moving a memory foam mattress? If you follow our 8 handy-dandy mattress moving tips, you can rest easy knowing that your mattress will arrive at your new home in great condition!

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