Moving Soon? 8 Helpful Tips to Stay Sane

moving tips

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Moving home can be an exciting time as you set off to pastures new. But that doesn’t make it any less stressful.

With all the planning, preparation, and endless packing, it can all get a little overwhelming. And that’s when things are running smoothly!

This can all have such an impact on your mental well-being that you might have second thoughts about the whole thing. So if you’re moving soon, these helpful tips should help ease your troubles and make the whole process much more manageable.

1. Plan as Early as Possible

As soon as you know you’re moving, putting a plan in place is key to ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible. That means booking your movers well in advance, getting packing supplies in, and listing all the jobs that need doing up until moving day.

If you’re selling your house, there’s even more that could go wrong, so planning is a must to help things along. You may find that a local we buy houses company is just what you need to ensure the sale of your home goes as efficiently as possible.

2. Organize Your Stuff

Before you start packing everything up, it makes sense to decide what you need, what can be packed, and what can be discarded. Once you start packing, you find all sorts of things you don’t really need or use anymore. Rather than take it with you, throw it out, donate, or sell it.

Anything you are keeping but don’t necessarily need right now can be packed. Then you can put this stuff aside while you sort everything else into groups.

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3. Procure Free Packaging

Moving can get expensive. So a good way to save a little is to source boxes and bubble wrap from stores, markets, skips, wherever it’s going. If you can’t find any, just ask. Lots of people are happy to give up what they’re throwing out anyway.

4. Think About Storage

Let’s face it, things can go wrong when moving. Maybe your moving company doesn’t show, or you may be downsizing and not have enough room for all your stuff. So, you may benefit from renting a storage unit to hold it all until you have more time to deal with it.

5. Perfect Packing

Do your packing in stages and room by room. Start by packing up those things you won’t need until you’ve moved and keep them to one side in a space you’re not currently using. Of course, bulky heavy items should go at the bottom and light, fragile things at the top. Mark any boxes containing fragile items and label each box per room.

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6. Eat-Down

Use up any perishable foods as soon as you can and anything you don’t need like jarred goods can be boxed up. The closer you get to moving day, the less food you want lying about. Ready meals and takeaways can help in your last week.

7. Cancel Utilities

It’s a pain, but it has to be done. Be sure to notify your utility companies in good time and give your forwarding address and moving dates. This helps ensure everything is canceled and transferred over to your new home in good time, and you won’t have any unexpected bills to pay.

8. Moving Day

Make sure everything is organized and labeled, and put the heavy, big items at the front, ready for the movers. Bear in mind what you’ll need to go first as this will have to go in the van last.

Also, remember to plan your route to your new home to make sure you arrive when the movers do. It helps to give them proper instructions and look after them, so they look after your stuff.

Stay Stress-Free When Moving Soon

When you’re moving soon, you need to get on top of everything from the get-go. Hopefully, these tips will help you get there smoothly and reduce any stress you might have.

Planning is the best way to stay ahead. And when it’s all done you can breathe a sigh of relief as you settle into your new home.

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