How To Choose Furniture

Living Room Furniture

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Are you planning to redecorate? Or maybe you’re furnishing a new home? Either way, choosing furniture is always fun. There are so many new trends and factors to process before you zero in on the perfect pieces. Even if you don’t like furniture shopping you can finish it fast with all the tools available to you. Shop online or go traditional with window shopping. Don’t get disheartened. Furniture shopping only seems like a task because it involves a large sum of money. But imagine how long you’ll keep the furniture. It’ll be decades before you invest in more furniture. Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? In the entire excited mess what are the key things to keep in mind before the money flows out? Let us help you!

1. Trends

Go with the newest trends. If you are one to change your preferences often then go for furniture that you can replace easily. Though we recommend that you choose furniture that you like rather than the ones in style, it ultimately depends on the kind of money you’re ready to shell out. 2019 has seen some old trends coming back like using décor pieces that are sustainable and require less maintenance. An eclectic mix of muted furniture and bright décor is in this year. Ikat and trellis prints are in. Decorate your furniture with printed drapes and cushion covers.

2. Location

Where are you furnishing? Your furniture has to be compliant with the weather conditions and nature around you. Imagine furnishing with poofy furniture in the sweltering heat of the Middle East, or wooden furniture in Canada. It is very important that you add furniture to your belongings that are climate compliant. You do not want to be stuck with furniture that you’ve spent money and now can’t find the use for. Buy furniture nearby. Your furniture business would know best the kind of furniture that suits the climate. You have a lesser chance of choosing the wrong kind of furniture.

3. Style

This is where you personalise your furniture and buy pieces that suit your personality. Just like you choose clothes, you choose your furniture too. The colour and style of the furniture must match yours. If you’re a minimalist, having a cluttered home will only stress you out. However, we recommend that every living room must definitely have a sofa. A sofa is multipurpose and perfect for any mood. Fred Thompson from says that Chesterfield sofas are one of the most popular styles of sofas, and have been a classic choice for homes in the UK for many years. The variety of sofas available is mind-boggling and with a little looking around, you’ll definitely find a style that suits you. You can then decorate the rest of the room with pieces that go with your sofa.

4. Space

Do you have a house or a condo? Measuring your space is a good idea before buying furniture. These are large purchases and you would probably not buy them for many years to come. A little perseverance at the time of making the purchase can go a long way and you’ll minimise your own stress of coming home to a house that doesn’t match your style. Make your home feel like home by personalising. Create space in a condo and spread out your furniture in a house. Making optimum use of your space will fit in all your daily needs and even more if need be. Ill-fitted furniture is an eye-sore, not only for people who visit but also you!

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5. Colour

Choosing a colour palette is probably the most difficult when decorating your house. Right from the colour of your walls to the colour of the cushions has to be a well mixed choice. If you don’t have an eye for colour what do you do? Be safe and check out the colour combinations in style. 2017 was the year of blues and greens, 2018 saw a lot of bright colours. 2019 is a wonderful mix of muted palettes and brightly coloured décor. If you check the nearby home décor stores, you’ll get a fair idea of what to go for. There’ll be a time when the trend is just not your style. Don’t hesitate to mix and match. You can tweak the new trend to match your décor too. However, don’t fret because trends come and go. Just go with what makes you happy.

6. Décor

Decorate your room only after you’ve furnished it. This’ll save you the hassle of searching for matching furniture. The décor is more easily available than furniture unless you’re looking for a rare sarcophagus from Egypt, which we are sure you aren’t. Let the décor wait till you set the furniture in. After setting the furniture, visualise the room as you would want it and set out to find similar pieces. You can also create space with the décor by getting wall pieces and bonsai plants. They make the room refreshing. Adding storage to the living room is a good idea only if your house is small. Keep the living room open and fresh for a breezy mood.

7. Maintenance

When you buy furniture, you do it keeping its durability in mind. You do not want to invest in furniture every few years. No matter what your furniture is, it needs maintenance. The more careful you are, the longer it will serve you. Every piece of furniture has different ways of maintenance. You can just wipe the wooden furniture and polish it every few years so it retains its shine. Polishing wooden furniture also saves it from decay. Upholstered furniture will need its upholstery changed and washed every year. It needs to be vacuumed every 2 weeks too. This will keep away pests and mites that create allergies. Invest in the kind of furniture that you have the means to maintain.

Buying furniture is a big decision and we can well imagine the nerves that you’ll have. But with a little common sense and money management, you can breeze through this too.