Home Essentials: 5 Bathroom Must-Haves To Try

Bathroom Must-Haves

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A brand new year sometimes means another chance to try out new things. For home renovation plans, you must never miss out on the bathroom. As an essential part of the house, you must also give importance to this space.

Here are some fixtures you need to include in your bathroom renovation project:

1. Twin Showerheads

Taking a shower is a convenient way to take a bath. However, living with someone and waiting for them to finish while you are running late can be a waste of time. With twin showerheads, you can save yourself from waiting time.

As 2022 rolled in, new things were left in the past year, and waiting is a part of them. The twin showerheads are a game-changer and will allow you and your significant other to shower together.

However, the twin showerhead can still be an excellent helping aid if you live alone. For the people who clean their showers themselves, the hand-held one will allow you to maneuver it to clean the surrounding areas easily. That is why getting a twin showerhead will add to the practicality.

What makes this must-have item more impressive is the various designs you can choose from. Several elegant designs can also give out a spa-like experience which can elevate your experience. So, deciding what design to go with has never been easy.

2. Sensor Faucets

Society has gone more modern, and innovations are being released from left to right. The sensor faucets are just one of them. Nowadays, malls and other restaurants have them, and having them in your bathroom will upgrade the area as it gives off a more modern feel.

Not only that but sensor faucets also have accompanying benefits. One of which is its water-saving qualities. One of its features is to dispense water less than a traditional tap, and it automatically turns off when it senses that it is not in use.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about hygiene, especially if guests come over. They do not need to tap on the faucet to make it work, preventing people from directly touching them. Thus, cross-contamination is highly unlikely. This feature is crucial in 2022, especially since the COVID-19 situation is still very apparent.

Additionally, as 2022 rolled in, new things were left in the past year, and waiting is one of them, especially in Australia, where people are in a steady but fast routine. Sensor faucets are a convenient tool to lessen the time in handwashing. A second or a minute is already a lot of time. Getting your sensor faucets from fast and reliable companies, like Dolphin Solutions Australia, allows you to keep up with your lifestyle without sacrificing good hygiene.

3. Bold Wallpapers

The usual types of designs you will notice in most bathrooms are minimalist with a touch of marble for the interior. However, this year, you ought to try new things, one of which is a somewhat bolder statement.

One type of bold wallpaper you must check out is the one that has floral themes. These beautiful flowery designs never get old, and having them on your walls or your ceilings is an excellent addition to your rather minimalist bathroom. Since bathrooms usually do not have that much furniture or utilities, the graphic, bold wallpaper can fill out the empty spaces.

Your bathroom is still a part of your house. It would help if you also tried expressing yourself through the bathroom’s interior, like how you have designed your place. You must own the area and allow the bathroom to present a side of you.

4. Fancy Light Fixtures

With your bold wallpapers, you can style your bathroom with fancy fixtures. These fixtures will be the cherry on top of your bathroom renovation.

Do not limit yourself to the traditional fixture designs. You can try out light fixtures in gold tone. They are a great statement to your bathroom to change the area’s aura. It is an excellent finish to the place and allows light to brighten the home with elegance.

However, if it does not work for you, you do not have to worry about it because, like the other things here in the list, light fixtures also have a wide array of choices. Light fixture styles can provide you with just anything from minimalist to boho types.

5. Bathroom Glass Partition

The bathroom glass partition is not a 2022 thing, but not everyone still has this feature. If you are looking for any ideas that can entirely shift the overall finish of the bathroom. Its enhanced aesthetic charm makes the glass partition a good alternative for shower curtains. It also makes the area appear bigger because of its mirror qualities that reflect light.

Also, the glass partition makes a clear boundary to where your wet bathroom area is, especially if your bathroom and toilet area are in one place. Furthermore, it is a low-maintenance feature. Unlike curtain partitions, the glass counterpart does not need much attention to cleaning. You can clean them twice a week or every weekend, and it will be more convenient if you clean them with your twin showerhead!

There are different styles and designs that you can customize if you are planning to install one for your bathroom. Surely, you can find a style that will fit your bathroom’s theme.

Final Thoughts

Above all, the primary thing you must consider is your comfort. Regardless of all the fancy and fun styles, if you are uncomfortable with your place, it completely removes the essence of the area. So, while deciding what must-haves to install in your bathroom, consider your comfort while going crazy with the design!