Be Prepared: 4 Keys to Designing Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

Designing Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

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Everyone dreams of the Instagram worthy spa bathroom. The white marble tile and the freestanding tub are yearn-worthy. Do you have a bathroom in your home that doesn’t quite match up to that look or feel?

Are you considering tackling a bathroom renovation? Ready to get rid of your ugly tile and stained tub? While that new sparking modern bathroom might sound dreamy, the cost of a bathroom renovation might have you wondering if you can put up with what you have.

Tackling a bathroom renovation can bust the bank, but it doesn’t need to. Read on to learn how you can get your dream bathroom and stick to a budget.

1. Get a Plan

Before you start dreaming of marble tiles and soaking tubs, you need some serious planning. Nothing can bust a budget more quickly than not planning or being prepared for what you hope to accomplish.

What can you afford to spend on your renovation? What must be done? What’s on your dream list?

Before you begin your bathroom remodel, break down your expected costs, and even do some price comparisons.

If you make decisions before you begin and stick to a budget, you can prevent unexpected costs that crop when you change your mind mid-remodel.

2. Hire It or DIY It?

The next consideration and a big part of your budget will be to decide who will actually do the remodel. Do you plan to have a contractor come in to do the heavy lifting? If you are doing major work like knocking down walls or moving plumbing, a contractor might be necessary.

While you can opt to DIY the work, remember you are dealing with plumbing and water. You want to bust your budget-breaking a pipe and have water damage clean up as an added expense. Consider what you can do yourself and what really needs a professional.  You might be able to paint but can’t do plumbing or electrical.

3. When to Splurge and When to Save

Bathroom fixtures can be expensive and your overall cost can add up fast. Look carefully where you can save and where you want to splurge. Maybe getting the marble tile is absolutely important to you and you’re willing to paint the vanity you have instead of getting a new one.

Maybe you want the big soaking tub but can save on countertops.

4. Consider Small Scale Updates

After careful consideration, maybe it isn’t in your budget to gut your bathroom. Don’t despair. There are many things you can do to give your bathroom a refresher that won’t break the bank. Consider:

  • A new spa shower head
  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Painting or redoing just the flooring
  • Change up your lighting
  • Change your faucets
  • Change knobs and drawer pulls
  • Buy new towels

Even choosing a few of these options will allow you to give your bathroom a little refresher and only spend a few hundred dollars.

Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

While bathroom renovations can be exciting, they can also be costly. The better you plan, research and prioritize, the more you can keep your bathroom remodel from breaking the bank.

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