Boost Your Zen With The Most Calming Bedroom Color Ideas

Bedroom Color

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Zen is a traditional Chinese type of Buddhism that focuses on finding the true nature of things. It advocates self-restraint and meditation as ways of finding the truth inside yourself and others. Of course, western teachings have watered the concepts down a little, and zen is considered more of a reflection of a state of mind.

Being zen-like is seen as the ability to be calm under pressure and de-stress as needed. To this end, there are a variety of techniques that can help at home. One of the most important aspects is color. The right color can help you to calm your mind and discover inner peace.

It should be noted that when people talk about color in a bedroom they often think about the walls or perhaps the soft furnishings. However, one of the most important areas that should be considered is the floor.

Thanks to the stunning array of epoxy floor coatings on the market, it is possible to do your floor any color you choose. This means your floor can complement your walls perfectly and epoxy coating is extremely durable.


Lavender is a gentle shade of purple and blue, creating a pale but distinctive hue that will instantly help you to feel relaxed. Add a few drops of lavender oil and you will instantly feel calmer. This is a good choice for the walls with a mid-gray floor, keeping the room peaceful and neutral.


An all-white bedroom can be overpowering as it screams neutrality and perhaps makes the space too large or more like a blank canvas. However, white is a great base color that can be brightened with soft furnishings and the floor. You’ll want to go for a dark floor or even a white floor and let the extras do the talking.

Pillows, duvets, curtains, and any other soft furnishings can be pastel colors to add brightness while maintaining the zen-like quality.


You need to go with a pale green and a darker green epoxy floor. This helps to bring nature inside. It can be aided with some plants to ensure you feel like you are outside There is little that calms the mind better.


Pale blue and pale gray is the perfect combination. If you are feeling artistic you can opt for a pale blue ceiling and white clouds, you may be surprised at how serene this makes you feel. The floor should be gray and the walls also the pale blue, making the space feel larger and effectively expanding your mind.


Beige is a very neutral color that allows you to introduce an array of other colors through soft furnishings. It is a great way of ensuring peace and tranquility while still having some personal touches. These will be reflected in your color choices and help to keep the room feeling warm and personal.

Don’t forget, the exact color choice is yours, only you know what colors work best for you.