Can You Put Lavender Oil on Your Pillow?

Lavender Oil

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Can you put lavender oil on your pillow? The answer might surprise you.

Pouring a few drops at night on your pillow is how many people try to get some sleep. Lavender oil is helpful, but, it can get rather messy. That is why some experts suggest you place the drops on a cloth and place that on your pillow before you sleep.

How Using the Levander Oil Helps

Let’s be honest. Many of us have regular demands and issues that come up. Those issues are hard to deal with when you suffer from a lack of sleep. You cannot perform at your most optimum level if you have not had a good night’s sleep.

That is why many people turn to lavender oil to get the much-needed sleep they need. You could be one of those people too. That is why many have started using a few drops of the oil at night to get that deep and restful sleep they need.

What Are the Benefits?

1. It’s Natural

It is 100% natural. It is now being steam-distilled from the lavender plant. BTW: It is very popular in Rome, Italy, and other surrounding areas. It was added to bathwater to give it a fresh, clean experience.

After you took a bath in it, most people remarked that they fell fast asleep at bedtime, especially if you took the bath right before you went to bed. I have used it in baths myself. I can attest to how good the product is.

You can Google the ingredients and find that it is 100% pure.

2. It Helps Treat Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Some of the more recent studies also conclude that the oil is great for treating things like anxiety, stress and depression.

The other great thing is that you will wake up the next day feeling completely well-rested. There are no side-effects like grogginess, a stomach ache, r headaches(as you might get with other over-the-counter sleep aids( some, not all).

3. It’s Safe

It is also much safer than using an alternative method to falling asleep. Some people use over-the-counter remedies( like sleep aids and other things of that sort).

They start to become addicted to a sleep aid, and that causes other problems.

I am only speaking about a few people here. Some people do not have those side-effects and can control how much they take and when.

However, and, more importantly, it is better to use something like lavender oil as opposed to taking a chance on something that could cause other mental health issues.

How Do You Use It?

It depends on the person. Some people like to rub it on a part of their body at night. Others like to place a cloth on top of a pillow and apply a few drops(as I mentioned above). Other like to apply the drops to their face( and, yes, you can do that).

The best part is that the oil is natural to the skin. You will not have any burning or irritation. You also will not have to scratch the itch( like you do with other remedies). You can fall asleep knowing that the oil is doing its job.

Other Lavender Choices

There are other options if you do not want to risk damaging your pillow and bedsheets.

  • You can buy the spray. It is not that expensive. It comes as a room spray. You spray your bed with the aroma. The aroma will do its thing and you fall fast asleep.
  • You can also buy a lavender pillow. It is called a “lavender sleep pillow”. You can place it under your head or right beside you. It will work wonders and give you that deep sleep you want so badly.

Three More Natural Sleep Aids Backed by Scientific Research

1. Melatonin

It is a natural hormone. It tells your body( in a natural way) you need sleep. This is a great option for those who work at night and sleep during the day. Melatonin is perfect for those who are suffering from jet lag and are in dire need of sleep. You do not have to drink several cups of coffee to stay awake.

2. Valerian Root

Some people might not have heard of this one since it is more popular in Asia and Europe. It helps people who suffer from menopause, depression, and anxiety. It is known as a “sleep-promoting” herbal supplement.

One study reports that taking between 300-900 mg of Valerian Root before bed improves your chances of getting that deep and restful sleep. However, as most already know, studies are subjective at times. Some studies relied on the perception of sleep instead of the sleep state itself.

That is why we encourage you to choose lavender oil instead (particularly in cases of pregnant and lactating women).

3. Passion Flower

This is probably a new one for many of you. It has been known to help people who suffer from insomnia and bad dreams.

Sleeping issues like bad dreams and night terrors for a prolonged period have been known to give people insomnia as they get older. Not knowing if you are going to have a good or bad night is something that plagues a lot of people(myself included).

The only issue with Passion Flower are the studies. Many of them concluded weak results at best. That is why experts argue that sticking with Lavender Oil is the way to go.


There are many different sleep remedies on the market. However, lavender oil remains the one thing on the list that most people use above all others. Many of the other products are pure, but the only one gives you that 100% action plan you need is the lavender oil. There is no second-guessing with lavender. You do not have to worry about addiction or weak results with it either.

To answer the question: yes, you can put the oil on your pillow. To get that much-needed sleep it is highly recommended that you do.