Best List of Go-To Indoor String Lights For Home and Office Decoration

indoor string lights

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Lighting in your house or an office according to what you prefer is a vital part with regard to inspiring a particular state of mind. BestIndoor string lights by koopower are extraordinary for comfortable, Bohemian, modern, or bubbly spaces. The best indoor string lights (also called pixie lights) will satisfy the vibe you are going for; bulb size, type, shading, and brightness are, for the most part, a matter of preference. There are a couple of essential elements that will help you in narrowing down your choices.

Here is the rundown of indoor string lights that we have chosen for you

String Lights For Indoors

There are a few reasons why indoor string lights are the best pick. Well, first thing first, they are expendable. This implies you can plug one strand into the socket to associate up to 10 strands on a single source. It’s a feature only a few string lights offer.

Likewise, unlike different options, this pick brings a remote control that you can use to set programmed clocks, reduce or light up, and pick between eight modes, including twinkles, waves,and blaze. It also accompanies twist ties, a low-voltage transformer, and a waterproof structure that can be utilized inside or outside.

Buy these lights for just thirteen dollars each.

  • Source of power is AC outlet plug
  • Shade is warm white
  • Length is 49 feet (14.94 meters)
  • The measure of lights: 100 LEDs

Minetom USB Fairy String Lights with Remote and Power Adapter, 66 Feet 200 Led Firefly Lights for Bedroom Wall Ceiling Christmas Tree Wreath Craft Wedding Party Decoration, Warm White

Economic String Lights

Although many critics do not give up raving about the quality, these string lights are among the most economical choices. At twelve $ for each 33-foot strand, you can use it in many areas. Likewise, the lights offer a 5-foot connector link, a waterproof construction, and a slight, copper wire that twists around connections and tucks into corners.

  • Length is 33 feet (ca. 10 meters)
  • Source of power is AC outlet plug
  • Shade is warm white
  • The measure of lights: 100 LEDs

Globe String Lights

These lights are an option in contrast to the small pixie lights, and they give a retro, monotonous feel to your house. With a massive number of audits, these lights are the most purchased choice in the varieties of string lights. They offer complete control so you can join up to three strands without a moment’s delay. They are also climate-proof for you to use in your sunroom, balcony or porch.

  • The length is 25 feet (7.62 meters)
  • Source of power is AC outlet plug
  • Shade: white
  • The measure of lights: 25 bulbs

Minetom Globe String Lights, 33 Feet 100 Led Fairy Lights Plug in, 8 Modes with Remote Mini Globe Lights for Indoor Outdoor Bedroom Party Wedding Garden Christmas Tree Decor, Warm White

Reliable Curtain String Lights

The lights being instead of a one strand, drape or curtain string lights, these make a cascade impression. They are extraordinary for pergolas, windows, bed outlines, and anyplace you need a supposed “divider” of lights. The Twinkle LED drapery is the most well-known choice in the varieties of these Christmas lights. It highlights eight lighting modes for different impacts and can be utilized inside or outside the house.

  • Length is 6.6 feet (2.01 m) to 9.8 feet (2.99 meters)
  • Source of power is AC outlet plug
  • Shade: warm white
  • The measure of lights: 300 LEDs

Curtain Lights, 8 Modes Fairy Lights String with Remote Controller, IP64 Waterproof, USB Plug in Twinkle Lights for Weddings, Parties, Backdrop, Wall Decorations, 300 Led( 9.8x9.8Ft, Multicolor)

USB String Lights

In case you’re searching for flexible ways to control your string lights, these 12APM lights which use a USB plug rather than an AC plug connector. you also can plug them into your laptop, mobile phone charging cord, or battery bank. These lights are similarly waterproof and accessible in different lengths, designs, and hues.

  • Source of power is USB plug
  • Shades: warm white or cold white
  • Length is 33 feet (ca. 10 meters)
  • The measure of lights: 200 LEDs

Blingstar Fairy Lights 2 Pack USB Powered String Lights Warm White 33Ft 100 Led Christmas Lights Fairy String Lights for Party Wedding Festival Bedroom Table Decoration


Color-Changing String Lights

You can easily customize each part of your lighting with the shade changing lights. They have a remote control that allows you to pick among the 16 distinct shades, just like speed, duration and design, which further means you can pick one shading or cycle through every single one of these lights. They are similarly water-safe, and covered in a protective plastic to avoid tangling.

  • Length is 66 feet (20.12 meters)
  • The measure of lights: 200 LEDs
  • Source of power is AC outlet plug
  • Shades are green, light green, light blue, blue, dim blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, light orange, dull yellow, light yellow, and pink

Color Changing Fairy String Lights - 33 ft 100 LED USB Silver Wire Lights with Remote and Timer, Starry Fairy Lights for Bedroom Party Wedding Craft Tree Indoor Decor, 16 Colors, Adapter Included

Battery-Operated String Lights

For areas or occasions with almost no access to outlets, these battery-worked lights are the ones that allow you to beautify without needing any socket. They work on AA batteries and carry a little, remote control. The remote further lets you control the brightness, settings and time capacities.

  • Length is 33 feet (ca. 10 meters)
  • The measure of lights: 100 LEDs
  • Source of power is AA batteries
  • Shade is warm white

Battery Operated LED Globe String Lights, 2-Pack Total 52FT 120LEDs - Each 26FT 60LEDs 8 Mode Waterproof Christmas Fairy String Lights with Remote for Home Bedroom Garden Wedding Party Decoration

Rechargeable String Lights

With the help of these battery-powered string lights, there is no way that you will not be restricted to have an outlet. There will be no need to waste cash on battery changes. It comes with two strands of LED, each with its own USB battery that works straight for 14 hours when charged fully. The silver strand is adaptable and safe, and each one of these lights offers four unique modes settings to accommodate the brightness of these lights.

  • Length is 9.8 feet (2.99 meters)
  • The measure of lights: 30 LEDs
  • Source of power is USB-battery-powered battery
  • Shade is warm white

2 Pack USB Fairy Lights Plug in with Remote - 66 Feet 200 LEDs 8 Lighting Modes String Lights, Mini Twinkle Lights for Christmas Bedroom Indoor Party Wedding Decoration (Warm White)

String Lights In Different Shapes

For those hoping to broaden the choices in colors, these lights are the ones that offer different hues. They are weatherproofed and also have a remote control so you can pick between eight unique modes settings. In this way, you do not need to stress over lousy lighting or switches.

  • Length is 13 feet (3.96 meters)
  • The measure of lights: 40 LEDs
  • Source of power is AA batteries or USB port
  • Shades are green desert plants, pink flamingos, pastel hummingbirds, yellow pineapples, green, yellow and blue dragonflies or yellow honey bees

Pink Flamingo String Lights 8.5 Ft Summer Patio Lights String Cute Outdoor Party Lights 120v Fun Lights for Bedroom Home Birthday String Lights 10 Bulbs 0.84w, White

The 100-Foot String Lights

At long last, in case you’re hoping to cover a large region, we have these 100-foot string lights for you that are the savviest lights you can use. In only forty dollars, this set has two strands, each 100 feet (30.48 m) in length. These lights highlight a 14-foot connector line, which is longer than most and work with the help of a remote control, which lets you set the brightness, modes, and speed.

  • Length is 99 feet (30.18 meters)
  • The measure of lights: 300 LEDs
  • Source of power is AC outlet plug
  • Shade is warm white

ZAECANY LED String Lights with Remote Control 99ft with 300 LEDs Dimmable Fairy String Lights for Bedroom,Trees, Indoor/Outdoor Copper String Lights for Birthday, Wedding,Party Warm White


In the end of this article, we suggest investing in these indoor string lights if you want to give your house the most comforting and calming aura. Without much of an effort, you will be able to give your house a relaxing look. All you have to do is buy these lights and design them in a way you prefer.

Next time, you have a guest coming over for dinner, turn these indoor string lights on in your living room and enjoy a warm meal in a beautiful surrounding that will leave your visitors in awe.