Benefits of Disinfecting the Office – Facts You Need to Know!

Benefits of Disinfecting the Office – Facts You Need to Know!

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced the way and the place we work. Even though governments in some countries have started to loosen the policies allowing offices to reopen, disinfecting the office has become an essential task to ensure the safety of the employees.

However, the benefits of this task are far more beneficial than you might think! This article will explain in detail the importance of having your office disinfected. Let’s check it out!

Benefits of Disinfecting the Office

Now, let’s discover the top six benefits that you gain from disinfecting the office regularly.

1. Improve Surrounding Environment Quality

First of all, when you have a professional disinfected your working area, the surrounding environment will be much better. This improvement is mostly about the air quality. To be more specific, the dirty surfaces, mats, and office furniture over time can be the host to certain types of annoying bacteria, causing an uncomfortable smell swirling around the office.

As researched, poor air quality is associated with several problems, including physical and mental issues, such as anxiety, rage, depression, bowel dysfunctions, and muscle and psychological tension.

The harmful bacteria also present in the doorknob, keyboard, trashcan, appliances, sofa, cafeteria, etc., can cause numerous problems to your staff and customers. Consequently, it is imperative to hire experts to disinfect your office once a month.

A Clean And Organized Working Space | Photo Credit: Wikipedia

2. Create a Safe Workplace

Disinfecting the office regularly also makes the working area a safe place for both employees and customers.

Let’s imagine if the floors are wet and slippery due to leaking pipes, you and your clients will probably face a higher chance of slipping and spilling. Moreover, the presence of cluttered objects, such as strings in high-traffic places or unreasonable positions of office furniture, will cause more collisions and accidents.

As mentioned in the first benefits of the disinfection office, the office’s safety level is mainly based on the quality of the surrounding environment. The cleaner the workplace is, the lower chance the staff will ask for sick leave.

Regarding the psychological and physical problems mentioned above, there is a clear correlation between the cleanliness of the workplace and the absenteeism of employees. So, to have higher staff productivity, it is important to have your office deep cleaned regularly.

3. Increase Firm Reputation

If your company has to arrange meetings with customers in the office, the cleanliness of the workplace plays an important role in impressing prospective customers. Once the clients are impressed, the firm image in their mind would be much more positive and memorable.

Apart from the firm reputation, the prospective customers will be more willing to buy your goods or services if they see professionalism via your office’s ambient factors and visible setting. So, disinfecting offices can usually bring about economic benefits to the company.

With that in mind, you need to get every corner in the office disinfected to keep the office in the best professionally appealing look.

4. Boost Employee’s Performance

Apart from making the customers impressed, companies also need to encourage their employees, both newcomers, and seniors. Let’s imagine typing or phone-selling in a dirty and messy office. Will you feel enthusiastic about putting your best effort into the work?

Nevertheless, when the air circulation inside the building is limited and stinky, the employees would feel puffed out, irritated, and less motivated to complete the assigned task.

Not only does keeping the office clean and hygienic also make your employees more productive, but this practice also helps boost employee’s morale. And what could be better than a group of people who share the same vision with great determination?

So, spending money on a disinfection office service is a wise investment for your company to maintain and boost your employee’s performance. The staff should also be encouraged to keep their working corner neat and clean.

Benefits of Disinfecting the Office

Dirty Office Links With Poor Employee’s Performance

5. Retain Competent Employees

It is undeniable that the core of any company is its human resources. As a result, keeping the best people with you will be more likely to bring your company to success. Several factors account for maintaining high-quality human forces, including pay rate, working conditions, communication, and recognition. In this section, we discuss why disinfecting your office can retain competent staff.

These talented people tend to love the organized and airy feeling in a neat workplace, as it helps them concentrate more on their work regardless of how hard and demanding it is.

The seniors stay longer with the organization, but the newbies also like to start their careers within a clean and safe working environment. And with some company-review groups online, any company’s dangerous and dirty working environment can be exposed, posing a warning to any potential applicants.

6. Save Money For The Company

Hiring an office disinfection service can save your company loads of money. Yes, you do not mishear! Here is why:

  • Firstly, you do not have to spend much money replacing your office furniture and appliances if they are regularly cleaned.
  • Next, the expenses on hiring new employees will be lower if your firm reputation is high. Not to mention the close relationship between the hygienic and safe working conditions, with a lower turnover rate of a high-quality workforce.
  • The high productivity also indicates higher efficiency, leading to a possible big profit.
  • This aspect strongly influences the image of the company in the mind of customers. Hence, the cleanliness and professionalism of the office can help the company sell more products or services, marking a higher profit.

Regular Office Disinfection Means Saving Money | Image Credit: Flickr

You can purchase chemicals and equipment to deep clean the office. Otherwise, there are a lot of prestigious office disinfection services for you to pick from!

The Final Verdict

This article has just listed some of the most prominent benefits of a clean and neat office, explaining why you should regularly disinfect the workplace. In summary, there are six main advantages: improving workplace environmental quality, bringing safety, increasing company reputation, boosting performance, retaining employees, and saving more money for the company budget.

Hopefully, you can grasp the important ideas and apply them to your firm to get the best results. Thanks for reading!

How to Design the Ultimate Friendly Home Office

How to Design the Ultimate Friendly Home Office

It feels good to work at the comfort of your home, but how can you ensure productivity? The design of your home office must help you achieve the same comfort that you can get at a commercial office, and also maintain your focus.

When designing your home office, make sure it inspires you first of all. Then, it should be designed in a way that helps you to focus completely on the task at hand.

Having the freedom to work at the comfort of your home is a perk, but it’s also very challenging. To achieve productivity, you must change several aspects, including setting aside a designated space for your office.

Below are some tips to help you design your home office.

Does Colour Matter?

The colour you choose has a great impact on your mood and productivity in general.

Green is relaxing, warming, and helps you to unwind. All of this promotes comfort.

Green also has a relieving effect on stress. The calming nature of the colour green, makes your home office a stress-free environment, whilst also making it feel friendly.


You need to be comfortable to work at home. Do you like the arrangement at a commercial office? You can mimic that and make it look even better in your home office, tweaking things to your preference. Let us address furniture at length.

1. Comfort of the Chair

Most of the time you will be working remotely and you must be as comfortable as you can be whilst sitting in your chair.

For you to sit comfortably in your home office, you need a chair that will allow you to change posture, like the height adjustable chair. The chair must allow you to sit with your knees bent at 900 and your elbows at the same angle.

You can incorporate a foot rest just to break the monotony of one posture while working.

2. Desk

There are several options when choosing a home desk. Most people prefer using the ones seen in commercial offices. This is a brilliant idea but there is a better option you can consider.

A sit-stand desk is a great fit because you can adjust the height at intervals and work while standing or sitting down. This type of desk offers comfort and is important to your health too.

There are numerous benefits that come along with such a desk. For example, it helps you to keep your weight and blood sugar in check, amongst many other health benefits.

Setting It All Up

1. High Speed Internet Access

Slow internet makes working from home a nightmare. You are there tapping your computer with loading time added on. Your brain seems to work faster than your computer. Through this, there is so much lagging in your work and also room for mistakes and low productivity.

A study revealed that one week per year is wasted by workers due to poor internet connection. Another week is wasted on missing papers and another on waiting for the loading process of your computer. This calculation adds up to a whole year wasted.

To make your home a friendly hub, you need high speed internet.

2. Office Space

Are you using a kitchen table in a corner or a desk? This sounds cool for beginners but you need an office makeover.

Having an office that supports working from home feels great. This allows you to achieve a home and work-life balance. Working remotely makes it almost impossible to avoid distractions but all this can be minimized by setting up a separate space for your office.

It also gives you the freedom to arrange your office in order and avoid that lost mouse carried away by your toddler!

3. Lighting

You might prefer the basement for your office because of the few distractions you experience. That’s a great idea but you need enough light, not only in the office, but your working area. You can achieve this set up by putting your desk near the window.

Natural light is the best. Many studies have shown that natural light has a lot of health benefits that also affect your productivity.

4. Surge Protector

Power surges are common phenomenons regardless of where you live. These occurrences could happen briefly but the havoc they leave behind could be irreversible.

A short power surge can damage the electrical circuit and affect other electrical appliances. There could be power surges that are undetectable but repeatedly can greatly affect your computer function.

To be on a safe side, it’s advisable that you have a surge protector and save yourself the hassle.

5. Clutter Control

Everybody loves working in a tidy environment. Having a messy desk can take away your energy, delay work, and thereby interfere with productivity.

When you keep your desk organised, the energy used to look for misplaced things here and there will be geared towards productivity. That is called positive energy.

You can consider switching to a digital solution to save yourself the stress of piles of paper. This also makes your office eco-friendly.

Make sure your desk supports all your tools of the trade so that you don’t have to look for extra space.

6. Should You Personalise Your Office?

Being officially a place that you spend most of your time, you can make it yours.

How? Bring in things that mean something to you or inspire you. You can use family frames, flowers, and art pieces that make you feel at home. Your workspace is a reflection of your personality, so make it look great.

You can also avoid cluttering your desk and use wall hangings or some designated shelves.

There are a lot of benefits to making your home office so friendly that you will be motivated to work without straining. It is good to feel comfortable and rejuvenated, and that will certainly add to your productivity too.

How To Create A Perfect Space For Essay Writing At Home

How To Create A Perfect Space For Essay Writing At Home

Essay writing requires peace, quiet, and a steady mind. Students may have, under normal circumstances, access to libraries, study rooms, and other facilities. But now, we’re faced with working from home a lot. Confinement and isolation are terrible for our mental health and our grades. So here’s how to make the perfect space at home for an essay writer and deep thinker.

The Furniture

When you decide that it’s time to write my essay, you’re going to need the correct setup; in the simplest terms, that is a desk, a chair, and a light source.

Furniture can make or break a room – and when it comes to the ergonomics of desk work, it could break your back too. Maybe that’s a little hyperbolic; however, poor posture injuries are not something to take lightly.

Repetitive strain injuries, sciatica, neck, and eye strain can haunt you for a long time. Avoiding these types of injuries means inculcating in yourself proper working habits. We may like to write in bed, though it’s not sustainable for most of us in the long term.

Occupational therapists have set out several rules for proper alignment of our bodies when working at a desk. The rules go like this; your monitor should be an arm’s length away from your eyes. Your wrists should be straight with your hands below, or level with your elbows. Your chair height should put your knees about the level of your hips.

With that in mind, it’s time to bust out the tape measure and compare your ergonomics to that gorgeous desk you’ve found.

If you’ve already got your furniture and it isn’t quite right according to guidelines, don’t fret. You can alter your position by using a wrist bar – which helps prevent RSIs from occurring. You can also use a footrest – make it something sturdy and level underneath your feet.

If you’ve got the time and resources, an excellent project for mind and soul is to build a writing desk. There are copious amounts of designs online with everything from industrial chic to minimal lines.

The Lighting

Light is essential for a proper ambiance. Everyone likes different lighting set-ups. Whether you’re into a single lamp illuminating your desk or prefer something a little more bright and clear, make sure you have back-up bulbs and fuses so you can maintain your space.

Lighting also brings with it the necessary corollary of power. Chances are you’re not working on a typewriter or by hand. Orienting your writing room so there is a suitable power source – either a plug or a well-placed extension cord – will mean you spend less time running to find the charger and more time refining those well-wrought sentences.

The Side Office

Much like a side-hustle, the side-office is a doubling up of your resources. It’s that little bit in your cramped apartment that has had multiple purposes over lockdown, acting as an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, or a living room. We don’t all have the luxury of a spare room to devote to our dream writing room.

If this is the case for you, it may be that you’re sharing this writers workspace with another person – who may or may not be working too. When we have to share our working area, it is essential to maintain order and cleanliness.

When it comes to the feng shui of a shared writing space, accept that the first configuration may not work, and be willing to compromise over the solution. Think whether you’d prefer to hide away or embrace sharing a workspace with your roommate.

Insulating your mind while using shared writing spaces is worth considering too. Noise-canceling headphones are fantastic, though expensive if you’re looking for a quality pair. A good pair of regular over-the-ear headphones can transport you from your shared space to an individual domain where you find synchronicity with the words and ideas.

White noise, binaural beats, even those lo-fi hip hop mixes sound much better through some headphones than your tiny laptop speaker. ‘Headphones On’ also signals to your co-worker-room-mate hybrid that now is not the time for a funny video session.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Get, Talk to Your Landlord

Pre-pandemic essay writing was a bit of a luxury. Necessity has bitten through the sometimes tricky practicalities. Trying to live, work, and play all in the confines of our homes has led to disagreements as well as new found loves. Making the right kind of space from the get-go is not only excellent for writing essays but also for coming up with new ideas.

This re-orientation of our focus, working remotely and not going out as much, means we can hopefully afford to make our personal-professional spaces a little nicer and a little more to our tastes. So get in touch with your landlord, ask to paint the walls, put up those shelves, and install a new set of power outlets. You deserve it!

James Baxter is professional writer and blogger, who loves sharing his experience and knowledge with readers. He is especially interested in marketing, blogging and IT. James is always happy to visit different places and meet new people there.

Creating A Functional But Fancy Office At Home

Creating A Functional But Fancy Office At Home

People who have never worked from home have the misconception that you will transform one of your main rooms into your home office. But a home office can emerge from a small space, an area you have never considered using. When having a home office you will need space for installing your computer, copier, fax machine, desk, chair, and other items you will need when working. You have to figure out what the purpose of the space is. you do not want the office space to ruin the design of the house, so you will have to think twice before making a decision. In this article are listed the two main stages of creating a fancy and functional office. If you follow them, you will be proud of the result.

Stage 1 of Creating a Home Office

Where Do You Want to Install the Office?

Some people have an extra room they can transform into an office, but the majority of us have to work with a limited space. If this is your case, you will not have multiple options from which to choose. If you do not have an extra room, then you can convert your closet into an office. Alternatively, you can use the hallway from the top of the stairs. If you have a guest room, then you can transform it into your office. Get the bed out and install a couch in its place. When guests will come, you can expand the couch and accommodate them. The guest room is not frequently used and you have plenty of space to get inside all your equipment.

Decide What Things Will Help You Work at the Office

You need to be effective in order to accomplish your tasks. The look of the office is the main factor that influences a person’s efficiency. Lighting and temperature are aspects that influence the comfort status of a room. You will need a desk and an ergonomic chair, a hard flooring surface to resist in time to the moves you will make with the chair, and office devices. In case the room has windows, you will have to install window coverings for the moments when you will need privacy, or when the sun will reflect on surfaces.

Focus on the Desk

The most important item from an office is the desk. According to your specific needs it will have a certain size and a designed storage space. You can choose to buy a desk already made, or you can create one by yourself. You can take the main parts, the writing surface and cabinets and put the desk together at home. If you have to work with a small space, then you should install the shelves on a wall, preferably the one from behind the desk. The writing supplies, paperwork, and computer should be placed at reach on the desk.

Find a Comfortable Chair

The most important feature of an office chair should have is comfort. When checking office chair options, you have to focus on details like back support, height, arm support and if it requires the usage of a stool or not. Before buying one, make sure that it is listed in the ergonomic category. Adjust the height of the computer keyboard slide according to the position of the arm support. The mouse should be placed in a position where you can access it with ease.

Stage 2 of Designing a Home Office

Yes, the Colour Scheme Is Important

The colours that surround you in an office influence your efficiency. When you choose the colour palette of the room, you have to check what psychological impact they have on your work. If you have a purpose in mind, when creating the office, the colours used to decorate the room will enhance your productivity. If you want to work in an environment that keeps you relaxed, then you should work with greens. Green is considered the best colour for an office because it also has calming effects and it helps you relieve stress. You do not want stress to influence the quality of your work. Create a soothing atmosphere and your office will be more than a functional space.

Personalise the Space

You spend more than 8 hours a day at your office, so you should definitely personalise it. You can use artwork, drawings or family pictures to do it. When it comes to space personalisation, the office should not be a space isolated from the rest of your house. It should maintain the same line. If you have worked with playful details when designing your house, you should do the same for your office. Signomatic US recommends the people who are working from home to install an office sign at the door of the office. Inform people where is your office with a sign placed in the hallways, or use an office sign on your door. You can write on your sign, your name and position, to create the vibe of a formal space.

Light up the Office

The lighting system is another factor that influences the efficiency of a person. The proper lighting system will help you stay focused for a longer period. The lighting should be installed over the reading area from the desk. Do not place the lighting fixtures behind you, because they will reflect on your monitor.

Check the Last Aspects

When you place the computer on your desk, make sure that you do not squint at its desktop. The goal is to reduce the strain you put on your eyes, in order to work for hours. Place everything at the reach of the hand, because you do not want to get up from your chair every time you need to use the scissors or other office supplies. Check the office supplies twice when you arrange them in the office, and think in perspective, which one of them will be used regularly, and which of them will be used only on specific occasions. Clutter is the greatest enemy of a home office, keep everything organised and tidy, and you will work better.