The Top Carpet Trends for 2021 Uncovered

Carpet Trends

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A carpet is a great option in your home. It provides a warm floor to walk on, it’s soft, comfortable, and helps to insulate your home, effectively reducing your energy bills.

It’s also very versatile. Carpet can be purchased in huge rolls and cut to fit your room. Or, you can choose high-quality carpet tiles that can be adjusted to fit any shape and allow you to replace individual sections when necessary.

However, carpet also allows you to choose the color scheme and style that you want for specific rooms. The right color and style of carpet can warm a room or make it feel larger and cooler.

Of course, while the carpet should display your preferences, you’ll want to keep up-to-date with the latest carpet trends. This will ensure your home looks aesthetically pleasing, modern, and still comfortable.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Carpet tiles have risen in prominence in recent years because they can be replaced individually. This makes them a more sustainable option. Spills and stains are bound to happen in a busy household, replacing a few carpet tiles are much easier than replacing the entire carpet!

But, sustainability is much more than being able to replace individual tiles. It also means using materials that are sustainable and don’t negatively contribute to the environment.

Recycled carpets, which are new carpets made from recycled materials, are proving to be very popular. You’ll also find sisal products that are made from a rope-like structure. It’s environmentally friendly and very durable.

Alternatively, Jute rugs are made from plant fibers and look great although not as durable as some carpet options.


The vintage option is always popular and continues to be so in 2021. The carpet or rug doesn’t have to be old. There are plenty of new carpets that look like the color has drained from them to create the antique look. It can help to create the right ambiance in any room.


A very modern trend is referred to as maximalism. This is where different colors are mixed together that shouldn’t traditionally work with each other. It’s a way to create a space that reflects your personality and outlook on life.

It can be difficult to get this trend right as it must be a balance between conflicting colors and a scheme that is still visually appealing.

Cut & Loop Carpets

These types of floor coverings use straight fibers and blend them with loop ones to create unique geometric effects. You’ll generally find these add variety, texture, and patterns to the room. Again, there needs to be a balance between how busy the carpet is and the surrounding space.

Bright & Bold

2021 is a year of hope as the global pandemic is hopefully beaten. This is reflected in the soft furnishings currently available. You’ll find bold and bright colors are in, allowing you to make a statement and tell the world what you think.

Of course, the bottom line with any carpet is to choose something that appeals to you and works in your home. That’s creating your own trends!