Carpet Trends: What Is the Best Carpet?


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Homeowners are constantly searching for the best new carpet trends.

For 2019, the best carpet options include everything from interesting textures to bold color patterns.

Are you looking for the best carpet to fit the style of your home? Updating your home this year to revamp the place before you

Keep reading this article to learn more about choosing the right carpeting to fit your home and busy lifestyle.

1. The Best Carpet: Waterproof

It’s finally here! The invention of waterproof carpet has arrived. Waterproof carpet will be your best bet if you have a household full of both animals and children.

Waterproof carpeting can be installed in all rooms of the home for an optimal experience. Yes, this flooring concept comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s a growing idea to install waterproof carpeting throughout your home. Want to learn more about this carpet idea? Be sure to research the topic online as it becomes more popular!

When more manufacturers jump on board with waterproof carpeting, then the price will ultimately become more affordable for all. This carpet protection system covers the fiber all the way to the back. The back has a commercial grand backing that prevents liquids from soaking through the carpet into the padding.

2. Blue and Gray Colored Carpets

As for color ideas, look for blue or gray as a possible carpet choice in your home.

Consider decorating your living room space with a dark blue carpet. While you keep the rest of your furniture in line with neutral tones, a dark blue carpet can bring a sense of serenity to the room.

Blues and grays were once overlooked as carpet choices. Most homeowners go with light beige or tan carpet colors, but why not make a statement with a darker cool-toned vibe?

While scrolling on Pinterest one can see how blue and gray make great carpet colors because they also easily hide dirt, too. Spend less time worrying about the state of your carpet with a darker touch of blue. Incorporate a vintage style with these colors by looking for a carpet with a mix of light and dark shades.

3. Black and White Plush

Thinking about upgrading your home to have a luxurious carpet? As soon as you step back into the house after a long day of work, what is a better feeling than squishing your toes between a plush carpet?

As for the colors of your plush carpet, black and white would be the perfect mix for a modern home. If your home currently includes a lot of marble pieces and crisp white walls, why not accompany the modern style you’ve created with black and white plush floors?

Plush floors are easy to install if you need to switch out your current flooring. The softness of a plush carpet cannot compete with any other fabric. Low-pile options are also great for easy cleaning. Choosing a plush carpet with a low-pile design will keep your home free of dust and pollen, too.

4. Ribbed Carpet

Have you seen the surge in ribbed carpeting? More homeowners are choosing this style of carpeting for their dining rooms these days.

In 2019, it’s now a huge trend to install ribbed carpeting in your home. Ribbed carpeting was very popular in office spaces, but now it’s slowly taking over in the home, too.

Although not as cozy as plush carpeting, ribbed carpeting will look impressive inside your home. If your goal is to make your house fresh and in-vogue, you should consider using ribbed carpeting to achieve the desired look.

5. Twisted Pile

Another one of the best carpet trends you’ll see in 2019 includes the twisted pile. Twisted pile carpeting has a rustic and textured appearance to it. This popular carpet choice is casual and fashionable.

Twist styles are more commonly found with families as they often hide evidence of footprints. Color ranges with twisted piles are also wide and varied. Depending on the colors in your home, you can choose either solid or heathered patterns.

These styles are insanely durable and will also last for years. The thought of replacing your carpet after a few years sounds incredibly expensive, too. Luckily, twist styles are also very cost-effective.

The high production of twisted pile means it will be a cheaper alternative than other plush carpeting.

A twisted pile simply never goes out of style, so if you are facing a difficult decision with narrowing down your options, it could be easier to choose twisted pile over anything else. If you are not interested in finding a trendy new carpet, then choose the twisted pile to eliminate any more complications.

6. Geometric Patterns

Want to take a step up from simply twisted pile carpeting and experiment with a new up and coming trend for 2019?

Why not try out the bold statement of stepping foot on geometric carpeting. Geometric patterns are continuing to gain popularity this year. The fun and colorful look of geometric patterns are striking, too.

Look online and do your homework on geometric patterns that are both eye-catching and coordinate with your current home decor. Instead of choosing a boring carpet, experiment with a geometric pattern to draw in a lot of attention.

Looking For More Tips on Making Your Home Sparkle?

These are by far the best carpet ideas in 2019. Whether you are moving into a new home or changing up the carpet of your current home for selling purposes, it’s always important to play around with the idea of mixing things up!

We hope these carpet options, from twisted pile to waterproof, inspire you to think about making the right carpet decision for your home.

Of course, carpet color and style varies from person to person. You need to consider the overall look and feel of your home before you decide on the carpet of your choice.

The performance of your carpet depends on the strand style and if you have any questions regarding the materials used to create a certain style, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you are in the market for switching up your bedding, be sure to explore our bedding options, too.

Carpet Trends for 2019