The Best Master Bedroom Bathroom Ideas For 2021

Master Bedroom Bathroom

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A master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is considered very desirable by most people. It’s not just that they are very practical, they are also a great way to relax and even enjoy some quality time as a couple, which can be difficult when you have children.

But, if you’re about to redesign or create a master bedroom toilet you’re going to need two things. The first is a great plumber Sydney to remove appliances, fit new, and ensure the plumbing system is working properly.

The second is a great idea to make your bathroom look fantastic. Here is some great inspiration to get you started.

Spa Facilities

The global pandemic limited access to spas and other health treatment facilities. Alongside this, people have frequently been trapped at home and need a release. This has led to a huge increase in spa facilities. This is a great trend for 2021, incorporate the facilities and feel of a spa and really get yourself pampered while in your en-suite.

Blend The Colors

White is no longer the most popular color for a bathroom. There is a large increase in the use of colored tiles and vibrant wallpaper. You’ll find many bathrooms in 2021 that have tropical wallpaper and bright, bold, tiles.

It’s an easy look to replicate and one that can make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world, every time you step into the bathroom.


It’s hardly surprising that the en-suite for the master bedroom is becoming more luxurious. It is a place to relax and unwind. The latest trends incorporate high-powered shower heads, rainfall showers, nooks and crannies for keeping things, and plenty of options to pamper yourself.

In short, you should feel like you’ve stepped into a high-class hotel.

The Fluted Finish

Fluted, or ribbed surfaces have never been so popular. They add a definition to the bathroom and create a unique style, especially when put with the right lighting. It will allow you to create bright areas, shadows, and an atmosphere that’s not normally possible in the bathroom.

You can even use vertical grooves on the glass shower doors to encourage light through while maintaining privacy.


Green is a natural color and you may not want to fill your bathroom with plants. After all, they need looking after! But, you can use green paint, tiles, or even the bathroom furniture to create the same calming, natural effect.

It’s a great way of bringing nature into your bathroom and helping you to relax.

Natural coloring also extends to bringing warm earth colors into your bathroom. These can be incorporated into the tiles and bathroom furniture, encouraging warmth in the bathroom.

Light It Up

Lighting is not a new trend but it will remain a popular option for 2021. The bathroom is the one place you pamper yourself and you need great light to ensure you make the most of the space and the time you have in your great en-suite bathroom.