How to Choose the Best Bed for Achieving a Modern Look?

How to Choose the Best Bed for Achieving a Modern Look?

Some people think that any kind of bed which is expensive and also and the seller of which claims to have a modern look can give them comfort also. However, this is a misconception.

There is so much you need to do to find a bed that is modern and comfy at the same time. It must not affect your health and should also revamp the design of your entire bedroom with its unique design. Follow the guide given below and find out how you can find a suitable bed.

Consult the Designer

Sometimes, you can’t choose the right bed unless you talk to the designer. The designers generally do the planning work and they know which look of the bed can go with the style and design of the room. If they give you multiple options, you can choose the one with your basic insight and wisdom. If you need to get an idea at house plans designed with Hotondo Homes.

Consider the Size

Gone are the days when furniture would come in standard size and we would only choose the style of the bed frame and the height of the bed. These days, you have to consider the size of your room and then choose the bed.

The size of the bed should be such that it allows you to walk through the furniture in the room. Don’t forget to consider the size of other furniture items also.

Make Sure It Relates to the Bedroom Theme

All the modern bedrooms follow a particular theme. To maintain a modern look, it is important to ensure that every type of furniture, paint color, décor coincide with the theme of the room. The same principle applies to beds. The bed should match the overall design of the room.

Even if you have chosen a classical look for the bedroom as a modern trend, always add beds of the same style. To give a boost to the architect, pair the bed with attractive side tables and other decor.

Consider the Material of the Bed

Different materials are used to make beds. You can find wooden, steel, or bamboo-made beds among furniture brands at Interiorbeat. None of these materials look old-fashioned or modern. It depends on how and where you try to put them.

If there is minimal wooden work in the bedroom and more glasswork, you can go with the wooden bed. Beds made with stainless steel are also coming in trend because of the great variety of designs and styles they provide. They are also relatively cheaper than other beds.

Look at the Height

Beds with low heights are too trendy these days. However, they look good only if you have other furniture in the bedroom coinciding with the same theme and design. A low bed among the tall furniture will not look good.

Best Fall Bedroom Decorating Trends

Best Fall Bedroom Decorating Trends

Decorating trends change season to season, still, there are certain things that never go out of style. Your bedroom can look beautiful in the fall. Think about choosing to bring seasonal colors into your personal space, and create a totally different look inspired by the season.

That way, you will make your bedroom more natural and inviting. There are plenty of other great fall trends that you can incorporate. Most people start decorating in September but you can do it whenever you feel comfortable.

Still, if you don’t know where to begin, here is a list of the best fall bedroom decorating trends:

1. Pile Up on Blankets and Pillows

Blankets and pillows are a great way to freshen up your space and add a fall feeling to your bedroom. Your room will feel warmer and it will look cozier. Also, fall is always better when you can snuggle under a warm blanket, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and watch a movie.

They will add volume and texture to your bed making it look comfortable. You can choose fluffy pillows or furry blankets. Incorporate fresh fall details into your current space to enhance the season vibe.

2. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are an amazing fall trend. They can be decorated to your style and you can design them to be directly customized for your room. You can just go for regular orange pumpkins, do faces on them or even paint flowers or details that match your bedroom style.

You can even use mini pumpkin decor, carve them, and add candles inside. That will add a visual fall touch, while the candles can be scented and add fall smells to the ambient.

3. Autumn Palette Colors

One of the best home advice for fall decorations is adding the season colors into your bedroom. Autumn has beautiful yellow and orange tones, burgundy colors and chestnut tones. It’s a season with vibrant vivid colors that will brighten up your space.

Find inspiration in the nature around you and incorporate the colors into your bedroom. The previously mentioned pillows and blankets can also be in the autumn tones to add to the atmosphere.

4. Soften Your Lighting

For a better fall vibe, we suggest softening your lighting. You can add dim lights that are soft and that will be in the season style. You can think about adding soft lanterns or even buying lights similar to Christmas one and adding them to your walls for a nice warm feeling in the room.

Use light bulbs that are warmer and try to have them under 40 wats. That will make a better ambience while also being more eco-friendly.

5. Wooden Details

Wooden details are a great way to bring autumn into your bedroom. You can add wooden storage, change your headboard into a wooden one or just add wooden decorations.

If you can, use reclaimed wood since it’s better for the environment and it also looks amazing. It will add a rustic touch to the room, making it appealing and inviting.

6. Hang a Wreath

Wreaths are a great autumn decoration. They are eye-catching and will be an amazing centerpiece of your bedroom. They come in various shapes and sizes. Wreaths are usually made of autumn colorful leaves, pumpkin and corn details, different berries, acorns, etc.

You can hang them on walls, doors or put them on your table as a decoration. They will transform your space. You can buy done wraths or turn up your sleeves and do a DIY project.

7. Seasonal Paintings and Wall Art

Adding paintings or any other wall art can really make a huge difference and make your bedroom interesting and fun. You can also do DIY’s for the wall art, gather colorful leaves and plants and put them in a frame.

Of course, you can always purchase paintings that are already done. Consider fall tones for them to create a perfect autumn feeling in the room.

8. Scented Candles

They are perfect for autumn decorations. They will add up to the ambience with dim lights and they will be a great light detail of the room.

Buy scented candles, smelling like cinnamon or roasted chestnuts. Your bedroom will be a cozy autumn sanctuary.

Guide to Choosing the Right Air Mattress for Your Money

Guide to Choosing the Right Air Mattress for Your Money

An air mattress can be handy for last-minute overnight guests, camping, or sleepovers. It offers additional comfort, support, and convenience than traditional mattresses. Along with working as an extra bed, air mattresses are suitable for communal living situations and tight places.

Well, air mattresses are available in various types, shapes, and qualities. Since there are several types of mattresses, choose the one that’s right for you, depending on where you’ll use it and what features you need. Choosing the right one can be the key to assure a sound night’s sleep. So, if looking for a complete guideline on purchasing a perfect air mattress, follow this article.

What Makes Air Mattresses So Popular?

Air Mattress is also known as an inflatable mattress that is basically made of plastic, vinyl, or rubber fabric. This mattress is not like an innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress, and any other regular mattress. It requires air as a means of support, which will offer different levels of comfort.

Air beds are fixable enough, and they’ll let you pack them down when you’re not using them. This bed can be made in different ways, and the air bed can be inflated or deflated. Due to air mattresses, easy maintenance, and versatile usability, it’s mostly used for camp-related activities.

When it’s about exotic trips, most people go for sub-tracks because it works as a tiny home for campers. If you also have a suv and are preparing for a trip, an air mattress can be your best friend. Taking air mattresses for car suv truck bed camping can probably be the only best thing that you’ll never regret later. It’s easy to use, weightless, doesn’t take lots of space, and provides a bigger and comfortable sleeping space.

Guide to Choosing the Right Air Mattress for Your Money

Whether you’re buying an air mattress for casual or regular use or a trip, you cannot just pick a random one. To enjoy the advantages to the fullest, you must have to review many things. You have to consider things like body weight, budget, mattress comfort layers, pressure relief system, etc. Here we’re presenting these and other factors elaborately, have a look:

1. Types

When it’s about choosing an air mattress, the first thing you have to give attention to is the type. You’ll find different air or blow-up matters; all of them offer different types of features, advantages, and disadvantages. Here are some different types of air mattresses:

  • Raised Mattress – This type of mattress pretty much looks like a conventional mattress, and they are easy to carry. A raised bed is primarily useful to sit on uneven surfaces or the ground.
  • Convertible Air Mattress – Convertible air mattresses can work for you like a piece of furniture. This blow-up mattress will offer more comfort when you use it for sitting rather than lying down.
  • Self-Inflatable Air Mattress – Self-inflatable air mattress can be useful for all types of action. You can use it for both sitting and sleeping, and you can use it at home and for camping too.

2. Size

The second thing you have to consider is the size of the air mattress. You’ll find air mattresses from twin size to king-size. What will be the ideal mattress size for you completely depends on where you’ll use and why you’ll use it. Here we’re going to show the size of all types of air mattresses through a table.

Name Length Width Height
Twin Size 75 38 7-25
Twin XL Size 80 38 7-25
Full Size 74 54 7-25
Queen Size 80 60 7-25
King Size 80 76 7-25
California King Size 84 72 10-25

We’ve outlined all types of air mattresses with their length, width, and height. Now you have to choose the best budget mattress depending on your usability needs.

3. Material Quality

Material quality is another crucial thing you have to consider while getting an air mattress. Choose a mattress made with PVC and supportive interior components like air coils and chambers. An air mattress with memory foam or a softer velveteen topper can ensure a super comfortable sleeping experience. Also, make sure the mattress is made with waterproof material, so it can endure outdoor activities.

4. Pumping System

When it’s about air mattresses, the pumping system is an essential thing you need to be concerned about. Getting a mattress with a built-in pump system is the first recommendation. You can get an air bed with a built-in foot or electric pump system. When you want to get an air mattress with self-inflating, pumping will make your inflating and deflating effortless.

5. Sleeping Convenience

Sleeping convenience is directly related to comfort level, and comfortness is related to thickness. Using a thicker air mattress will significantly help to make your sleep more comfortable than sleeping on a thinner one. A thinner air bed will interrupt your sleep by creating squeaking sounds. Therefore, while buying an air mattress, try to get a thicker one with a topper to ensure sound sleep.

6. Weight Support

If you are about to purchase an air mattress, you have to consider the weight support system. A good air bed should distribute your weight and provide you comfortable support. If you want to know how much weight an air mattress holds, it can be up to 300 lbs. Always check the weight support of an air bed before getting one.

7. Air Holding Ability

When you buy any regular mattress, there is no need to worry about whether the bed holds you up overnight or not. But when it’s about an air mattress, you must consider the air holding ability. The air will lift you from the ground, so the air-holding ability needs to be durable enough to withstand any challenging situation. When you are living or going camping in cold weather, you need to ensure the bed will hold air as much as possible.

8. Pet Considerations

You have to consider many things if you’re a pet lover and want to keep the pet with you while sleeping on an air bed. Most of the pets (cat and dog) have strong and sharp teeth and claws which can damage the mattress. So you have to choose an air bed made with a solid material which can withstand pets’ teeth and claws’ stuff. You’ll also find air mattresses specially made for pets with high-quality materials and a proper comfort system.

9. Warranty / Customer Service

Since most of the air mattresses are worth repairing, you also need to contemplate the warranty or customer service as well. Therefore, give your attention to the warranty and also the reputation for providing customer service. Although, you will not find a warranty facility in every air mattress. Most of the time the warranty facility is attached to mattresses that are high-priced.

10. Other Features and Price

You can get an air mattress with many additional features. You will find features like LED light at the bottom or edges, USB ports, and even a sensor. These features may not be essential to have on an air bed, but they can be useful, and they will cost you more than usual.

At last, an essential thing you have to consider while purchasing an air bed is the price. The ideal air bed price range should be $50 to over $450. However, getting an air bed based on your personal preferences would be the best option.

Final Thought

Choosing the right air mattress is not easy as counting numbers. The type of air bed you choose will significantly impact your sleep needs and comfort preferences. Therefore, considering the facts like size, shape, materials, pumping, weight is the must-do thing.

Considering the facts we’ve mentioned will be the key to making a choice you’ll be happy with. We’ve tried to include the facts or purposes that will meet everyone’s desires and needs. Last but not least, always determine your own purpose and also set a budget that will fit your pocket.

Should You Buy A Polyfoam Mattress

Should You Buy A Polyfoam Mattress

Getting a restful sleep is vital to your overall health.  Not getting enough shut eye has been linked to decreased brain function, weight gain, and even an increase in cancer risk according to the National Sleep Foundation.

But how many of us toss and turn, even a few nights a week, unable to get a full night’s sleep in our own beds?  If you’re struggling to achieve that elusive 8 hour sleep, your mattress just might be the culprit.

What Is a Polyfoam Mattress?

Polyurethane foam was first developed in 1937, prized for its softness and flexibility.  It was initially used in everything from couch cushions to footwear, providing a supple support.  It was incorporated into innerspring mattresses in the 1950s to add a comfortable layer.  NASA further developed polyfoam, and in 1966 sent memory foam mattresses into space.

Polyfoam is now the most common (and least expensive!) type of mattress on the market.  These mattresses form-fit the body’s shape, and relieve pressure points while providing an overall level of support.

What Are the Benefits to Polyfoam Mattresses?

A polyfoam mattress can be extremely beneficial for those who are having trouble getting a full night’s sleep.

Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress, polyfoam mattresses do not squeak when someone shifts their weight as they sleep.  This means that light sleepers wont’ be awoken by their partner throughout the night.  They also provide much better motion transfer, reducing any jostling that may result from a partner’s movements.  These mattresses are hypoallergenic, comfortable, and extremely affordable.

Preventing Back Pain

Over 65 million people in the United States report suffering from acute or chronic back pain, according to the Health Policy Institute.  People with back pain are more likely to be depressed or frustrated, to the point where it interferes with their lives.

Where a polyfoam mattress really shines is its ability to relieve pressure points, and promote a healthy spinal alignment.  It alleviates pressure on the spine, giving your body the support it needs without putting undue stress on painful points.

What Type of Mattress Should I Buy?

If you’re having a hard time sleeping, or are just looking for an affordable mattress option, a polyfoam mattress will be the best solution.  These mattresses offer a variety of thickness options, can be custom cut outside of standard mattress sizes, and can even be used as a mattress topper over an existing coil mattress.

Overall if you’re searching for a comfortable and supportive solution, without the squeak and shift of a coil mattress, that won’t break the bank – a polyurethane foam mattress is right for you.

Tips for the Small Bedroom

Tips for the Small Bedroom

The small footage of the bedroom is not a drawback at all. On the contrary, you can easily turn a small room into a comfortable and stylish bedroom. Don’t know how? Check the article below.

All small bedrooms are different: they may differ in the shape of the room, in the height of the ceilings, the location of the door and the size of the window. But in this article, for each of them, there is a suitable tip that will help you turn a small room into a cozy and beautiful space.

1. Colors for the Bedroom – Tenderness and Lightness

We are all familiar with a simple but effective technique for visually enlarging rooms – for this you just need to paint the walls white. But if you want more color in the bedroom, then it is better to opt for pastel shades: this way the room will also look lighter and more spacious.

2. Floors: Lay Diagonally

It is better to take this point into consideration at the design stage. In a small bedroom, the floor should be light, just like the walls. Choose parquet or laminate in light shades. A life hack: for a small bedroom, choose a small parquet board and lay it diagonally: this will visually make the room larger.

3. Furniture That Does Not Weigh Down the Interior

For furniture in a small bedroom, the same rule applies as it is for walls and floors: it should not be dark. Another important condition is to choose items with thin legs and without excessive décor. Transparent or mirrored furniture is also ideal.

And don’t worry: you don’t have to give up bulky furniture, just do not add too much of it! It is better to give up two small chairs in favor of one large one, and not take up space with small items like coffee tables. You can check Nyfurnitureoutlets for the most exquisite modern options that will turn your bedroom into a small piece of heaven.

4. Mirrors – Extra Light and Space

Discard prejudices and add mirrors to the bedroom interior – they will make the room not only larger, but also brighter, especially if you hang them in front of the window.

Large mirrored wardrobe doors are a good solution. But if this option seems too extreme to you, you can get by with a few small mirrors – any model will do, except mirrors in massive frames.

5. Storage: Looking For an Alternative to Wardrobe

A wardrobe is not the only way to organize storage space. Opt for pieces of furniture with a storage function: it can be a bed, an ottoman or a pouf.

Another interesting solution is the podium bed. As it has built-in drawers they can be very convenient to store off-season items and bedding.

6. Adding More Light to a Small Bedroom

Take lighting in a small bedroom seriously. Remember that three levels of lighting – upper (ceiling lamp), middle (spot lighting, sconces and table lamps) and floor (floor lamps) – should not be turned on at the same time in order to maintain an atmosphere of softness and comfort in the room.

Do not forget about natural light, it should also be enough. Tip: do not use blackout curtains in your bedroom. But curtains made of light translucent fabric will diffuse light and make the room spacious and bright.

7. Don’t Forget the Door

In the design of a small bedroom, always pay attention to the door. An excellent solution is to make the doors match the flooring, but the door painted in the color of the walls looks no worse.

If in doubt, white doors are a safe bet: they will look harmonious in any interior. By the way, to save space, install a sliding door and hide the mechanism in the wall.

8. A Solution With Stripes

If your bedroom has too low ceilings, nothing will lift them better than vertical stripes on the walls. Horizontal stripes will help make the room longer. And you don’t have to live in a completely striped room, it would be madness – you only need to use one wall to achieve the desired effect.

9. Décor of a Small Bedroom – A Choice in Favor of Moderation

When decorating a small bedroom, don’t overdo it. Your motto is “less is great.” After all, the more details and small items are in the bedroom, the worse it will look. The ideal solution is to put all accessories in decorative boxes or containers.

10. Bed Linen Is Also a Décor

Don’t leave the choice of bedding for later – this is just as important a part of the bedroom décor as mirrors or lamps. Now in stores, you can find bedding of a variety of colors, textures and materials, but if you are lost in this variety, then trust the classics – white bedding suits any interior.

Tips for the Small Bedroom

Expert Opinion

Should there be appliances in the bedroom? There are many debates on this topic among both users and experts of all kinds. Psychologists often do not recommend having a TV in your bedroom. But everything is cool in moderation as we paraphrase a common quote. If it makes your life more comfortable, then why not. How to make a room modern and comfortable enough to rest, we will tell you together with our tech experts.

1. Not a Boring Evening

Good old movies, favorite romantic comedies or new TV shows are a great way to switch from everyday worries and “unload your head” before bed. Just connect an interactive TV, select a movie on one of the hundreds of channels available today or in the Video on Demand video library and enjoy watching in excellent quality.

2. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

A regular TV in the bedroom is nice, but this does not sound very modern. The TV box will squeeze much more out of your equipment and turn it into a real multimedia entertainment center. The TV will not only broadcast TV programs but will also allow you to watch your own favorite photos and videos on a wide screen or listen to your favorite music with clear and spacious sound.

3. With a Tablet in Hand

If you are the type of person who likes to lie in bed with a tablet or smartphone before going to bed to check your friend’s feed, surf the sites or watch new music videos, you can not live without Home Internet. This is a guaranteed super speed not only on the computer, but also on all wireless devices over Wi-Fi.

What’s important: wires always spoil the interior of the bedroom. It is best to prepare for connecting digital television and home Internet at the renovation stage: provide a place for an optical Wi-Fi modem with a 220 V outlet and lay a hidden UTP cat5 cable from it to the TV. What to do if the renovation was finished? The TV can be connected to your home Internet network via a PLC adapter.

Note! However, we have been talking about decorating a bedroom for adults, because it is actually highly not recommended to install a TV in a kids bedroom. Children who have a television in their room spend less time sleeping while having a strict sleeping schedule is very important for a growing human. Too many distractions in the bedroom can mean greater problems for children. It stands to reason that most parents are not fully aware of the consequences so it is always useful to learn more on the topic before making a final decision.

Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips for a Small Bedroom with Style

Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips for a Small Bedroom with Style

Buying, arranging, and giving a distinctive appearance to your room with the latest items are rejuvenating. You become cautious when the price factor needs careful consideration. Today it is very convenient to head to a furniture store or shop online. But few queries will need your attention to buy the furniture as per your needs.

Consider the following eight factors before visiting a physical or online bedroom furniture store.

1. Who Is the Primary Occupant?

Will you be investing in the latest furniture for yourself, or for a young adult, or for a child’s room? The primary occupant’s personality needs consideration. The room needs design, color, theme, and furnishing choice that compliments the room occupant. These are the essential elements for initiating a decorating style.

2. Determining a Decorating Style

You can choose between traditional and contemporary for designing your bedroom in style. Both of these have different offshoots.

If you opt for everything contemporary, the mindset should be to revamp your furniture in the bedroom at least once every ten years. Contemporary is very dynamic because of which you will have to go with the current trend.

It is also known as modern. The approach might change in the future. But it carries few known components that stand unchanged- it’s generally sleek, modular, and clutter-free.

The traditional style gives a classier look. This appearance includes components from a four-poster bed with finials, curvaceous posts, and a few ornamentations to a French provincial bloomy wall covering.

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to only one style, you should get it designed to have a transitional outlook. This mindset will allow you to choose a design between modern and traditional.

3. Know Your Budget

Investment in furniture is expensive, so you will have to visit several showrooms and websites to check affordability. You can choose from various options if your dreams and bank balance do not match.

  • Buying in Parts – Start buying furniture in pieces in case of a low budget. For the bedroom, it is good to give importance to the bed initially. The rest of the furniture items you should buy once it is affordable.
  • Plan for Economical Furniture  As per the bedroom occupant for guest or kid’s room, lower quality furniture will prove best. Usually, a kid’s room demands a redecoration once they reach the school-age. Well-known online stores are best for less expensive furniture. In place of solid oak woods, they use particleboards which are suitable for nursery furniture.
  • Used furniture – There are many options in the stores and online where second-hand furniture is available in good conditions.

4. Considering Quality

The best quality furniture will be worth buying for your main bedroom. You will be spending a good amount of your time in the bedroom. Hence it is good to shell out more to get a best-in-class mattress. The quality mattress will give your body support for a peaceful sleep which is a must.

It is wise to spend less on the bed end bench, headboard or lampstand.

5. Knowing Your Bedroom Size

The size of the furniture is dependent upon space in your bedroom which needs a proper balance. Size of bedroom furniture is a vital feature that you should consider for a good interior of the room.

When you visit a showroom, visualize your bedroom while looking at the furniture pieces and make a proper judgment.

The furniture should easily cross the doorway, and so the dimension of it needs attention. You would not consider spending on a piece of customized furniture item that is difficult to go in your room.

6. What Is Your Requirement?

You might be thinking of changing the complete furniture of your bedroom with new ones or maybe going for some new pieces. Whatever the case may be, it requires initial planning of what is your actual requirement.

night lamp is required when you share your bed with your partner. Consider a bed that does not have a footboard when you and your partner are tall enough to have a cramp less sleep. Go in for a dresser with enough drawer space to keep all your clothes and other kinds of stuff.

Your lifestyle also needs consideration. Possibly you would like to have your complete family be on one bed on Sunday mornings. Or if you make your kids sleep with you on the bed. Many of you love your pets on the bed. The bed size should be big enough to accommodate everyone who uses it regularly.

7. Would You Like to Go For a Matched Set?

Though it is nice to go in for the matched set option for your bedroom, it is not a requirement every time. If you opt for a formal or traditional style, then the match sets give a great look. In the case of a casual approach for your bedroom, matched sets may look monotonous and stifling. In place of every piece matching with perfection, you should consider pieces that complement each other.

8. Sharing of the Room

When a room is in use between couples and siblings, items that need sharing must be known. How comfortable are siblings in sharing the bunk bed? How about a toy box or a study table? Analyze the size of the room and make a list of possible configurations in the room.

Final Say on Bedroom Furniture Buying

When you enter your bedroom after a hard day of work, all you want is to relax and revitalize yourself. The furniture items placed inside your bedroom give you the best feeling. Hence it is required to design your room as per your likes and comforts.

The design of your bedroom needs proper planning before the execution. It will help you out in budget planning for the expenses required. You will have to freeze on the size of the furniture pieces so that it fits your room. The appropriate size of the furniture gives an overall good look to your room.