What Are the Best Ways to Clean Composite Decking

Clean Composite Decking

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The use of composite decking has witnessed a surge in popularity. This is because it is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. With a composite deck, you will get to spend less on elongating its lifespan and general maintenance and spend more time basking in its beauty and pleasantness. While it is a fact that composite decking is the most low-maintenance decking option, you will have to clean it from time to time. This article will show you ways to care for your composite deck board, such as scrubbing and wiping dirt away with soapy water. You’ll also learn how to get rid of debris and remains like oil stains, decay, scratches, and rot.

How Composite Decking Encourage Easy Cleaning and Low Maintenance

You do not need to paint or stain a composite deck, unlike wood decking. Another advantage of the composite deck is that you won’t find any undergrowth of weed peeking through gaps like paving slabs. This is because the composite joist, which serves as the structural base, elevates, supports the deck, and creates a space between the ground beneath and your deck board.

Unlike timber decking, composite decking doesn’t require any painting or staining like timber decking. Thanks to the height created by the composite joists that form the underlying foundation, you won’t find weeds emerging through the cracks as you would with paving slabs. In addition to that, it is exceedingly easy to clean composite deck boards.

Composite deck boards are produced to have similar patterns, texture, design, and appearance as the timber decking. Also, it is durable and is a sustainable solution compared to the high-maintenance problems of timbre wood.

Furthermore, composite decks have stain and mildew-resistant coating. This means removing dirt and stain is simple because just soapy water is needed to keep them looking good as new. This differs from timbre wood decking, which is known for absorbing stubborn stains, making it difficult to clean off.

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How Best Do I Clean My Composite Deck?

Fortunately, cleaning your composite deck does not require the use of any sophisticated equipment. You most likely have the tools required to clean it properly.

  • A dishwashing liquid or soapy water
  • A broom
  • A bucket filled with warm water
  • A plastic broom

If you have gathered all of these things, you can clean your deck by following these easy steps below:

  • Take away all outdoor decorative items, as well as accessories and furniture. Doing this will reduce the likelihood of damages or interference while cleaning your deck.
  • Clear any dirt and pieces of rubbish from the floor by sweeping it with a plastic broom. Ensure that there are no specks of dirt on the deck before the application of water.
  • To create a soapy water solution, add some drops of the dishwashing liquid to the bucket filled with warm water. Concentration should be the same as the quantity you would use to wash dishes in a sink.
  • Fill the bucket halfway with water and insert the broom head in it. Use the soap/water solution to scrub the entire surface. Using gentle or light pressure, clean the grooves and remove stubborn stains and filth.
  • As soon as you are done gently scrubbing your deck, remove any remaining soap suds and grime by rinsing with water.

This method will keep your deck tidy and free of dirt! Replace the outdoor accessories and furniture as soon as the floor dries.

Can I Clean My Composite Decking With Bleach?

No! The corrosiveness of bleach is especially high. This can cause damage to composite decks. It is also a bad idea to use bleach for mold removal. The reason is that bleach works well on surfaces that are non-porous (despite this, it will remove the protective covering on a capped composite or PVC decking), but it is ineffective on surfaces that are porous (especially uncapped composite deck boards).

Using a composite decking cleaner is a more effective solution. This type of product is designed to safely and remove dirt from your decking without causing damage to it. You can find various brands of composite decking cleaner in various e-commerce stores and DIY stores in the UK. They are affordable and cost less than £50. Nonetheless, a word of caution: Do not use bleach in your composite decking cleaning formula for whatever reason. The consequences could be disastrous.