4 Essential Tips On How to Pick the Best Composite Decking

best composite decking

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Barbecuing with friends. Listening to the birds.

Sitting in the sun and enjoying the breeze. These are only some of the best parts of having a deck, and they can all be yours when you build a deck to the backyard.

But choosing materials for a big project like that can be overwhelming, without a direction to go. When you use composite decking, the maintenance is much easier than real wood. Here are 4 tips for choosing the best composite decking to use in your building project.

1. Materials

Decks made from wood or plastic have different purposes. If a wood look is very important to you, then you’ll want to use composite wood. There’s a lot less time involved in caring for this versus real wood.

High-density polyethylene or HDPE decking, along with PVC decking, are made of plastic. Composite wood decking has both plastic fibers along with wood fibers. Most of it has plastic around the entire outside, so that mold has a hard time finding a spot to grow.

It’s easier to wash, too. There are even special cleaners like Expert Chemical to help you clean and take care of the deck and keep the mold away longer.

Beautify your home with a new deck made of composite wood, and get the wood look without all the work of staining.

2. Heat Factor

Darker colors can heat up fast, and you want to make sure it’s not too hot on your feet in the summer so you can enjoy your time outside (something more Americans do every year with patios and porches).

Get samples of the decking you’re considering. Put them outside in a place that gets the same amount of sun your deck will. Check them at the end of the day and see if they’re too hot to touch.

If they’re too hot, think about a lighter color that won’t absorb as much heat.

3. Weight of the Material

Some composite decking boards are solid all the way through. They have fillers like rice hulls. These are heavier, so you may need to double check that the supports and building plans will be safe.

Other boards come hollow, so the weight isn’t as much of a factor. Before you decide on a color, ask about hollow and solid brands of decking so you can consider the best of both.

4. Fitting In with Your Yard

Adding a big feature like a deck makes a considerable change to the look of the house and yard. Make sure that you look at sketches beforehand so that you know how the addition will fit with the existing plants and structures.

You can even add outdoor lighting to change the look of your landscaping and spruce up your new deck.

Choosing the Best Composite Decking

If you’re ready to give your family a special space for outdoor entertaining, then you’ll want to choose the best composite decking for the project. Look at the material, the heat, the weight, and how well it fits into the rest of the landscape before you make a final decision.

You’ll love the easy care and cleanup composite decking provides.

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