7 Cleaning Tips From The Experts

Cleaning Tips

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When it is time to roll your sleeves up for deep cleaning, discovering where to begin can be the hardest part. If you live a busy life, finding the time to do these tasks is a challenge, so ICE Cleaning’s experts are here to give you seven tips to get started.

ICE Cleaning’s professional cleaning services involve contract cleaning for domestic properties. If you are struggling to find time to clean, its expert technicians can step in and begin work immediately. They are available nationwide and could start cleaning at your earliest convenience.

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ICE Cleaning’s Top Cleaning Tips

Before you start, you must have the necessary cleaning equipment and solutions to thoroughly clean the area. ICE Cleaning’s experts recommend that you use eco-friendly products to reduce waste and chemical use and replace any broken cleaning tools where needed.

1. Create a Schedule

It is beneficial to create a cleaning schedule or rota for yourself and other household members if you struggle to find time to clean in your busy life. This can also help you prepare for tasks in the future, ensuring your cleaning products are well-stocked and ready.

2. Declutter, Divide, and Donate

If you have old toys that your children no longer use or knick-knacks that take up space, it may be time to declutter your home. Sorting through things you no longer need can be cathartic, and donating old goods to charity shops or donation bins reduces waste.

3. Laundry Done Effectively

Drying your clothes indoors on a clothes horse can seem like the best solution for the winter, but this allows humidity and moisture to grow in your home. You must dry your clothes either outside or in a tumble dryer to reduce the likelihood of mould growth.

4. New Sheets, Every Week

Experts at ICE Cleaning recommend that you change your bedsheets once a week. The human body produces oils, sheds skin, and detaches loose hair. When this accumulates in your bed, it can attract dust mites and dust that irritates your skin and throat.

5. Let the Fresh Air In

You should open your windows and doors often to let fresh air inside. When air circulates throughout your home, it removes dust, mould spores, and allergens that could be causing the air to become polluted.

6. Free up Space in the Wardrobe

If you declutter wardrobes and cupboards, you increase air circulation and prevent mould growth. Keeping your clothes storage clean can help you spot any moths or dust mites that may be gathering on old clothes. The free space also allows for new products and clothing in the future.

7. Appliances Need Spring Cleaning Too

Dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers require cleaning a few times a year. These machines sometimes build up waste and moisture that need cleaning, as this can prevent sewage backups and mould growth.

ICE Cleaning Can Attend to Your Cleaning Needs

Sometimes, cleaning tips only do half the job, especially if you live a busy life. If you are considering hiring a contract cleaner, let ICE Cleaning’s professional technicians step in. Its expert cleaners are flexible and open for contracts nationwide, 365 days a year.

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