Decorate Your Home with Dark Walls for Vintage Style

Dark Walls

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When you think of decorating, what colors come to mind? Many people are moving away from the traditional white walls and beige carpets to find a more personal style. For many people, it’s bright and cheery colors like yellow and blue. But there is a trend in interior design growing in popularity over the past few years: dark walls.

This is why you might see dark paint on your walls or even hardwood floors that have been stained in colors like ebony, burnt umber, or barn red. These new trends are great for anyone looking to create a vintage-inspired home with old-world charm.

Dark walls give your home a vintage feel without having to resort to old furniture or clutter. If you’re thinking about redecorating for fall, maybe it’s time to consider ditching all those flowers and pumpkins for deep browns and blacks! Here are some fabulous tips for decorating with dark walls:

Add Pillows and Rugs in Contrasting Colors

A great way to add a little contrast is with pillows, throws, or ziegler rugs! Add some bright colors into your space by using the same color palette as you would for an accent wall. This will give more of a vintage feel without covering up your dark walls. Use all the fabrics in light shade and fewer patterns for a balanced look. Also, the contrasting hues will make your space a combination of class and trend.

Add Some Vintage Items to Your Collection

Sometimes, the best way to give your space a vintage feel is by adding some authentic pieces. Look for items made with materials like wood or metal and use them as accents in your living room. You can also incorporate DIY projects into your design or make your floral wreath for the main door. As you add these items, make sure to keep the space clean. You want your home to be welcoming and not too cluttered with decorations that take up all floor or furniture spaces.

The Best Colors for Your Decorated Home

The best colors for a darker-themed wall in your home are warm colors. These include reds, oranges, and yellows that will accentuate the natural dark tones with darker walls. Purple is another great color choice if you are trying to incorporate more feminine touches into your design. It’s also important not to forget about black when thinking about decorating in this style because it’s a color that still goes with the dark theme. It also pairs up with many other colors easily.

Black and White Theme

If you want to go for a monochromatic look, black is also an option because it fits well with dark-themed walls. If your home has more of a retro feel, or you’re looking to create more of a vintage vibe in your home, then black and white is your first choice.

Black and Red Theme

An ideal way to bring more color into your dark-themed home is to use black with a pop of red. This can also be done in colors like purple, pink, or any other shades you’re drawn towards. It’s important not to neglect the background when pairing these two together because it will create an interesting and eye-catching effect.

Use a Lot of Natural Light

If you’re going for the moody, I’m-a-deadbeat vibe, then make sure to use plenty of artificial lighting! For those who want more sunlight in their home, try using mini blinds or roller shades to control natural light. Also, design the large windows in your home with natural light in mind.

Create Your Murals

This is a great way to use up any extra canvases you may have lying around and give an otherwise boring room some life! You could also opt for the technique if you want a quick fix on those ‘mural’ walls so popular these days. Also, a mural can turn an otherwise bare space into a work of art that will make any room feel more like home.

A Little Piece of Art in Every Room

Every room should have a piece of art – whether it’s an abstract painting, framed family photos, artistic Pakistani rugs, or something funky like a world map. It adds personality to the home and creates a conversation between guests. A little piece of art in every part of your home will make it like a statement home interior.

Decorate the Main Wall with Art and Paintings

The accent or main wall in your home is the soul of your home. A well-decorated main wall will make your home lively and chic. Paint the wall in dark color. Hang large, gallery-quality art on the wall and add accent colors such as flowers or pillows to tie in with your furniture.

Use Wallpaper for a Pop of Color

Wallpapers are not just for kids’ rooms anymore! You can even use wallpaper in an all-white room to give it some color and contrast against plain white walls. Also, for a temporary style, wallpapers are best to change the wall color for a vintage style. Opt for maroon or navy wallpapers with a slight texture and pattern. It is also a perfect idea for staircase and hallways.

Prioritize Your Style with Decorating

A great way to focus your style is through decorating. Whether it’s choosing a color palette for each room of the home and sticking with those colors throughout or adding small pieces of furniture that all match, the idea is to have a cohesive and consistent style. Also, mirrors and frames on the walls can give any room a sense of openness and make your space feel more expansive.

The key to keeping the style looking clean is not overcrowding it with furniture or patterns. The idea isn’t that you should have one chair, table, rug, vase – but rather three different pieces in each category, so they don’t blend.

Paint Your Furniture for Vintage Appeal

Dark colors such as navy blue, maroon, or turquoise are perfect for a vintage-style home. If you’re looking to create a more eclectic style, incorporating colors not typically associated with the dark color palette can give your place a retro feel without being too traditional or boring. Adding pink and yellow will make it look like an old diner from the 1950s; adding violet makes for something reminiscent of Alice in wonderland. Painting the furniture in one of those hues is a perfect way of bringing that vintage charm inside your home.

Summing Up

When you think of vintage style, do you automatically imagine a room with dark walls? If so, don’t be afraid to go ahead and paint your wall darker colors. Darker colors can help space feel cozier in many cases and provide an instant sense of nostalgia for those who grew up during that time period. If you opt for this theme, you may also like to consider adding colorful rugs or other furnishings into the mix because they will stand out against the backdrop. We hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you’re looking for more information about vintage-style rugs, traditional and colorful wool rugs, please visit the RugKnots website. There are plenty of beautiful designs and styles to choose from, and we know that we will have the perfect rug in your home or office!