Designer Tricks for Perfectly Styled Bedroom

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A bedroom, as one of the most important rooms in our house, has to be peaceful enough in order to provide us with the high-quality sleep and inspiring waking surrounding. We are spending a big amount of our daily time in there, from sleeping, reading and relaxing all the way to having a breakfast (in bed).

Ironically, our bedroom is the last room we would consider redecorating. Maybe it is because we don’t have other people in there that often, or we are just used to it. One thing is certain, you can’t let your bedroom to be out of style. Designers have decided to share some tricks with us on how to have that interior design magazine bedroom.

The bed design

Many people don’t know that even our beds can be completely redecorated. Here are some of the major stylish bed elements.


First of all, it gives your bed a structure. Second of all gives it a really aesthetic appeal. It will help your bed become the central piece of the room. Not to mention that headboards are also really usable if you want to sit comfortably and watch a TV or read a book.

Euro sham

Some people think of them as a waste of money, but in this case, it is a money well “wasted”. These are giving you the extra depth as well as layered look. And don’t forget the unwritten rule: a bed should have at least 3 layers.

Decorative pillows

As well as euro shams, they are also adding a lot of depth and a more luxurious appeal.  Besides that, they are also giving your bed texture, since you can find them in countless patterns and colors. The elements on your bed will look much more put together with the help of decorative pillows.

Flat sheet

If you want a curled good night sleep beside the luxurious appeal part, these are a must. Just by adding these few items on your bed, you will make your room look like you hired a professional interior designer. Rules are simple: if you prefer bold colors for the bed, stay neutral in this area since you can spice things up with colorful  pillows and duvet covers. If you are more into neutrals, then go crazy with patterns, since they only peep into the entire design.

Moody hues

If you got tired of bright and bold colors in your room, it is time for a soft update. Consider putting together a palette of night neutrals such as grey, blue and taupe shades. You won’t believe the stylishness and luxurious appeal you will achieve.

Rugs matter

You can never go wrong with a fuzzy area rug. They are adored by the designers because they have amazing transformative powers. If you want it to really make an impact, it should be placed under your bed horizontally, so the longer length is under your bed but one part is exposed proportionally on every side.

The antique dressing table

It may sound a little bit old-fashioned, but it will increase the glamorous appeal of your bedroom. Not to mention that it takes the smallest amount of space. Mirrors combined with metallic elements and monochrome details are really going to upgrade your morning rituals such as brushing hair, applying makeup etc.


This only goes for the people who are lucky enough to have a big bedroom. When you add super-sized elements in it, the whole room is going to look much bigger, but in the same time – cozy. Invest in super-sized accessories such as large lamps, huge bedhead, big beside tables and of course, the blanket box.

The last but not least, remember that, whatever you decide to do, your bedroom is supposed to reflect your personality. Keep it inviting and comfortable by picking up the pieces you like the best and that make you feel the best. Have fun while decorating and show us your ideas in the comment section.