Designing a Conservatory as a Splendid Year-Round Space

Designing a Conservatory

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For most people, the idea of a conservatory is a conventional sunroom that is only usable and functional in the summertime, so most homeowners are reluctant to build one as it seems like a poor investment. However, with the right attitude, creative ideas and tools, you can create a splendid conservatory that you can enjoy all year round, so it will be one of your greatest investment. Here are several ways you can achieve that goal.

1. Lighting

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Even with all the window panels that conservatories commonly have, you need to make sure you have sufficient light sources as well. Nothing looks worse than a single light bulb hanging from a ceiling. Getting your lighting is crucial as your conservatory is an extension of your living space and a great connection between the outdoors and indoors. They look fantastic in daylight, but when it starts getting dark, your additional lighting is what will make the place shine.

There are many options you can choose, from floor lamps, chandeliers, reading lamps and pendants, and by placing them strategically, you can brighten up the room and balance out the darkness.

2. Shading

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Designers’ number one tip for keeping your conservatory functional all year round is installing efficient shading that will help you maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature at all times. With the right type of shutters or blinds, you can keep the room bright and airy in spring and summer, and then smoothly transition into a cosy space in winter.

If you go with stylish vertical blinds that are designed to withstand harsh Australian weather, you’ll be able to reduce both heat loss and heat intake, while at the same time having a space that looks great and trendy.

3. The Natural Element

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Plants are an absolute must-have in any conservatory. They connect you with the outdoors and give your space a festive element even in cold and dreary winter months. It’s your number one design tool that will add a fresh look to your space and make it seem more welcoming and lived-in.

Adding plants to your conservatory is like giving it a finishing touch as it will give it vibrancy and airiness. Also, it’s almost impossible to go wrong here or even overdo it, so be generous with various types of succulents, rubber plants, ferns, ZZ plants or anything else that makes your heart dance.

4. The Right Furniture and Fabrics

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The final key element in keeping your conservatory a usable space all year round is the right furniture. Luckily, there are myriads of options on the market today, from wicker, rattan to more luxurious designs. You can easily find something that will give you the right combination of design, comfort, style and practicality.

Probably the most practical choice is a rattan set as it makes a perfect indoor and outdoor type of furniture which you can use in your conservatory during winter, and then easily move it out in the summertime.

Moreover, you need to consider an appropriate fabric that can withstand the effect of direct sunlight. Fortunately, texture, patterns and colours have improved much lately so you have a much wider choice than before.

5. Cold Months

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It might seem challenging to keep your conservatory warm and cosy during the cold winter months, but with the right choice of décor and appropriate heating system, you’ll have a space that’s comfortable even in low temperatures.

Speaking of the décor, Scandinavian hygge style is one of the best options as they have figured out how to keep warm in winter ages ago! Bring in loads of soft, fluffy cushions, snuggly blankets and throws, and any room will instantly seem warm and inviting, even if it’s pouring or snowing outside.

A string of fairy lights and a few flickering candles and your conservatory will be instantly transformed into a perfect little haven to curl up with warm tea and a good book. As for the floor, your best choice would be underfloor heating and a few area rugs that will also introduce more colour and texture to your space.

Building a conservatory is a great extension of your home that adds more value to your home, and with the tips listed here, you won’t have to settle for using it only one a season a year.

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