Go White and Save Some Green

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I like to switch things up often in my house and that includes redecorating my bedroom. I really should stop watching all those home shows on cable. But after a couple of times of doing this I realized that it’s starting to get expensive.

This time around, with spring in the air and wanting a new fresh look for my bedroom, I decided to go a different route in two ways – my approach to the overall room color scheme and the way I pay for things. 

First, I’ve decided that I’m going to use white as my base color. White sheets and pillow cases, a white duvet cover and lots of other white pieces. 

Because I have a dog, my friends think it’s crazy to have all white bedding. But hear me out. By having everything white I’m able to bleach all the bedding should there be an accident with the dog – like if he jumps on the bed with dirty paws. I’m also not worried about having multiple sets of the same colored sheets and finding that I need to replace those exact ones or worse if they’ve been discontinued. 

White goes with white. That means I can mix and match all the sheets and bedding and not worry about having a weird hodgepodge look.  It all goes together because it’s white. And it doesn’t matter if certain white items are textured or have a white-on-white pattern. Actually, that makes it look more interesting. It also gives me the feeling of being in a luxurious hotel suite.

This base of white allows me to spend less going forward because I’m using the white sheets for a longer period of time. And I can simply give the room a whole new update by adding a different color whenever I want. If I decide that yellow or lavender is my new color choice, I can get new colored shams, other decorative pillows, a new throw for the end of the bed and other accessories like lamp shades to complete the look.

The second change in the redecorating process is how I pay for everything. Instead of shelling out big bucks upfront to make this change, I’ve also opted to buy now and pay later. By going through ShopAbunda.com, I can find everything I need and split up the payments. Now I don’t have to pay at all once. 

The process is super simple. I also loved that the payment plans were easy to understand. There were no hidden fees and it didn’t mess up the checkout process. In fact it took less than a minute for me to check out. There was an option to select a plan that worked best for me (between 6 to 12 months). I love that doing this didn’t impact my credit score and making the monthly payments was easy.

So, with my new approach to redecorating and financing my passion, I’m guaranteed to have a stylish, comfortable, versatile bedroom that doesn’t hurt my wallet.