4 Home Décor Color Trends – You’ll Want to Know About

home decor color trends

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Did you know that you perceive time to move slower in a red room and faster in a blue room? Well, only if you’re a man… It’s because the color red ignites our primal fear response. Most of us are so used to seeing color that we overlook the impact it has on us, and how color trends reflect our collective consciousness.

So, what does color have to say this year? Here are the home décor color trends 2021.

Home Décor Color Trends 2021

Home décor color predictions are a small piece of a bigger picture. Colors are the response to the overarching feelings, attitudes, and styles affecting design.

Since 2020 put the world on pause, 2021 may be the year that the new roaring 20s really begin. Joy, hope, innovation, and a newfound post-pandemic carpe diem philosophy will usher in a new Renaissance of design.

Think of maximalism as the new minimalism. Individuality over functionality. Romantic and cutting-edge instead of mid-century modern.

1. Gray and Yellow

It’s impossible to write about what home décor colors are trending without mentioning Pantone. The color matching tastemaker chose two colors for its annual “color of the year.” They’re formally named “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating.”

Pantone usually chooses one “color of the year.” This year’s color combo is a “message of “strength and hopefulness” according to the color authority.

2. Warming

Most interior designers agree that an influx of warm color palettes will infiltrate homes in response to remote work-life. Shades and tones of “marigold” and “rust” will lead the warm-color pack.

So what are some other examples of “warm” colors? Think chestnut, warm woods, champagne, cinnamon, buttercream, pumpkin, and coral.

3. Grounded

Quarantine might be to blame for bringing the outdoors inside through color. One of the latest color trends is all about nature-made colors. Whether it’s through subtle accents, painted walls, or the use of patio furniture and outdoor materials indoors.

Expect to see blues inspired by all-types of natural waterways. Caribbean teals to glacier blues and midnight sky dark blues. Even patio landscaping ideas can be a good source of color inspiration.

What says nature more than blue? Try green. Greens of all intensities, from true hues to muted variations, get the point across. Evergreen, sage, mint, and olive are especially prominent.

4. Flower Bouquets

The last key home décor color trend of this year feels like a bright burst of flowers. Rose-colored pinks will graduate from the children’s room to the living room. But, this trend is less Barbie and princess and more dusty rose, peach, salmon, and peony.

But, flower power goes beyond pink. This trend also opts for pastel violets, greens, yellows, and creams. This is one of the more daring and complicated color concepts on this list.

Adding up to five colors together in one room can work. But, ensuring that the colors of the same intensity are the key to pulling it off. Along with a thoughtful balancing act.

Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to choosing the right home décor color trends 2021, knowing what’s right is based on feeling. The new decade is concerned less with neutrality and status quo and more about doing what feels great.

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