We are often scared to decorate our bedrooms that are smaller in size, fearing that we might make our bedrooms overcrowded as well as cramped. The right kind of decorations can not only make a smaller bedroom look prettier, but also make it feel more spacious. However, this is true that the wrong decorations can make a small bedroom look congested and make it appear even smaller. Today, we will help you prevent making that dreadful mistake, and instead provide you some useful and inspirational ideas through images that we’ve displayed in order to decorate a small bedroom so that it looks bigger than actual. So let’s have a look. 

Motifs on wall

Using pure white paint on small bedrooms wall. However, the modern outlook maximizes the potential of using color as far as it goes. An example is, a white wall with a pink motif bringing life to the otherwise plain bedroom, and the delicate yet expanding design of the motif provides space to the bedroom.

Emphasizing coziness

Small bedrooms are cozy so try and emphasize on the coziness of the room by adding wooden blinds or wooden lamps and keeping the color scheme earthy as you can see pictured here.

Mirror Trick

The mirror trick is one of the oldest method in modifying a smaller room to a bigger one yet most effective. For example, if large mirrors are framed with black outline, this way the room will stand out more and add more spacious effect.

Spotlights on the ceiling

Spotlights provides two great purposes of which one is for lighting up any area and secondly making it feel more spacious, especially smaller bedrooms and areas, and the best place to install them is on the ceiling.

Match the cupboard with the wall

Cupboards usually occupy a lot of space in small bedrooms, but you can apply optical illusion with a simple trick to compensate for space taken up by the cupboard, and that illusion is to simply match the cupboard with the wall to which the cupboard needs to be attached. Also, if your floor is darker, then cover it up with a white or light hued rug, or you can even install secluded lighting on your bed just in case to give the illusion of more space to the floor. 

Pastel colors

If you can’t bare the white walls, pastel colors are a great substitute for white walls for small bedrooms. Include a colorful curtain and a bright bedspread to bring more life into the room, use color techniques wisely so a little color won’t make your bedroom smaller.

Sheer white curtains

Using sheer white curtains instead of heavy drapes maximize your windows, as heavy drapes block natural light from entering the room, and this way your room looks smaller. You can also use sheer curtains in lighter shades and tints like pink or yellow color to give your room a glowing look. 

Emphasize just a piece of decoration

Small bedrooms are not that much spacious and doesn’t have extra space for decorations so it’s best to make use of the walls instead of putting decorative pieces on floor, but with caution. For example, you can cover one wall with a big, colorful painting and put a lightening fixture up in order to emphasize it in the bedroom, diverting attention from the space.