How To Style Winter Bedding

winter bedding

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Winter can be the most unstylish season of the year. Right from the way people dress outside and even in their houses. This is because everyone’s priority is to curb the cold even when they do not necessarily look stylish. However, you do not have to sleep in a boring bed. There are a lot of ways you can have your bed warm without losing style. For those people who do writing jobs from home, sleeping in can be very tempting during winter. Having a warm bed, therefore, becomes a priority for one to pull through the season and remain in good health. The following are tips on how to choose your winter bedding and style:

1. Keep Warm

Even though this is considered common sense, some people will want to neglect their really warm bedding especially if they do not appeal to their eyes. However, during winter, having a warm bed is not negotiable. Nowadays, you can get a variety of stylish and warm bedding to choose from. Some fluffy and others smooth but all the same warm. Go for what appeals to you but by all means, keep it warm.

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2. Retain White

Being a neutral colour, white has a way of blending in with multiple other colours. If you do not want to have all-white bedding, you can choose some with white stripes or prints. Again, white colour makes your bed look clean and bright. Blending white into your winter bedding will bring style and a sparkle into your bedroom to contrast the dull weather. Also, remember to incorporate warm colours like black, yellow and the others that fall into this category.

3. Try a Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are both beautiful and warm. They make a perfect accessory for your winter bed. Apart from cuddling them for warmth during the coldest of nights, you can always throw them over your bed to give it a warm cosy finishing. If you are doing proofreading jobs from home, you can use a throw blanket to support your back on the bed as you hide from the cold.

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4. Mix Colours

It is natural for individuals to have preferences when it comes to colours. However, when choosing winter bedding colours, it helps to mix them up. When carefully blended, different colours produce style and harmony. This is what you need after dealing with the gloomy weather outside. Also, when different colours complement each other, they bring a sense of warmth and a cuddle which is what you need in winter.

5. Layer Up

While a single bedsheet and a light blanket can do well in summer, a winter bed will require additional layers. This does not mean that you just thrown in more sheets and blankets in no particular order. You can do well to have two linen bed sheets first, then a pretty warm duvet of your choice to top it up. Depending on how bad it is, you can use as many sheets as you need but still avoid overheating which again becomes uncomfortable.

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6. Use Textures

It does not harm to get a little more artistic when making your winter bed. Incorporating different textures make your bed both stylish and warm. For your first and second layers, you can do smooth-textured bedsheets. Rough textures work well on the blankets and the bed cover to bring in the required warmth and beauty. Only be keen to choose textures that do not irritate the skin and make you uncomfortable.

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Final Remarks

Even though winter is more about the cold than style, following the above tips will give you both warmth and the comfort of style that you need for the season.