How Much Does It Cost to Have a Tree Removed?

average cost of tree removal

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President Trump announced he wanted to protect the environment by planting 60 billion new trees across the US by 2040. This amount of trees could help to remove 540 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Trees are undoubtedly great for the environment, however, sometimes they must be removed. Common reasons for tree removal included if the tree has died, if the tree has a disease, or if the roots are getting too big and ruining a building’s foundation.

Keep reading to find out what’s involved with tree removal and to see what the average cost of tree removal is.

Tree Removal: Everything You Need to Know

You might be able to cut down a tree yourself, providing that it’s legal for you to do so. (If you want to do it yourself be sure to check your local code enforcement office or local tree service to find out about restrictions.)

Removing a tree yourself is difficult and can be costly, not only will you need the equipment to cut down the tree, but you’ll also be liable for any damages. That’s why most people prefer to hire contractors such as tree surgeons to cut down their trees.

When you’re hiring a contractor, you’ll need to choose the type of service you want. There’s a variety of different options when it comes to services. For example, you could choose a basic tree removal or you might need more complex tree removal, such as a tall one that needs a crane.

More complex tree removals will cost more money and take longer. The time it takes to remove a tree will depend on the complexity and the location of the tree. Have a look at this guide on how long will it take to remove a tree to find out more about what is involved in the removal of trees.

Average Cost of Tree Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Are you wondering what is the average cost of tree removal? Removing a tree can cost anywhere between $200 to $2,000. The average cost of having a tree removed is $700, however, there are a number of factors that might affect the cost.

Additional Cost Factors of Tree Removals

The average cost of removing a tree is often only the basic cost of the service, but there are other factors that might increase the costs. Height, diameter, location, and condition can all play a role in the overall cost of your tree removal.

Tree Height

The height of your tree will influence the cost of removal. Taller trees cost more to have removed because they’re heavier and have more risks when felling them.

Taller trees will also take longer to be removed because the contractors need to carefully plan the removal. Trees with significant height might also require specialized equipment or more workers to safely remove it. This will all increase the overall cost of the removal.

Tree Diameter

Thick trees have more sections that need to be cut once the tree has been cut down. This means that thick and smaller trees can take longer to cut down than thinner and taller trees, which might increase the cost of the removal.

Location of Tree

Where the tree is located can play a big role in the overall cost of removal. Trees in areas that are easy to access and free from obstacles (such as buildings) will cost less. Whereas trees that are close to houses will cost more to be removed because of liability and the process of removal.

Your location might also increase or decrease the removal cost. In some states and cities, it’s cheaper to remove trees compared to others. For example, the typical cost in San Fransico is up to $1,300, whereas in Dallas the typical cost can be up to $600.

Condition of Tree

The condition of the tree might also play a part in the overall cost of the removal. Trees that have rotted, are diseased, or dead might cost more to be removed because they need more planning and specialist equipment to cut down.

Tree Type Price Guide

Different types of trees will also cost varying prices. For example, a small tree will cost less to remove than a large one.

Large trees are the ones that need to be removed by experts. These are often above 60 feet tall. The average cost of large tree removal is anywhere between $800 and $1,500.

Trees over 80 feet might need to be removed by a crane. Trees of this height can cost $2,000 to remove and additionally you’ll need to pay $500 for a crane.

Trees that are 30 feet and under are small and cost significantly less. The average cost of small tree removal is between $200 and $500. However, these costs might increase depending on the factors above and if the tree needs to be taken away from the site.

A medium-sized tree is often in the region of 30 to 60 feet tall and can cost between $300 and $1,000 to be removed.

Dead trees often don’t cost any more than living trees. However, the complexity of the removal and planning might influence the overall cost of removal. The average cost of dead tree removal is between $200 and $2,000.

The type of tree might also influence the cost of the removal. For example, a pine tree can cost up to $1,500, whereas oak can cost up to $2,000.

Clean up Your Garden and Remove Your Unwanted Trees

Whether your tree is too big, dead, or diseased, you can always get it removed. Use our guide to find out what the average cost of tree removal is and start cleaning up your garden.

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