How to Light a Bedroom

How To Light Up A Bedroom

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The rules that apply to most of the other rooms in your home work for the bedroom as well. This means that when lighting your bedroom, it’s best to do it in layers, starting with general or ambient lights and adding accent lights to showcase the best features of the room. In the end, install task lights depending on the way you use the room and how much reading you do in it. However, the room should be designed for rest, so make sure you can easily and quickly create a soothing atmosphere when needed.

1. Room Size

The amount of light needed mostly depends on the size of the room, with slight variations based on the function of the room and the number of windows. Start by measuring the room and calculating the square footage. Then decide on the footcandles needed to illuminate your room. This refers to how bright the light is one foot away from the source. For a bedroom, you will need 10 to 20 footcandles. A number of lumens needed is calculated by multiplying the square footage by the footcandle requirements. In the end, choose the lights based on the number you get.

2. A Focal Point

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It’s important for a bedroom to have a focal point, both in terms of design and in terms of lighting. This gives you an opportunity to explore a bit more lavish and luxurious chandeliers and design the room around them. If a chandelier isn’t really your style or your room isn’t large enough for it – pendant lights are also an option. Go with the odd number to make it more visually interesting. You can also try out different shapes and sizes. Also, if you hang the pendants at different heights, the light could become a centerpiece of the room.

3. Wall-Hung Lights

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Wall-hung lights can save you a lot of space making the room look neat and clean while providing enough light for reading or some less demanding work in the evening. A team of electricians could install the lights in a matter of hours, depending on the size of your room. The best thing about these lights is that you can rearrange them when they are not in use and, thus, change the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. These lights can create a sleek modern look as well as a cozy and comfortable one, never letting you grow tired of your bedroom.

4. LED

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Cool light shades are the best pick for the bedroom because they create a relaxing atmosphere, which will allow you to sleep through the night and truly rest. Use these lights for accents by adding them to the mirror frame or a piece of artwork you want to bring attention to. Also, LED lights can work well as floor lights, creating enough illumination to read comfortably while the rest of the room remains cozy and dark. Just remember to keep them away from corners and save on energy.

5. High-Tech

High-tech light control system could take a while to install, but once it’s done, you won’t be able to live without it. The lights could be connected to the phone or any other mobile device. This way, you can control the mood of the bedroom without leaving the bed. The features could also be pre-set, so you can get the exact setup you need with a push of a button. Being able to turn on the lights while you’re away is also helpful when you’re out of town and want your home to appear occupied to deter the potential burglars.

When lighting a bedroom, try to find a balance so that you can rest in your bedroom, but also remain active and be able to multi-task in it. This can be accomplished by arranging the lights in layers and using those different layers when needed.