The Art Of Choosing Proper Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom Lighting

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Considering we don’t spend much of our active day in a bedroom, we rarely think much about lighting requirements of this space. However, we often read books, finish up business or other tasks on our laptop or do makeup and dressing up there. All of these activities require a special setting and one overhead light fixture doesn’t offer a lot of maneuvering space. Here are a few of our suggestion for a more efficient bedroom lighting scheme.

Room Size

Before revamping your bedroom lighting installations, take your room’s size into account. In order to avoid crowding your sleeping nook with a variety of unnecessary and inadequate light, it’s best you consult a store professional for a custom solution. They will usually ask us about your room measurements and current furniture layout (plus sockets), and that’s why it’s important you present them with precise numbers and plans.

Height Considerations

Apart from room’s organization, we have to think about proportions as well. A room’s height is an often neglected aspect that plays a valid part in the creation of an optimal set-up. Typical ceilings go up to 9ft. Massive lighting pieces are best to be avoided in favor of flush mount models for smaller, low-ceiling rooms, while high-ceiling bedrooms can play with some larger light fixtures.

General Concerns

For starters, don’t underestimate the importance of sunlight. Invest in large panels and skylight to soak in as much of natural light as you can during the day. Of course, you will also need a main lighting piece for the after-sundown conditions, such as a pendant model. This will act as an auxiliary system for murky winter mornings, outfit picking and daily cleaning activities.

It’s advisable you go for an energy-saving, low-wattage kind and pair it with a dimmer switch. For example, LED lights are just the thing to have you covered.

Task Lighting

Although bedrooms are chiefly designed for sleeping and rest, it’s not uncommon for people to perform various daily activities there, such as checking their emails. If you’re a busy person and you cannot part with your tasks even in this area, consider introducing a proper desk and fitting it with adequate task lighting.

However, a simple bedside lamp would suffice for most of late-night readers. You can also decide on a low-hanging pendant piece, just be sure to position it perfectly or else it would create a blinding effect. Other activities, like ironing or makeup application require special fixtures, so don’t hesitate to combine some floor lamps, wall sconces and directional spot lights that meet your lighting needs.

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Accent Light

If you want to adjust the mood of your bedroom, accent light is pretty much the perfect means to achieve it. Whether you want to create a soft and recuperating end-of-the-day retreat or you want to add a touch of romance to your bedroom, a gentle glow is a never a disturbance. Apart from canopy ceiling lights, you can include some candles, corner up-lighters and fairy strings to tweak the setting to your liking.

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Master Switch

It’s not unusual that we tuck ourselves nicely in bed, only to realize we forgot to turn off some bedroom lights. Thanks to modern technology, command panel or master switches are not only for James Bond movies. Hire professionals to install a bedside panel or create a Wi-Fi controlled system with a remote for easier light management.

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Wardrobe Lights

Last but not least, we mustn’t forget the illumination requirements in our bedroom closet (if you have one). A great deal of clothes gets pushed to the back and forgotten precisely because of the lack of any light in the wardrobe area. In addition, you will need light solutions for your grand mirror and outfit assembling.

Still, bear in mind that most of fixtures emit some amount of light (especially fluorescent), so keep your studs and bulbs at a safe distance from your clothing rack. Minimal 12” distance will do the trick in most cases.

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Bedroom has long stopped being just a dream haven we retreat to at the end of the day. Make the right choice of light fixtures to accommodate all bedroom activities equally.

The Art Of Choosing Proper Bedroom Lighting