How to Store Fragile Items and Collectibles

how to store fragile items

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Storing and protecting valuable and delicate items can be a challenging experience as you’ll be required to take a different approach or procedure to ensure their safety. Below are some common items that need to be stored carefully and the correct way to do so.

Rare Books

Books are fragile on their own, but when they’re a rare or out-of-print edition, the value of the books goes up, and you’ll need to be more careful about how you store them.

Always store your books away from fluorescent light and direct sunlight, as the UV rays can cause the color on the binding to fade.

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Also, store your collectible books away from areas of your home with excessive humidity as the moisture can cause the pages to warp.

Always keep your books upright on a shelf with the spine facing outward, and if you must store your rare books in a box, make sure the cardboard and tape used for packing is acid-free and safe for books.

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China Dishes

Delicate porcelain pieces need to be wrapped in butcher paper or bubble wrap when they’re not in use to best protect them. When storing your china, place bowls and plates on their sides.

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Doing this actually protects them from being damaged as the centers of these pieces are actually more fragile than the edges. Use cardboard dividers to separate the pieces and always store china in small containers as it’s heavy and difficult to move otherwise.

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Musical Instruments

Many instruments, like guitars and violins, are made from wood.

Well-made instruments created by reputable makers and manufacturers build their instruments to last many years, and they often use more rare woods and materials than cheaper mass-produced instruments. This means they can be extremely valuable and extra precautions must be made to ensure their safety.

Storing them in hard cases when not in use and placing them in temperature controlled rooms is a must to keep them from getting damaged. Many musicians with large collections of instruments use storage units to keep them protected.

Units with climate control are a necessity for instruments as well as superb security features.

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One-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments and other decorations are easy to crush, lose, and damage. Worse yet, some items are irreplaceable family heirlooms that can be devastating to lose or damage.

For the best protection, store ornaments in sturdy plastic containers with dividers to keep them from rolling around and getting broken. Also, be sure to place decorations in areas away from pests and any direct heat sources as both of these things can ruin the items.

Do not place heavy boxes or containers on top of the decorations if you’re unsure of the sturdiness of the container they’re packed in.

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Glasses with slim stems and thin rims are extremely easy to break, and you’ll need to be careful of how and where you store this glassware. When you’re not using your wine glasses or any other breakable glass belongings, it’s best to keep them in their packaging if you still have it. If not, store glassware in hard containers with dividers to keep them from getting chipped.

Keep glassware in a room with a comfortable temperature and avoid sudden, extreme temperature changes as this will most certainly crack the stems and lips of the glasses. Never stack anything on the containers with the glassware inside. The slightest amount of pressure in the wrong area could shatter the glass.

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As stated before, if you’re worried that your children or your guests may ruin your possessions, a self-storage unit is always a great option to keep your delicate valuables out of harm’s way. Otherwise, keep them out of reach on a reliable shelf, or in any area not easily accessible that’s still safe from critters, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures.

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