How To Style & Beautify Bedside Table Like A Pro

Beautify a Bedside Table

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Homemakers either love to pay heed to decorate a living room with unique styles or change the bedding for a new look. However, we often forget to devote our time to style small furniture items like bedside tables present in our bedroom.

Well, everything that is a part of your resting room is indispensable. Undoubtedly, after a long tiring day, you end up stretching up your body on the bed. Not only this, but you also enjoy reading books, watching movies, and chit-chat with your friends while staying beside your bedside table and keeping everything in your access.

For now, let’s do a small analysis, answer these questions, and know your table worth.

  • Have you ever noticed the condition of your bedside table? Do you just throw up your things on that table casually, which makes it more like a dust bin instead of a small helping place?

If the answer is a big yes, then you might have to hover over this article for a bit long.

Here, we will discuss types of bedside tables and things to consider briefly, and then the main point: how to style bedside table.

So, let’s begin!

Types Of Bedside Tables

It is important to look at your bed style before choosing bedside tables for it. Although, some beds come with matching bedsides. Still, for some, we have to make decisions. Examples of bedside tables are:

  • Nightstand: Simply holds the lamp, clock, and small items like a wallet or phone. Nightstands are much more similar to petite accent tables, which you can also place in the living room.
  • Simple tables: Many people use very small, simple tables as a bedside table. Though such tables hardly fulfill the requirements.
  • Bedside cabinets: As the name says, these tables are a combination of drawers and cabinets.
  • Open-Shelf Tables: These have an empty shelf in the bottom and a stylish top to keep things. Besides, some open-shelf tables come with a drawer as well.

No matter which type of table you have in your bedroom, it is imperative to keep the following things in mind before beautifying it.

Keep Important Things In Mind

  • Size: You can’t decide on the things to put unless you know the table’s dimensions. Consequently, measure your bedside table’s size before placing it and managing other things accordingly.
  • Storage required: If you want to put all your private or confidential possessions near you, make sure to check the capacity your table provides.
  • Match or Not To Match: It is up to you to match stuff on the table or not. We will suggest you go with matching tables and lamps for a more organized look.
  • Accessories: Keep your accessories in mind. For instance, the tangible items’ size, weight, and necessity decide the best table and ways to decorate it.

Once you are done examining these things, it’s time to move on to the styling section.

How To Style A Bedside Table To Beautify Your Room

Below, find out considerable yet awestriking ideas to make your bedside table look more appealing than ever.

1. Work With A Group Of Three To Add Style

Home interior designers suggest homemakers keep the “number 3 mantra” in mind while stying a bedside. As Tahn Scoon, Brisbane based interior designer, said: “Start with your tallest piece and finish with your shortest. An example might be a tall lamp grouped with a smaller vase of foliage and an even smaller alarm clock.” With this, don’t forget to match everything with a bedroom theme or background wall texture.

2. Utilize The Space & Maximize Its Worth

Use the space as feasibly as you can. For example, keep your books, glasses, phone, and wallets in the drawer section (if it is available). Also, place your slightly big gadgets like a laptop, tablet on the bottom rack for easy usage.

3. Enlighten Your Bedside With A Soft Glow

Bedside tables look adorably beautiful when unique lightings embellish them. Undeniably, the soft glowing lights like Decorative LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp create a perfect ambiance in the night when you want to spend your me-time wholely. Put illuminating lamps or candles on one corner of the table and enjoy.

Pro-Tip: Beds with heightened backsides look best with long lamps as such nitty-gritty things aids in maintaining the style.

4. Books Are Meant To Be Placed On The Bottom

Never give a hefty look to your bedside table with plenty of books. The bedside table associates with the bed that is meant to relax the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your reading collection on the bottom shelf or drawer. By doing so, not only will your books stay in their original form, but you can make more space for other objects, too.

5. Organizing Side Table With Or Without Drawer

Messy tables present your unorganized nature. Irrefutably, removing the clutter and rearranging items on the table are needed after every few weeks to keep the bedside look intact. A Small embellished tray or a china printed bowl is enough to carry your small essentials if you have accent tables or nightstands beside your bed.

6. Make Your Bedside Table Elegant Yet Functional

Bedsides table stands look elegant and decent when it has space. No doubt, dignity lies in decorating the table with fewer items as we can’t neglect the rule, which is “less is more.” Astonished? Don’t be. By doing so, the space on the table should allow you to put temporary things like a coffee mug. So, decorating it with less stuff is sometimes beneficial and functional.

7. Flowers Infuse Life To Things, So Why Not?

Sydney’s Interior Designer, Lisa Santamaria, says: “A small vase of fresh flowers for color and a feel-good smell can pretty up a room in no time.” Hence, ignoring this important factor might make your table lose its worth and elegance. Welcome fresh flowers and inhale them every morning for a rejuvenating start.

8. Frame Out Your Favorite Photo

How can you forget to add your own photo while styling a bedside table? After all, it’s your bedroom, and you are free to spree here and style it according to your desire. Get your favorite photo framed and put it on one side of the table. Moreover, you can go with your loved one’s frame (by placing their portrait on the table) to appreciate their presence in your life.

9. Never Forget To Add Your Personal Touch

There is no need to look out for other designs when your head is already filled with unique and exciting ideas. Yes, we suggest you choose your own style and enhance the bedside table look. Some people like hued lights while others opt for vibrant contrasts. Interestingly, the color contrast makes your side table stand out among other furniture items.

10. Place A Decorative Box To Keep Knickknacks

The bedside table is the second most important place to keep basic things (other than your closet). Thereby, you can keep your daily usage gears on the table. But wait, don’t put them in a scattered form. Get a decorative box or tray and place everything in it. By doing so, the mess would be reduced.

11. Time Is Everything, Put A Time-Piece

People who have no time-piece or clock on the side table can never be as punctual as others are. Yes, the time is everything; you start your day checking the time and end up keeping it in mind. Right? That’s why you are guided to put the trendy table clock at the bedside. Furthermore, these time-pieces wake you on time with their alarming sound. Thus, it makes you punctual.

12. Hanging Pieces Amp Up The Look

You can proudly hang some intricate pieces of art or even a small embellished mirror on the wall behind the bedside table. A true artist never misses a chance to showcase his/her own creative skills through painting and art-craft. So, just put your artwork into the frame and hang above the side table without thinking twice.

Final Words

In a nutshell, all the ideas mentioned above would definitely pull off your bedside table décor and enhance its look by giving space and inspiring collection.

Please let us know how this article helped you in decorating the bedside table of your room. We want to hear from you!