5 Handy Tips on How to Protect Your Deck in the Winter

Protect Your Deck in Winter

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As the winter season arrives, it brings along huge piles of snow on the front and backyard of the houses. The ice water can damage your boards when it seeps in, causing it to bend overtime. Shoveling chips the paint away, and built-up dirt can impact the surface of the decks

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You invest a lot in creating the deck of your dream, so of course, you want to keep it in the best condition. So to prevent any damage from taking place in the future, here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your deck safe this winter.

Clean The Deck:

Before the snowy weather arrives, you can do some cleaning of your deck. Remove all the furniture and decorations that can rust or create a mess after the weather changes. Pluck any plants left out because they can leave moisture and cause the wood to change its color. And it is important to keep your deck surface clean of debris.

If your deck is dirty or stained, you can wash it thoroughly several times to remove most of the stains. This will make your deck look new and last you longer.

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Remove Mold On The Surface: 

Winter season can attract mold and mildew between tight cracks on the board, so if you find any of it, remove it beforehand. Mold on the deck is necessary to remove because the decks are the common breeding ground for them.

You can clean the mold by scrubbing it off with white vinegar and water mixed solution to remove any algae, mildew, and mold present on your deck.

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Use A Waterproof Seal:

After cleaning and scrubbing, your deck, you can bring everything together with the help of ultimate protection against winter by using a high-quality water repellent seal. It works best for filling in the cracks and coats your deck surface to guard against moisture and ice. You can paint it all over the deck to prevent any destruction or discoloration of the wood.

You might think it’s extra work, but the end result is worth it because it can make your deck look good and damage-free. And you will not have to repair it after the snow goes away. 

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Cover Your Deck With Tarp:

One of the best tips that no one tells you about is to cover your deck with a tarpaulin. This can prevent the snow from piling up on the deck directly. Cover your patio with a tarp as much as possible. The added barrier will save your time from removing snow every morning.

In addition to that, the moisture will stay away from seeping in the cracks, thus reducing the formation of ice on the deck.

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Shovel up The Snow:

Last but the least, keep your deck neat and clean of any snow build up. This is the most important part if you want to keep your deck the way it looks for a long time. Remember to shovel up in one direction to avoid ruining your boards and damaging the deck. 

Contrary to that, avoid using salt or any other ice melting items on your board surface because they can cause discoloration and tarnish the look of the area. 

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In the End:

Although winter is a great season to plan gatherings with family for the holidays, it is definitely not a great time for your deck. But with pre-planning and added repairs, you can certify the safety of your deck and make it stay the way it is even after the season.