Dose Off with Style: Your Guide to a Chic Midcentury Modern Bedroom

Midcentury Modern Bedroom

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When it comes to bedroom decor, it can be challenging to decide on a style. Contemporary design is a popular option, but for some, it’s a bit too modern or boring. If you’re looking for something with a little more flair, the modern mid -century modern style might be right for you.

The modern mid-century style is more aesthetically pleasing and includes more vibrant colours and curved shapes. It dates back to the middle of the 20th century and is distinguished by its simple lines, useful furnishings, and minimalist aesthetic. Here’s what you’ll need to bring a midcentury modern feel to your bedroom.

Get the Palette Right

When choosing a colour palette for a mid-century modern bedroom, it’s crucial to consider the room’s overall design. Strong colours like burnt orange, mustard yellow, and olive green are prefered in midcentury modern design. These colours may be combined with more neutral tones like white, black, and grey to create a balanced appearance.

Another option for a mid-century modern colour palette is to mix warm and cool tones. A warm colour like yellow or orange may be used to paint a space, and then a cool colour like blue or green may be used to add accents. This creates a striking contrast that is characteristic of mid-century modern design.

Choosing Midcentury Modern Bedroom Furniture

Furniture from the mid-20th century can be easily identified by its slick, clear lines and subtly softened angles. Rarely do they have ornate upholstery or decorations. And if they have wooden or steel parts, they frequently look like they were heat-moulded into an attractive yet unnatural shape. They also typically feature one or two colours with simple patterns.

When shopping for midcentury bedroom furniture, I suggest you start with pieces you don’t have in your bedroom yet. For example, if you need a bedside table, look for a midcentury piece that blends with your current furniture. This strategy will gradually adjust you to the new style, preventing you from getting overwhelmed.

There are a few essential components to take into account if you’re just starting to furnish your bedroom. For this style, a low-profile platform bed is frequently chosen. A dresser, a bench, or a chair for seating are other items to take into consideration. They must all have uncomplicated designs, clear lines, and little adornment.

You shouldn’t go overboard while choosing your midcentury furniture pieces. Your room shouldn’t resemble a 1960s mid-century modern museum! So, be careful when choosing the furnishings for your newly renovated or redecorated room. A few statement pieces will do a fantastic job of unifying the space!

And let wood be your main material choice when choosing midcentury bedroom furniture. The pieces that made the style iconic used oak, teak, rosewood, and walnut materials. Even if you can afford the original, nowadays you can find several modern-made items that imitate these design elements.

Get Creative with Rug and Decor Patterns

You can go for a classic or a hybrid approach when selecting the rug or decor for your mid-century modern bedroom. Asymmetrical and abstract patterns are typically found in stereotypical mid-century modern decor. But if you want a rug or throw pillow with only a single colour or even patterns from a different design style, feel free to do so.

A Persian rug, for instance, can complement mid-century contemporary furniture really nicely. One area where mid-century modern rooms provide a lot of freedom is with rugs and decor.

Include Geometric and Organic Shapes In the Design

Geometric and organic shapes are an important part of midcentury modern design. Geometric shapes help create a vigourous and engaging atmosphere, while organic shapes lead to a more tranquil and pleasant feeling. By using these kinds of shapes together, you get to design a room that is both chic and cosy at the same time.

One easy way to add geometric forms to your bedroom decor is through your bedding. You can get a bedding set with a strong geometric pattern that will give your space a playful, stylish touch. You can also use some geometric accent pillows to spice up your bed.

As for organic shapes, curving lines tend to promote a more soothing environment, while rigid, straight lines are generally more visually appealing. Get the perfect balance in your bedroom design by using both kinds of lines. For example, you can consider an organic shape for your bed frame and combine it with a bedside table with a more angular design. There are countless options!

Lighting Ideas

Mid-20th-century floor lamps usually combine geometric designs with rounded, curved proportions. The opposing angles add a touch of daring and elegance. Mid-century contemporary lights are frequently made out of brushed steel in silver, copper, or gold tones. For instance, the conventional starburst lamp comprises straight rods with exposed lights radiating outward from the centre.

Let There Be Space

As the midcentury style is a modern and minimalist way of designing, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it demands visual cleanliness. This, however, could make your bedroom seem a little empty and lifeless. To prevent this from happening, you can consider hanging large art prints that add additional vibrancy to your space, setting large books and ethnic decor on your bedside tables, or placing succulents or other plants around.

Consider an Accent Wall

Your bedroom design could benefit from the addition of an accent wall to add some visual appeal. This feature can be used to draw attention to particular items or architectural elements as well as to help define the room’s overall look. Accent walls are frequently employed in the midcentury design style to create a focal point in the space.

When placed strategically, an accent wall can open up the space and make it feel more stylish. Furthermore, an accent wall offers a great way to add some extra storage space to the space. You can create a practical and fashionable storage solution by adding shelves or cabinets to an accent wall.