5 Tips for Avoiding Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

make your HVAC system clean

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Summer is here, and the air conditioner is constantly running. To keep your home comfortable, you need to do some things to avoid a breakdown. Here are five ways you can avoid costly air conditioning repairs.

1. Schedule a Tune-Up

HVAC equipment needs routine service and maintenance to perform efficiently. At least once a year, it’s a good idea to get an HVAC specialist out to do a tune-up. This involves cleaning the coils and condenser, as well as checking condensate and electric lines. The technician will also check refrigerant levels. If the specialist identifies a maintenance issue, it gets fixed immediately.

Routine service helps minimize repair needs. Plus, it helps extend the life of the entire system. Neglecting routine maintenance is the fastest way to ruin a brand-new air conditioner.

2. Replace Air Filters Regularly

Your air conditioner depends on a clean flow of air to work properly. The air filter helps remove dust and debris from the air before it goes into the system. It prevents the dust from coating the coils inside.

The problem is, when an air filter gets clogged, the airflow slows down. A weak airflow going in translates to less cool air getting out. The A/C works harder to try to cool the house. This causes excess wear and tear while leading to expensive repairs.

Inspect air filters once a month and replace them as needed. Check with your HVAC contractor about which air filter is best for your air conditioner.

3. Get Your Ducts Inspected and Cleaned

The ductwork in your home distributes the cooled air throughout the space. Over time, however, the ducts can get dirty on the inside. Plus, they can develop gaps and leaks over time.

At least once every couple of years, have your ductwork inspected by an HVAC specialist. Fixing leaks quickly helps lower your cooling bills. Plus, removing dust, mold, and mildew makes the air you breathe cleaner.

4. Clear Debris from Outside Unit

Most central air conditioners or heat pumps have an outside unit. Before you turn the A/C on, make sure the outside unit is clear of debris and trash. Rake away accumulated leaves. Pick up trash. Cut back grass, weeds, and shrubs.

The outside unit needs good airflow, just like the inside unit. If it’s surrounded by debris and tall grass, the air can’t flow freely. The outside unit will struggle to dispel the heat it gathered. That causes wear and tear.

5. Get Minor Problems Fixed Promptly

You may think that you can wait to fix a minor problem with your air conditioner. The truth is, the longer you wait to fix that little issue, the more it’s going to cost you. When you hear the unit start squealing or the air coming out is warmer than usual, get an air conditioning service and repair company in to take a look.

Each of these tips will help you avoid a costly A/C repair this summer. Which one will you start with?